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Preparing People for Christ's Return

Kenya National ConferenceAugust 13, 2018

Aaron ArsinoConference coordinator and host, Pastor Peter Kagwi, reports: The National Grace Conference in Mombasa-Kenya ended Sunday. We were so much blessed. More than 200 delegates were in attendance. We thank you for your prayers for this great and historical event that brought together Grace Believers from all parts of our country. Our brothers and sisters from Uganda also attended in good numbers. Many thanks to all our guest speakers: Rev. Ben and Joyce Anderson, Rev. Paul Craesmer, Bro. Steve Chwinyaai and Pastor Philip Walendo. They eloquently shared the Word of God. It is my sincere gratitude to thank all those who participated in one way or the other.

Team Timor In the Game! July 30, 2018

Aaron ArsinoPastor Aaron Arsino arrives in East Timor today to open a brand new TCM work! His wife and 3 children remain behind in the Philippines until he has things prepared for them to join him. Here are his specific prayer requests: travel safety, visa, finding an immediate place to stay, make contacts with people in Dili (capital city) who can help him, all the details to come together over the next 2 months so his family can join him. Aaron has already begun studying Tetun, the local language—fluency will be needed to live and thrive in the country as well as share the gospel of grace.

12 Complete Mission Training July 29, 2018

GTCM gradsCongratulations to the 12 graduates of Grace Theological Center for Mission (GTCM)! They have spent the past 2 months intensively studying missions. They’ve spent 8 hours a day in classes followed by homework. The program is coordinated by Gerson & Marietta Bermejo. Ben & Joyce Anderson, Nathan Killion, James & Agape Bermejo, and Genesis Maraat have provided instruction. This past week International Director Ben Anderson interviewed each student to determine their readiness and steps to becoming TCM missionaries. Pictured are students taking the pledge to be involved in mission, whether as mobilizes or missionaries. We trust the Holy Spirit will guide each student according to His will.

Team Vietnam Has Landed! July 23, 2018

Vietnam FlagOur Team Vietnam couple arrived last week and are currently staying in a guest room of the university where J will begin teaching English in August, and commence her full-time job as a nurse instructor in September. They have found a furnished apartment nearby to rent and are just waiting on funds to be transferred to secure a contract. Please keep them in your prayers as they adjust to a new country, culture, language and job. Their 2 teen-age children stayed behind in the Philippines to continue their schooling—pray peace and comfort for all family members in this separation.

TCM Participates in BBF Conference June 19, 2018

Dean at BBFTCM was privileged to participate in the Berean Bible Fellowship's 50th Anniversary conference. We congratulate the BBF on 50 years of annual conferences dedicated to the proclamation of the Grace message. TCM-South Africa missionaries, Dean and Sheba Padayhag were given opportunities to present their ministry in South Africa. TCM Office Administrator, Valerie Wynalda, promoted the TCM Teams serving in five Southeast Asia countries. The Padayhags, Valerie and Darlene Anderson also did the missionary story each day for the children's program. We are thankful for the BBF and their support of mission work!

Sanders Status Change June 15, 2018

Joel and kidsJOEL AND LEAH SANDERS have decided to delay their missionary service, and the TCM Board has put them on leave-of-absence status for up to 3 years. The Sanders were assigned as TCM missionaries to Southeast Asia and spent the month of May there, meeting with the Kilgos to explore potential ministries. During their visit, the Sanders discerned that this is not the time for their family to make a move overseas. They have two toddlers and are expecting their third child in November. After much prayer and time in the Word, they sensed the Lord confirming the decision to wait. After attending the Southeast Asia Grace Conference in Thailand, the Sanders returned to the U.S. where Joel has accepted the pastorate at Grace Gospel Church in Linton, IN. Joel served part of his internship at that church last year. Joel and Leah are still enthusiastic about missions. Pray the Sanders will be a blessing to the Linton church, and this will be a beneficial time to gain more ministry training and experience in preparation for future missionary service.

Introducing Another Heath May14, 2018

Heath FamilyRobby, Tegwen and Vernon Heath welcomed Vesper Joyce into their family on May 7. Praise the Lord for a smooth delivery and healthy baby! Robby’s parents are enjoying the addition of a girl after 4 grandsons. Pray for the Heaths as they continue to make plans to move to South Africa as missionaries. Vesper will need a passport before the whole family can apply for visas. They will also need some official documents from the organization they will work with in South Africa. The Heaths have been encouraged to wait until their future TCM colleagues, the Padayhags, have returned to South Africa before they travel there themselves. The extra 2 to 3 months will also give time for all the paperwork to be submitted and approved.

Eldred Sidebottom is with the Lord April 30, 2018

Eldred SidebottomEldred Sidebottom passed on to heaven April 27th. He was 93 years old. Eldred joined the Board of TCM in 1958, the year the first TCM missionaries arrived on the field. Eldred served faithfully as Director of Things to Come Mission for 28 years (1962-1990). We remember his dedication to missions, his friendliness and hospitality to all those who met him, and his love for the Lord and His Word. A memorial service will be held Friday, May 25th, at 2:00 p.m. at the Cope Community Church, Cope, Colorado. Eldred is survived by his 4 children, Phyllis Studebaker, Daniel Sidebottom (former TCM missionary), Ron Sidebottom and Linda Sackett.

Sanders Family Flies Out Tonight! April 24, 2018

TCM carPray safe travels for Joel & Leah Sanders, especially with their 2 small kids, Enoch and Naomi! Pray for good health and a profitable time of discussing ministry plans with the Kilgos, their future colleagues. They will attend the Southeast Asia Grace Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the end of May, then go to the Philippines for 2 months of intensive training at Grace Theological Center for Mission (GTCM). Sanders return to the U.S. in August to begin their deputation.

Celebrating 60 Years for TCM-Philippines! April 23, 2018

TCM-Philippines 60thAn estimated 2000 people attended the opening night of the 4-day national conference to celebrate TCM-Philippines' 60th Anniversary. The conference is taking place at the new TCM Convention Center in Lupagan where TCM missionaries, Vernon & Darlene Anderson and Joe & Pauline Watkins began ministry in 1958. TCM Directors Don Sommer, Ben Anderson and Tim Heath, along with most of our TCM missionaries, and national leaders from other TCM fields have joined our Filipino brethren to celebrate God's faithfulness.

God Provides! April 13, 2018

TCM carIn TCM's recent International Harvest magazine, we advertised the need for an additional vehicle that missionaries could use while traveling around the USA to share about their ministries. The magazine was still at the printer when someone called to donate this perfect, like-new car! It's a 2012 Honda CRV with only 17,000 miles on it! The Lord knows what you have need of even before you ask! Praise Him with us for this wonderful provision!

Commissioning the Sanders for Overseas Service April 9, 2018

Sanders FamilyJoel & Leah Sanders were commissioned for overseas ministry with TCM during the morning worship service at Grace Church, Indianapolis. Over the past year the Sanders served an internship at this church and Grace Gospel Church in Linton, IN gaining valuable pastoral experience. Later this month the Sanders head to Southeast Asia to visit the Kilgos and plan their future ministry together. They will attend the Southeast Asia Grace Conference in Thailand in May, followed by 2 months of intensive training at Grace Theological Center for Mission (GTCM) in the Philippines. In the fall they will begin traveling around the USA to share their vision and raise support before going full-time to work alongside the Kilgos.

East Timor Survey Trip March 5, 2018

Ben Anderson Aaron ArsinoSurvey of East Timor (Timor Leste) is underway! TCM International Director Ben Anderson and new missionary, Aaron Arsino have arrived in Dili, the capital city. Later this week they will be joined by Gomer and Nene Indino. The Indinos have served with TCM in Brazil for 25 years so have the experience as well as fluency in the Portuguese language. Portuguese is one of the national languages of East Timor.  The group will gather information on this country as a new mission field for TCM. Pray for good people connections, useful information and clear leading from the Lord about the potential for ministry here.

Teaching Evangelism in Indonesia February 20, 2018

Aaron & Indonesian students“The Heavens shout for joy today!” writes new TCM missionary Aaron Arsino. He is in Indonesia at the invitation of Ben Anderson, teaching for a week at the TCM Bible school in Manado. “The students were able to evangelize more than 80 persons in just 2 hours doing the evangelism of presenting the gospel! Thank you everyone for supporting with all your prayers! Glory to God.” After this week, Aaron and Ben, along with TCM-Brazil missionary, Gomer Indino, will proceed to the tiny island of Timor in southern Indonesia to conduct a survey trip of the Portuguese speaking country of East Timor. TCM plans to start a work in that country this year. Aaron and his family have been assigned to pioneer that work. The Indinos are praying about joining them since they are already fluent in Portuguese from their 25 years of ministry in Brazil.

Vietnam Survey Trip February 6, 2018

Ben & Joyce AndersonInternational Director Ben Anderson and his wife, Joyce, are leading a survey trip to Vietnam this week. Survey trips gather information on the spiritual demographics of the country and receptivity of the people and government to gospel outreach, estimated expenses for a missionary living there, visa requirements, suitability for singles/couples/families from varying nationalities, and local contacts. Pray health and safety for the group doing this survey. Pray the Lord will cultivate hearts for the gospel and prepare His people for sowing the Seed effectively.

Darlene Anderson Restored to Health February 5, 2018

Darlene AndersonDarlene Anderson, veteran TCM missionary and current TCM-USA office staff member, is back at home! She was admitted to the hospital January 12 with pneumonia in both lungs. After a week on a ventilator, and having over 1.5 liters of fluid drained from around her lungs, she began to recover. After lying in a hospital bed for 2 weeks she needed to regain physical strength so spent another week in a rehab center. She is home now and is able to get around with a walker. The day she was discharged from rehab she came straight to the TCM office to help get the News You Can Use bulletins ready for mailing! Thank you to all who prayed for her! We are in awe of God’s healing power and praise Him for restoring Darlene!

City Team Opens New Church in Phnom Penh February 4, 2018

Phonm Penh pulpitJames & Agape Bermejo, Julia Liles and Myra Omictin (pictured right) invite you to rejoice with them! "The FIRST Sunday Worship Celebration of Cambodia Grace Gospel Ministries - City Central took place February 4th. We PRAISE the Lord for the new opportunity of serving Him through this new congregation. On behalf of Cambodia Grace Gospel Ministries - City Central Phnom Penh, we would like to express our heartfelt "THANK YOU" to those who participated actively in prayers and in financial/material support. But the mission is not yet done. Let us therefore continue to work together as ONE CHURCH - the Body of Christ, in declaring God's glory and preaching God's grace to the regions beyond! Ephesians 4:16"

Moving Forward in Central Kenya January 29, 2018

Titus KivliuTCM-Kenya Director, Titus Kivilu, writes, "We praise God for the fruitful time we had with the pastors, and our brothers and sisters in Christ in Kirinyaga Region Central Kenya. On Sat we had a fruitful meeting with the three pastors (Daniel Muthee, Bernard Njuguna and Crispo Maina) deliberating on the ministry in the region. I was blessed for the fascinating reports and plans these pastors have for the expansion of the ministry. It was a blessing too to fellowship and worship in Karira GBC on Sunday and to participate in their mini fund-drive toward the completion of their church building project. How encouraging and inspiring to see the ministry there growing, with saints who are dedicated to serve the Lord and giving their lives and material blessings for the work of the Lord, and more spreading the gospel to the unreached people. We can only thank God for His doings to His people and the ministry they are doing for Him."

Southeast Asia Coming Together in 2018 December 15, 2017

SEAGC hotelOn May 24-28, 2018, Southeast Asian Grace believers will gather together in Chiang Mai, Thailand for four days of fellowship, discussion, planning, sight-seeing and challenge. First envisioned in the northern Philippines, this 4th Southeast Asia Grace Conference will have the theme "Committing the Grace Gospel to Faithful People" (2 Tim. 2:1–2). Previous conferences were in Bali (2012), Kuala Lumpur (2014) and Siem Reap (2016) with delegates from 12 countries. In conjunction with the conference, TCM has the Asia Adventure short mission trip visiting three countries. See more details at Why not take the trip of a lifetime to Southeast Asia this summer?

Trained and Ready for Ministry November 26, 2017

Cambodian youthAriel Mahilum of TCM Team Cambodia writes: “Happening Now! Bible Teaching Trainees practicum @ Cambodia Grace Gospel Ministries - Cheutiel, Takeo. Our core group members were saved by the gospel, trained in the gospel, preaching the gospel and now teaching the gospel. Please pray for them as they prepare to open 2 new village ministries next month. Are you willing to partner with them? They will need white boards, bond and colored papers, pens, notebooks, erasers, markers and God's power. Thanks for your prayers and support. This is week Number 29 [of worship and Biblical training in Cheutiel Village]. To God alone is the glory!”

Salvation and Commitment among Brazil Youth November 25, 2017

Joe CamposTCM-Brazil missionary, Joe Campos, traveled to Aracaju to speak at a youth conference. He reports: “Last night we had the second session of our youth conference and it was amazing. There were a number of theatrical presentations sharing the Gospel and challenging the young people to live godly lives. I presented the second session of our Grace conference material and everyone was very attentive. This morning at the youth conference God blessed us in huge way. Six young people gave their lives to Christ as their Savior and 4 of them committed their lives to Christian service. Praise the Lord and keep praying!”

Birthday Outreach in the Philippines November 22, 2017

Janae BrownJanae Brown is a TCM missionary intern teaching and studying in the Philippines. She shares, "On November 20th, Ma’am Vrinily Fermantes and I shared a Joint Birthday Celebration at Apokon Grace Church with believers, unbelievers, students, faculty, and friends. The event was intended for evangelism. Pastor Fermantes, our IGBI Director, shared a message on salvation. After his message was sharing and praying time. My landlady, Ma’am Ester, and I grouped up with two older ladies. Shortly after, both women prayed and received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. They both will attend church this upcoming Sunday. Praise the Lord!"

15 New Ministry Graduates in Uganda November 21, 2017

UGPT graduateTCM-Kenya leaders, Titus Kivilu and Peter Kagwi, completed a 10-day ministry trip to Uganda. Joining TCM-Uganda leader, Philip Walendo, they began with 2 days of leaders’ seminars in the eastern district of Kamuli, followed by preaching in a Sunday worship service. Praise God for Pastor Festo Wasuwa, his team of leaders and believers in Kamuli for warmly receiving them and the Grace message. There are opportunities of opening 2 new Grace churches in the district. Back in Kampala, they held the 3rd Module of Uganda Grace Pastoral Training (UGPT) with 15 trainees in Level 1 and Level 2 classes. The training was anchored on the principle of “Knowing, Being and Doing.” Pastor Titus writes: “Congratulations to the 15 graduates!!! It has been a joy for Pastor Peter and myself to participate in the process of equipping them for the ministry. It’s our prayer that the Lord will use each of them to spread the gospel in Uganda and beyond. The 9 graduates who have taken the 2-year course are now able to preach and teach the word of God profoundly and train others. We have challenged and encouraged the leaders in UGGCC to use them and we hope they will do so.”

Multiplied Opportunities in Myanmar November 20, 2017

Salvina teachingTCM Team Myanmar missionary, Salvina Ulfindo, has struggled with ill health in recent weeks. She writes, “The past week had been tough! The English class I have with Seaman trainees just keeps on growing! The 19 students, which I thought to be the largest number, turned out to be 24 students last week. I'm making the most of every opportunity to meet with them as some will already be boarding their respective assigned ships by January 2018. In addition to my English classes with Seaman trainees and employees of one of the soft-drink companies here in Myanmar, I started a new class with a group of IT Personnel and children in the orphanage. BUT God's grace has been sufficient. Trusting that HE will continue to give me the strength in the coming days.”

Accident Injures TCM-Philippines Youth November 2, 2017

AccidentThirty-one people, most of them youth from the TCM-Philippines Grace church in Asturias, were injured Wednesday after a truck they were riding lost its brakes while going downhill. The truck hit a concrete barrier on the right lane, bounced to the other lane and stopped after hitting the base of a cliff. The young people were on their way home from a youth camp in Cebu City. Most of the injured are age 9-17. TCM-Philippines Pastor Jun Pielago said 13 remain in critical condition in hospitals in Cebu City. Please pray for these kids and their families! TCM is accepting donations to help cover their medical expenses. Click Donate in the right sidebar if you would like to help.

James & Agape Bermejo Re-assigned October 5, 2017

James & Agape Bermejo JAMES & AGAPE BERMEJO have been re-assigned to serve in Phnom Penh, Cambodia after exhausting all avenues of returning to Singapore. They arrived to a warm welcome by TCM's Team Cambodia on October 3. Julia Liles arrived back from a 2-month furlough in the UK a couple days later to complete the team. International Director, Ben Anderson and Joyce are meeting with Team Cambodia to establish an organizational structure for the work in the city and the rural villages. The Bermejos have been tasked with helping Julia and Myra Omictin develop national leaders and churches in the capital city. Pray for a smooth adjustment and fresh vision for ministry in a new country. Pray for effective working relationships within the Team and with the national leaders.

Maraats Flying to USA Aug 23, 2017

Maraats travelingToday TCM missionaries to Thailand, Genesis and Verna Maraat, along with their son, Josiah, are flying to America via Seoul, South Korea. They will take Josiah to enroll in Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI where their daughter, Andrea is entering her junior year. Genesis and Verna will spend the next 6 months traveling in the USA, visiting friends, churches and partners of Things to Come Mission. Genesis writes: “We will appreciate your prayers for our travel. May God grant us his traveling mercies. May we truly be a testimony of God's grace as we speak to friends and churches. May many become passionate about reaching the unreached for Christ.”

North Brazil Leaders Plan for Growth July 31, 2017

N Brazil leadersTCM-Brazil missionary Joe Campos writes: Praise the Lord for another productive meeting with the leadership of the TCM work in the northeast of Brazil. Training modules were decided for the next trimester. A fund was created among the churches to finance new works, and we also discussed the best way to build a new meeting place for Jardim Jordão church. The highlight of the ministry is the new church plant being developed in São Bento do Una by Pastor Manoel. It is the 5th meeting and we already have 40 people attending. Please join us in prayer for these projects!

Village Church Growth in Cambodia July 30, 2017

Paul RadioPraise the Lord for the completion of the church building in Cheutil Village in time for the 12th Sunday service! Srey Nap (in stripes) came to know Jesus in this center. She has been coming to serve and worship with us ever since. Her grandmother died a few weeks ago and last Sunday she ran to church, asking for an hour of break from her rice planting buddies, to worship. She was gasping while entering the building, praising God for His goodness. Pray that she will become stronger in her faith and will become one of the leaders of the church. Bibles have been distributed to the faithful core group of attendees who have committed to reading them daily. Pray entire families will be added to the church.

Africa Safari in South Africa July 29, 2017

Paul RadioThe Africa Safari group of 4 has been busy since their arrival in South Africa. They helped with a Bible school session and participated in youth services, Sunday services, Bible studies and a school outreach. It’s not all work as they have also gone deep into a gold mine, toured the Apartheid Museum, and eaten a variety of foods. Pray this will be a transformational experience for the Safari group and an encouragement to the Padayhags, Craesmeyers and the South African Grace churches.

Uganda Grace Pastoral Training Resumes July 25, 2017

Paul RadioTCM-Kenya Director, Titus K. Kivilu writes: Thank you for praying for our journey from Kampala where Rev Peter Kagwi and I had a week of fruitful and enriching training and ministry at Uganda Grace Church. We arrived safely though our bus had a little mechanical problem and we had to stop several times for fixing. We count it all joy especially when we see the fruits of our labour in the lives brethren we have reached with the gospel and much more in the lives of our UGPT trainees who are getting ready to do the work of the ministry in Uganda and beyond. We give God the glory!

Radio Outreach in South Africa July 2, 2017

Paul RadioSouth Africa missionary Paul Craesmeyer reports: Pastor Kekana and I had an early start this Sunday. His friend, Pastor Steve, who runs the "Morning Glory" community radio program from 4:00 to 6:30 A.M. had invited us to speak. What a great opportunity it was! Pastor Steve enjoyed what he heard and asked us to come back next Sunday for another radio program, and also to share at his own church service. Pastor Kekana and I are rejoicing with the opportunities and asking the Lord to give us boldness to proclaim the Grace message. Funny thing happened as we were leaving: the pastor who runs the following program arrived and after greeting them, also greeted me by name. Pastor Steve said, "Oh, you already know each other?" "No," he replied, and pointing to his cell phone and earphones, said, "but I was listening!" What an opportunity for spreading the gospel of the grace of God through existing leaders!

Congratulations to the Graduates! July 1, 2017

Mombasa gradsTCM-Kenya Director Titus K. Kivilu writes: It was an honor and privilege to grace and speak at the 5th graduation of the Berean Grace School of Ministry in Mombasa. Thanks to God for the faithfulness of these 11 graduates. Also glory to the Lord for unwavering commitment of Pastor Peter Kagwi to nature and to train such men and women for the ministry. May God use each of you to reach out to the world with grace message that is able to save people from eternal destruction in the lake of fire through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Congratulations!!!

Sanders Join TCM as Missionary Candidates May 30, 2017

Sanders FamilyTCM is excited to welcome Joel and Leah Sanders as new missionary candidates. The Sanders originally hail from Georgia, where Leah’s parents participated in Bible studies led by Pat & Michelle Kilgo. Joel and Leah spent the past several years working at a boys’ ranch in Florida. They believe God is calling them to the mission field, and will spend this year preparing for overseas ministry by taking courses from Berean Bible Institute and serving an internship with Grace Church, Indianapolis. Joel and Leah, along with their children, Enoch and Naomi, are living in the TCM missionary apartment, hearing lots of stories from veteran TCM missionaries while helping out in the office. Joel also has a part-time restaurant job so he’s a busy man! Pray the Sanders will feel at home in this community and the Lord will continue to mold their hearts and minds in response to His call on their lives. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Strategic Church Plant in Voi, Kenya May 29, 2017

Voi CongregationKenya Coast director Pastor Peter Kagwi reports: My trip from Thika to Voi was safe. I thank the Lord for Pastor Patrick Kilei and his family for their humble beginning. The initial stage of church planting has started. Voi Grace Church is located in a very strategic location. Due to the new Standard Gauge Railway from Nairobi to Mombasa, the area is developing every day. Many people are moving there, and we have an open door to reach them with the gospel of the grace of God. On Sunday I shared the Word of God with this group that is so excited with the message of Grace preached and taught daily by Pastor Kilei. After the worship service, Pastor Jacob Doto from Bura GBC in Taita Taveta joined us for the leadership meeting for Voi Grace Team. The planning meeting had the following agenda: Training, Teamwork, Goals, & Challenges. We had good fellowship as well as praying for the new work in this region. I am back in Mombasa. I have joined my wife after leaving her for about one week.

Women's Group Reaches Out to Orphan Teens May 28, 2017

Voi CongregationOn Sunday afternoon after the worship service at Grace Berean Church-Boksburg in South Africa, the Women-of-Grace group along with the Padayhags and some youth from the church drove to Kempton Park to minister in an orphanage for teens. In addition to bags of donated clothing, they brought these orphan teens a very special message. It was such a victorious day because 13 teenagers were saved by God's amazing Grace! Pray for follow-up with these new believers to ground them in the truth of God’s Word.

Gomer & Nene Indino Return to Brazil May 25, 2017

Gomer & Nene IndinoAfter spending the past three months traveling around the eastern USA, visiting churches and contacts and sharing about their ministry in South Brazil, Gomer and Nene Indino flew back to Brazil yesterday. Pray they will fit smoothly back into their church planting and training ministries in Brazil. They will be helping the national leaders plan the national conference for this coming October. They will also endeavor to sell some property TCM owns that has been held up in legal proceedings for many years. Pray for the Indinos as they seek the Lord about handing over their work to the nationals and transferring to a new Portuguese-speaking country.

Pray for Peace in the Philippines May 24, 2017

Philippines map Martial law has been declared on the large southern island of Mindanao in an effort to contain an armed Maute terrorist group that aligns itself with ISIS.  This week they attacked Marawi City in the north central region of Mindanao, setting schools, a church, a city jail and hospital on fire. Government armed forces stationed in the area have been on the defense, so up until now firing is happening between the two groups. Reports have been posted that Maute-captured buildings or grounds have ISIS flags hoisted on them. People have remained indoors, and power and communication lines have been shut down. Please pray peace to be restored and protection over believers and TCM churches in the area.

Robby & Tegwen Heath Accepted as Missionary Candidates May 23, 2017

Robby HeathRobby and Tegwen Heath were accepted as long-term TCM missionary candidates at the recent TCM Board meeting in Indianapolis. The following Sunday Robby shared at Grace Church, Indianapolis how the suffering that he and Tegwen experienced in the death of their son, Rowen, has taught him the importance of focusing on the eternal, not the temporal. He referenced 2 Cor. 4:16-18 and said this is what motivates him to be involved in full-time missionary work: “Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” Robby and Tegwen, with son Vernon, will spend the summer in Oregon with family before starting deputation in the fall.

Church Planting and Training in Western Kenya May 22, 2017

Sori Church BuildingTCM-Kenya director, Titus K. Kivilu writes: We praise God for fruitful ministries over the weekend in South Nyanza, Western Kenya. It was great blessing for my wife and I to have seminars with the church leaders in Godmirin, Pundo and Sori as well as fellowship and sharing the Word of God with believers in the 3 churches. South Nyanza region has a plan to open a new Grace church in Manguga Market, a strategic market in that area. We pray for God's favor as these brethren preach the gospel in Manguga Market that many people will come to see the light of the gospel and turn to Christ as their personal Savior. On Saturday we launched a Grace Pastoral Training Centre at Sori to train and equip more pastors in that region for the service of the Lord and furtherance of the gospel. It was also impressive to see the new building the believers of Sori GBC has built for the worship and preaching of the word of God. Glory to His name!

Bible School Opening in Myanmar May 21, 2017

Dan BanacMYANMAR GRACE THEOLOGICAL SCHOOL (MGTS) will open in June 2017. Training is essential for sustaining the Grace message and supplying laborers in the work of the Lord. Team Myanmar visited some of the Grace Gospel Churches to encourage the believers and challenge them to prepare their young people for the Bible school. Recently, TCM Team-Myanmar missionary, Dan Banac, was privileged to conduct a series of Bible studies in Watkaw, Mindone, Magway division. A 3-year-old Grace church there is hungry for the Grace message and susceptible to false teachings. Let us pray for the opening of our Bible school and churches that partner with MGTS. Thank you very much! We really appreciate it!

Fresh Initiatives in North Brazil May 20, 2017

CamposTCM-Brazil North missionary, Joe Campos organized a meeting of leaders in their fellowship of churches. He enthusiastically wrote: Our pastors reported tremendous things that God is doing in our midst. By the grace of God all of our churches are growing both numerically and spiritually. New plans were made for the continued growth of our ministry here. New literature projects are underway. Modules for our Bible Institute are scheduled. Many evangelistically meetings are planned. Please, join us in prayer for these efforts!

99 New Churches Planted in the Philippines May 19, 2017

Philippine churchTCM IMPACT 2017 church growth program covered a five-year period (April 2012-March 2017). The goal: to plant 115 new churches in the Philippines. After five years, the Lord has blessed the program with 99 new churches planted! Annual reports of “TCM IMPACT” had been encouraging since the inception of the program. The following new churches were planted in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao: 20 in 2013; 23 in 2014; 14 in 2015; 27 in 2016; and, 17 in 2017, or a total of 99 new churches planted over the span of five years! This means “TCM IMPACT” is only short of 16 from the target (115--99=16). We are extending one more year (April 2017-March 2018) this church growth program to give it a chance of reaching the target of 115 churches planted before we celebrate our 60th TCM Founding Anniversary & Thanksgiving Celebration in 2018.

New Outreach in Cambodia May 18, 2017

Cambodia study venue TCM-Cambodia missionary, Ariel Mahilum writes: Will appreciate your prayers for the opening of Cheutil Grace Center tomorrow. 37 students will share this place in three different sessions and levels for English Conversation, Intro to computer, Practical Music and Bible study from Tuesday to Saturday. My wife Faith and I are the teachers. May the Lord grant us a harvest for His glory!


Flood Destruction in Mombasa May 16, 2017

Mombasa building damagePastor Peter Kagwi, director of TCM-Kenya’s Coast work, reports: “This morning my heart is broken with news that the wall of our church/ministry center in Mombasa has collapsed.” Despite strong reinforcement when the wall was rebuilt after being destroyed in a previous mudslide, the wall collapsed when a neighbor’s heavy concrete construction materials shifted due to flooding and crashed into the ministry center wall. Click on the picture to see a larger image.

Pastor Peter continues, “Friends we ask for your prayers at this time. We have been raising funds in preparation to put cement on the floor but now this challenging tragedy has happened. Pray for God's intervention as we plan the next step for us to continue using the building. I have suspended the Bible school training temporarily because everything is in a mess. A number of chairs and tables got destroyed and covered by the heap of debris inside. Give thanks to the Lord that during the incident no one inside the building.” For information about this project, click here. To give a donation, click on Donate in the right sidebar menu. To read about Pastor Peter’s work, click on the International Harvest magazine cover (right) and read page 6-7.

Back to School in Myanmar May 15, 2017

Filipino tricycleTCM Team Myanmar missionary, Dan Banac writes: We thank God for granting my family the 70 days business visa for us to return to our country Myanmar to resume our language study! Likewise, we are preparing for the opening of "MYANMAR GRACE THEOLOGICAL SCHOOL" this 1st week of June 2017. We recently created a School Board to run this new Bible School with new set of officers, new curriculum, and new faculty members. Please help us pray about this new challenge in this country where the language barrier is our prime concern. Thank you very much for all your support! May the name of Jesus Christ be exalted in Myanmar through the revelation of the Mystery! (Click on the picture for a larger image of Team Myanmar planning with Pastor Kenneth Ling.)

Filipino Pastor Loses Finger in Accident May 1, 2017

Filipino tricyclePastor Carlos Adrales, a veteran minister with TCM-Philippines serving Ilocanos in Laoag Province, northern Philippines, set out on March 23 for one of his regular Bible studies with eager employees of the Rusi Motorcycle Company. He was riding a “tricycle” (motorbike with side-car pictured left, a common mode of public transportation), when a Jeep bumped his sidecar causing Carlos to strike the pavement. His left hand was smashed and the flesh torn apart. No x-ray was available at the first hospital. The doctor at the second hospital struggled to close the flesh but the bones were so badly broken that Carlos' ring finger was amputated. He was discharged from the hospital after two days but the pain remains. Carlos’ wife, Milagros writes, "It is a real joy for him to be able to continually share the message of God's Grace with employees who testify they are now assured of their salvation." Pray for Pastor Carlos' recovery.

59th National Conference April 26, 2017

Conference posterTCM-Philippines is celebrating its 59th National Conference this week! The conference is taking place in Legazpi in full view of beautiful Mayon Volcano, the world’s most perfect volcanic cone. The keynote guest speaker is former TCM missionary to the Philippines, John Shriver. Ben Anderson and Ariel Mahilum are also featured speakers on the theme "Mobilizing the Local Church for Action." All the missionary trainees enrolled in this year’s Grace Theological Center for Mission are present. Pray this will be an inspirational time for all who attend. Click on the image for a larger view.

Rowen Heath Memorial April 20, 2017

Sophal and babyA memorial service for Rowen Heath was held at International Grace Bible Institute in Tagum City, Philippines where Rowen's family lived, worked and studied over the past year, and a mango tree was planted at the burial site in his memory. TCM short-termer, Janae Brown wrote, “I was so touched when Robby got up and spoke. The room was somber and silent as our hearts intently listened to his explanation about how we always plan, but things don't always go according to plan. In the midst of such struggle, we're not to lose focus of our goal in ministry, but to be determined and press on; ministering to lost souls in the regions beyond. I'm encouraged and motivated by this strong family that continues to press on, despite hardships and trials faced on the mission field. They give me such courage. To see how much stronger they're becoming through this situation has inspired my life as a missionary as well. James and Agape Bermejo offered a song to the Lord titled, ‘Press On.’ The Lord knew how much we needed to hear that song.”

Sophal's Cancer Treatment April 19, 2017

Sophal and babyTCM Cambodia missionary, Julia Liles sent this update: Currently Sophal is doing well, all things considered! She has taken time to rest in the village with her parents who are also taking care of baby Reik at this time. Sophal must now undergo 6 more chemo sessions with a new, stronger medication. The last batch of 6 has not reduced the tumor to the doctors satisfaction, so they cannot operate to remove it at this stage. Sophal has mentioned lack of energy but it's amazing to see how she continues to praise God and trust in Him for her future. At our recent National Conference, Sophal was one of the church members who stepped forward to commit her life for service to God- whatever the cost! She was tearful but smiling, as were we. Thank you for your loving support and interest in Sophal's life-it means a lot.

Training Trainers in Kenya April 17, 2017

Trainers workshopTCM-Kenya Director, Titus Kivilu writes, “We had a great time over the weekend held here in Thika leading the workshop for training pastors to be trainers. We praise God for the 15 trainers who were able to attend this very important workshop. Of most importance is that all of the 5 regions where we have GBC churches were represented. Pastor Peter Kagwi and I facilitated the workshop and we were so grateful for such an opportunity to share our expertise, experiences and inspiration with these pastor trainers. We are so grateful that now we have a sufficient workforce for the training ministry in Grace Bible Churches which will enable us to expand this ministry to more places. We remain focused on training more pastors and church leaders for the service of the Lord. Glory to His name!”

Rowen Heath is with Jesus April 10, 2017

Rowen HeathOn Saturday, April 8, Rowen’s mom, Tegwen Heath announced, “To all our precious family, friends and prayer warriors, it is with incredible emotion that we inform you that Rowen passed away this morning. Robby and I were holding his hands and singing ‘my chains are gone’ as his spirit went to be with the Lord. We are heartbroken but are so grateful to God for making a way for Rowen to be whole again. ‘But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.’ 2 Cor. 15:57”

The Litex Grace Gospel Church in Manila hosted a memorial service for Rowen, Sunday night, April 9. Tegwen commented, “We're sure Rowen is celebrating in heaven, but our grief is no less intense. [The memorial service] was a difficult thing for a parent to attend but it was such a comfort to reflect on the impact Rowen's short life had on so many people. He brought people closer to God and to each other. He brought honor and glory to the name of the Lord. He reminded me that all people are precious in His sight and that we should be just as fervent in prayer for the salvation of every soul.”

Thank you for praying for Rowen. We believe the Lord, in His great wisdom and compassion, answered those prayers by mercifully delivering Rowen from a long road of further suffering. Please uphold his precious family, Robby, Tegwen & Vernon Heath, as they mourn this separation from him, return to Tagum to pack up and say their good-byes, and make decisions about their future. Condolence cards and gifts can be sent to the Heaths through TCM here.

Praying for a Miracle! April 6, 2017

Rowen HeathRowen Heath, infant son of TCM missionaries, Robby and Tegwen Heath, remains in critical condition at the Philippine Heart Center in Manila. Rowen underwent open heart surgery on March 16, but the surgeon has not been able to close his chest due to swelling that would put too much pressure on his heart. Rowen has now developed pneumonia making the prognosis even more grim. However, we believe in a life-giving Almighty God whose arm is not too short to save, so we continue to pray for a miracle while trusting Rowen completely into His hands. Pray the God of Peace will envelop Rowen’s family in this extremely stressful time of Rowen’s life hanging in the balance.

Rowen's hospital bills, though much cheaper in the Philippines than they would be in the US, are not covered by insurance and are mounting every day. Praise God for family and friends who have already contributed several thousand dollars to help defray these costs! Others who would like to donate may do so here and receive a tax-deductible receipt. (Note that credit card donations are charged a 2% fee by the electronic server, so checks are preferred whenever possible.)

Hannah Wangari Update: Leg Amputation April 5, 2017

Hannah WangariHannah Wangari, a student at TCM's Bible school in Kenya was hit by a motorcycle last October and severely fractured both legs. She has been hospitalized ever since. TCM-Kenya Director, Titus Kivilu, shared this heart-breaking update: "I was at the church where Hannah worships (Gikoe GBC) last weekend. I got news about her but it was not good. After examination of her left leg the doctor said the broken bone had died and couldn't be fixed so it had to be amputated. That has been done, and she will need an artificial leg after she heals. The right leg is continuing to heal after she had surgery to fix the bone to a rod. The church friends and relatives are organizing a fund raiser on April 15 to raise the money for the hospital bill which is estimated to be $4850. Her hospital insurance may pay about $2000. Surely she needs a lot of prayers for recovery and for the money to pay the bill." Anyone who feels led to contribute may do so here. Please designate your gift Kenya-Hannah Wangari. Thank you!

33 Students March in IGBI Graduations April 4, 2017

IGBI graduatePraise the Lord for 145 students enrolled in TCM’s four International Grace Bible Institutes (IGBI) in the Philippines during the 2016-2017 school year. Of this number, 33 graduated in March: IGBI-Tagum City = 19; IGBI-Ozamiz City = 11; IGBI-Cauayan City = 2; IGBI-Bataan = 1. Prior to graduation, they served internships in the field, which means they were assigned in the churches under their senior pastors to help and experience church ministry activities. May the Lord empower these new graduates and use them mightily for His glory

GTCM Starts Next Week! March 30, 2017

IGBI Tagum Grace Theological Center for Mission (GTCM) is Things to Come Mission's intensive 2-month missionary training program. This year GTCM will take place on the campus of IGBI-Tagum, our Bible school in southern Philippines. The trainees hail from Indonesia, Philippines and USA. Orienation and opening ceremonies take place this coming Sunday, April 2. TCM International Director, Ben Anderson, will commence training with a week of instruction on the Theology of Mission. Pray the Lord will speak to the hearts of the trainees through these courses. Pray for stamina for all through April and May as the schedule is rigorous.

Forging partnership in Myamnar March 27, 2017

Myanmar Leadership meetingTeam Myanmar's Dan Banac writes, "Great day! We believe that the National leaders and Team Myanmar are both happy for the fruitful results of our first leadership meeting represented by the six local pastors and some of the newly graduated pastors. It is the Holy Spirit who works behind us all. We praise God for this declaration of clear partnership between TCM and the Nationals. Ministry is not sponsorship but rather a partnership. (Philippians 1:5)

Growth for TCM-Uganda March 26, 2017

Peter Kagwi trainingTCM-Kenya leaders, Titus Kivilu and Peter Kagwi made the long road trip to Uganda once again to provide pastoral training for TCM-Uganda church members. Pastor Titus writes: We thank God for safe journey for Pastor Peter and myself from Kampala, Uganda back to Nairobi. We had a great time and opportunity to train in Uganda Grace Pastoral Training (UGPT) and to minister to the brethren in Uganda Grace Gospel Church of Christ. We praise God for the UGPT students who are very brilliant and noble Bible students who are searching Scriptures daily like the Bereans (Acts 17:11). We were encouraged by their testimonies that the Holy Spirit is enlightening them with great truths from the Bible and they are ready to convey it to others. On Sunday I ministered at UGGCC in Luzira Kampala and Pastor Peter and Elder Livingstone went to minister to a new Grace fellowship in Nabasumba which has over 25 people who are meeting every Sunday to worship God and to learn the Grace message. We greatly appreciate all your prayers.

Bible school expands in South Africa March 25, 2017

Paul Bible school classGrace Berean Bible School (GBBS) in South Africa is expanding! In addition to the main Boksburg campus, two satellite schools have been opened in Tshepisong and Shoshanguve. TCM missionaries Dean Padayhag and Paul Craesmeyer are actively involved in teaching the courses alongside national leaders. Their wives work hard preparing the Bible school materials and doing the registration paperwork. Dean writes, “It’s so rewarding to see students learning the truth and growing in their relationship with the Lord.”

Heath newborn facing open heart surgery March 15, 2017

Rowen HeathRowen Heath, brand new son of TCM short-term missionaries to the Philippines Robby and Tegwen Heath, and grandson of Ben and Joyce Anderson, was born last week with a congenital heart defect: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. This tiny infant was airlifted from Davao to Manila last Sunday and will undergo open heart surgery on Thursday afternoon, March 16 (Philippine time is 12 hours later than USA Eastern Time). They have the best surgeon in the country, but this remains a very high risk operation with a high mortality rate. If successful, two more surgeries will be required over the next couple years. Pray our Almighty God will do a miracle of restoration for Rowen. Pray for His abiding peace to be with the Heath and Anderson families throughout this ordeal. May God be glorified!

Update on Sophal's cancer treatment March 14, 2017

Sophal chemotherapyTCM Team Cambodia missionary Ariel Mahilum sent this update about Sophal who is undergoing chemotherapy for rectal cancer. “I just came back from visiting Sister Sophal at the hospital after receiving a message that she threw up many times in her 6th chemo session. This did not happen in her previous chemo sessions. I prayed for her and her husband Pastor Chrrorn. At the end of this month Sophal needs to undergo a rectal operation followed by another 6 chemotherapy treatments. We trust in the Lord in all times and believe that everything has purpose for His glory and honor. All praise goes to Him alone and thanksgiving to those who prayed and gave.” Continue praying for full healing for Sophal. Thank you to all who gave so generously toward her medical treatment! We have reached and exceeded our fund-raising goal for her.

Pray healing for Hannah in Kenya March 13, 2017

Hannah WangariTCM-Kenya Director, Titus Kivilu shared this very moving story: Pastors Peter Kagwi, Samuel Mwangi and myself had a blessed ministry at Ndururi GBC in Nyahururu last weekend. On our way back we met Pastor Paul Kinyua in Nyeri and went together to Consolata Hospital to see sister Hannah Wangari who has been hospitalized since October last year after she had an accident where she was knocked down by a motorcycle and got very bad fractures in both legs. Hannah's faith and confidence in the Lord amazed us all. Though she is in a very difficult situation her heart was full of praise and thankfulness to God for who God is and what He has done for her. Before Hannah had the accident she was continuing with Grace Pastoral Training at TCM’s Thika centre. We were encouraged that she is sharing the word of God and the saving grace with her fellow patients in the hospital. Pray that God will heal Hannah and get her out of the hospital. (click on picture to see larger image)

Partnership of TCM African Leaders February 22, 2017

Mdluli, Kagwi, KiviluPastor William Mdluli, National Coordinator of TCM-South Africa visits Kenya to meet with TCM-Kenya national leaders, Pastors Titus Kivilu and Peter Kagwi among others, and TCM-Uganda leaders, Pastors Philip Walendo and Stephen Cwinyaai. The visit began with an evangelistic outreach in Nakuru, during which 8 people put their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. After attending the funeral of Pastor Titus’ mother, Pastor Mdluli traveled to Mombasa and met with the Coast regional pastors. His visit will culminate in a TCM Africa leaders meeting February 23-24. It's our prayer that from this meeting the objective of unity and strengthening our ministries will be the priority as we look forward to reach the unreached countries in Africa. Praise the Lord for this cooperation and partnership!

Cancer Diagnosis in Cambodia February 2, 2017

Sophal & babyTCM Team Cambodia missionary, Julia Liles writes, " I would like to raise awareness of the need for prayer for this precious family. Assistant Pastor Chhron and wife Sophal have recently become parents to their son Riek. However, much to everybody's shock Sophal has just been diagnosed with Stage 2 Rectal Cancer. Times like these are never easy and I'm just thankful that this couple share the comfort of Christ together and have a supportive church and family back in the village too. Sophal is an incredible witness of God's faithfulness and I am inspired by her courage at this challenging time. Please would you pray with us or send messages of support to this lovely family... We are currently raising funds for the medical fees to help contribute to the high cost of Chemo treatment... If your heart is burdened to get involved please contact either myself or Things to Come Mission. Thank you for your involvement in the lives of others in faith and love." TCM missionary, Ariel Mahilum, said this of the couple when he performed their marriage ceremony: "Pastor Chhrorn Sorn found Jesus while staying in our college dormitory in the capital and committed his life to serve the Lord while studying in college in an assistant pastor capacity. Sophal is one of the pioneers of TCM Cambodia. She is a scholar of our student's assistance program and has been one of the strongest pillars of the church."

Learning Burmese January 18, 2017

Kenya groupTCM Team Myanmar missionaries, Dan and Amy Banac write: “We are learning basic Burmese in a language school but we needed a tutor. We are thankful for Wan [pictured foreground with Amy behind], our Thai friend and classmate for teaching us more. We've learned a lot. She feels like part of the Banac family now. She visits our house and often eats with us. Please pray that she will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a very personal and intimate way. We are also thankful to God that we speak better English, for many nationalities want to learn more English through us. We consider this an advantage for sharing the Grace gospel. Thank you our senders and supporters for your share in the mission field through your earnest prayers. Blessings!”


Evangelism and Revival in Central Kenya! January 17, 2017

Kenya groupPastor Titus Kivilu, national director of TCM-Kenya, writes: “I thank God for the two days evangelistic and revival mission last weekend at Machakos town which was organized by Kenya Grace Bible Church (GBC) pastors from Nairobi region. Seven people prayed to receive Christ as their personal savior and a great revival to the believers was experienced. Pray for Daniel, the pastor of Machakos GBC, and his wife as they do follow-up and help these new converts to continue growing in the Lord. Glory to the name of the Lord!  ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!’”

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