Julia Liles – April 2018



APRIL 2018
A fact I am consistently reminded of is the faithfulness of God in my life. However we express our faith, and in whatever capacity we serve the Lord, He knows and sees all that we do for His honor, glory and praise… even if there are times when we confuse that point, God can still make good of our wrongs but let us not make that mistake. It is far more glorious to get our hearts right with the Lord, re-focus on Him and allow Jesus to minister to our hearts and needs. I have held closely to a verse lately about the endurance of God’s love, a truth that we all need to be more aware of. Along with singing the song ‘It is well with my Soul’. I’m coming out of a time of emotional stress from matters beyond my control as well as allow my assumed expectations of others get a hold of me. When will we learn!!? This is for the Lord. All that we do and all that we are IS for the Lord, to the benefit of self and others…. Knowing that I am His and secure in His love which remains faithful and endures throughout time… Motivating all that I do. Learning to ‘rest’ in this truth is a journey. But one, that if we allow Him, will continue to surprise, encourage, motivate and lift us up! Be encouraged… Even in our weakness, God is faithful to use us to bless others! God IS Love, that NEVER fails, NEVER gives-up, NEVER lets go of our hand.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.
~Psalm 136:1~

Jules and Cambodian lady

I really enjoyed meeting this sweet older woman recently- to my surprise she spoke very clear English and was thrilled to meet a British woman! We also spoke in Khmer and at that point I simply shared about the hope we have in Jesus… I enjoyed a mighty hug and the constant reminder to share wherever we are to whomever!

When you’re ready to ‘step out in faith’, you’re ready to make change happen in this world! I implore you to share even the simplest truths you know and believe about Jesus and how He has impacted your heart… And for those who have not yet understood, I want to encourage you with all my heart, to listen and take in the truth. Here in Cambodia, much more is highlighted to me about the struggles of this world, perhaps I’m more sensitive because it is such a different environment than the Land in which I was raised… But NOW is the time to act, share, receive in Jesus’ name. Life is just too short and too painful to miss out… It is promised that we can live to the full, and I want that for everyone! To know such love and peace and comfort as this, there is nothing quite like it… So do not be afraid and do not hold back… TODAY is the day to embrace all that God has to offer! Allow God to work on your behalf… Know that HE IS ABLE!

Philippines flag

PRAY for the PHILIPPINES conference this month! All of team Cambodia among many other missionaries are travelling to celebrate 60 years history of Things to Come Mission there. We will join several Pastors and church families to celebrate and sing for all the Lord has done! We are looking forward to the fellowship and this will be my first trip over there so I’m thrilled to finally meet the many pioneers and heros of the faith that I’ve heard so much about! May the Lord use this time for us all to be motivated!


Safe Travel & Blessings for the Conference in the Philippines.
Smooth running of ministry activities at all 3 of our churches in our absence.

Continued prayers for health:
Sister Sophal has had another bout of bad health & tests. Lord willing she will be ok.
My sister Priscilla… prolonged health problems take their toll and it’s not easy finding the energy to raise the children plus we miss each other.

I’m praising God for the renewal of a 1 year VISA 🙂 Home Rental and Health Insurance! God is a great provider of all our needs! So thankful!