Steps to Return…


ALL of us have been impacted one way or another by Covid-19 hitting the world… Some may have felt the pressure, pain or changes more than others. I know for my family and myself, it has meant that I have had time to be with Mum mostly and start figuring out how to live life without Dad by our side. It has given time to grieve and process the initial impact of missing him. This extended time in the UK has also meant long walks and talks with Mum, family gatherings and birthday celebrations. This time has highlighted and given way to the simple things in life that perhaps many of us normally take for granted. This time has allowed for daily texts with the family, pic-nics with a few friends, meals and prayer times with those I normally miss, lunch out with one of my sisters, hanging out and playing at the park with my nieces and nephews and enjoying special fellowship with dear friends online and more recently in person, being wonderfully encouraged and shown such loving care and support. It has also been great to help Mum decorate the house as well as join my martial arts team via zoom. This year has been unique in so many ways!

Due to the extended complications surrounding Covid and travel restrictions plus policy changes for foreigners returning to Cambodia, almost 9 months have passed since I landed back in the UK and God has been faithful every step of the way. I have of course missed Cambodia, the people, the ministry and lifestyle there. I can’t quite believe it’s been so long, and yet I’m thankful for the time at home. I know in going back, there is a part of life that I need to learn to walk differently for several reasons, and yet again, I know that the Lord keeps hold of me and for that I am incredibly blessed! Dad was definitely my biggest supporter and encouraged my life as a missionary and even comforted mum in my choice of vocation and location! However Mum shows incredible strength and love in her willingness to support me always and praises the Lord that I know Him and serve Him. We know many pray for us all and that is precious and we are so thankful for each of you who are always there for us.

I will find it tough leaving the family after so long, as will they too and after such a massive change in our family also, so please keep us all in prayer as I prepare to return to the field this September. I have loved keeping up with the news of what has been going on in our churches and ministries in Cambodia and am thankful to be able to return to the work. There have been some good developments and we look forward to many more as our team slowly re-forms! One of the fun new ministries that has started is an online Q&A for viewing called ‘Khmer Connect’! It’s a great way to address common questions about Christianity and the medium is easily accessible for Khmer with curiosity! Plus certain members have shown their talents in order to put this together and it is great!! We are excited and hope this will reach many more Cambodians, providing answers for their questions and perhaps even an interest to come along to a service at church or one of our other week night fellowship gatherings! Building up the family of faith is our prayer and our purpose!

Prayer Requests

  • Smooth preparation (covid test/ flights), safe travel and the 2 week quarantine in Phnom Penh on arrival.
  • Prayers for my family and close friends as we all adjust to me leaving to go back to Cambodia. My leaving the family unit also highlights our grief and loss of Dad so please keep all this in mind.
  • Continue to pray for my sister Priscilla’s health which has suffered much this year as well as Granny Daphne (my sister Lydia’s mother-in-law). May the Lord comfort and strengthen them both when they struggle most.
  • Pray for the wonderful work in Cambodia which continues and for my team as I join them again and all those I have missed as we reunite! 

I recently heard a pastor quote the following “Jesus gave His life for you, so that He could give His life to you, in order that He could live His life through you.” A powerful and clear description of what happened on the cross… not in order that we would live a life of guilt and shame, but that we would take hold of the victory we have. We need to live a life of purpose in order that we make it all worth it! There is so much we can overcome or achieve when we set our eyes and hearts on the Lord and focus on the hope we can have in Christ. The Lord gives us the offer of a life of grace, but it is up to you and me to first accept it, and secondly to walk in it, daily! I have been learning once again that God’s grace is sufficient for me, in many ways, and that gives me the motivation I need to keep moving forward. We can each experience the hand of God in our lives if we are willing to trust Him with it. It is a matter of faith, it is a matter of Romans 3:23-24 ‘for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.’ When we take hold of the truth and stand firmly in it, you find freedom, fulfillment, peace and joy which passes all understanding. Praying for you all in your walk to discovery.