Campos–October 2023

Recife, Brazil

Dear Friend, 

Time flies for sure. Thank you for keeping us in prayer and for your continued support to our family and ministry. Here is a little update for you of what the Lord has been doing in our mist: 


·     Our oldest daughter Elly is expecting our second grandson, which is due in February. We are planning to be there for his arrival. 

·     Our son Nathan and his wife Aline continue to serve with us here in Brazil. They are heavily involved with many different ministries, but the work they have been doing with the youth has been a blessing. Many youth have given their lives to Christ, are being discipled and trained for ministry. 

·     Michelle has been struggling health wise this year, more recently, she has been experiencing lots of pain on her left knee. She has been to doctors and many tests have been done to figure out what is happening and what is the best course of treatment.


·     We continue to develop two churches in the Recife area (Boa Viagem and Ibura). Both have experienced growth numerically and spiritually. We praise the Lord for that! 

·     In the area of training, Joe has been teaching two classes as part of the curriculum for the Bible Institute (Homiletics and Church Government). We have 7 students taking these classes. We also have 5 students taking advanced courses in church administration and all of them will be up for ordination next year. 

·     We continue to plant a church in the city of Sao Bento do Una, 3 hours west of Recife. Pastor Manoel Mota is the one planting that church. 

·     This year, we started holding Bible studies in the city of Abreu e Lima with the hopes of having a church planted there in the near future. We are currently meeting once a month on Saturday’s. 

·     We have already started the preparation for the ABBA Christmas Project. Many churches and individuals are coming together in prayer and financial giving in order to reach many kids this year. We are planning 3 meetings in 3 different locations. If you like to contribute towards this ministry here is a link Please, write “ABBA Christmas Project” on the designation box. 

·     We recently had an event for the Children’s day holiday here in Brazil. We had 110 kids attending GBC-Ibura. It was an afternoon of fun and an opportunity for every kid to hear the Grace Gospel. 

Prayer and Praise: 

·     Pray for Michelle’s knee issue. Wisdom for the doctors and healing

·     Pray for wisdom for us as we lead many different ministries

·     Pray the Lord will raise many national leaders to take more responsibilities and help us to further the growth

·     Pray for our trip next year to visit churches, family and friends

·     Praise the Lord for a great year of ministry

·     Praise the Lord for men and women who are taking more leadership roles in the churches

·     Praise the Lord for the many churches and friends who have been praying and supporting us through so many years

·     Praise the Lord for the great partnership of the Grace Churches and Friends throughout the years  

In His Grace, 

Joe Campos