Introducing Pathy & Adel Arcino


Adel, and I are blessed with two sons, Noah and Zach.  We are happy to share about our life as a family serving God here in the Philippines. I became a child of God during my second year in Bible School. I thought being in a Christian family meant that I was already saved. Through my Bible school studies, I learned the truth of salvation and accepted Jesus Christ as my one and only Savior, believing that He died for my sins, was buried and rose again.

Adel was evangelized by a Bible Woman during Sunday School. She personally received the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 12. Noah, our older son, has just begun his personal journey of belief in God. We are glad that both our kids show willingness to follow what we teach them about the gospel and the ministry that awaits them even at their young age. They are currently enrolled at Tagum Grace Academy undergoing home schooling. 

I graduated from International Grace Bible Institute in 2011 and was ordained in 2018. Over the past 13 years of service with TCM-Philippines, God has always been faithful to our family. Some of my main ministries with our church team of workers and leaders, have been evangelistic crusades, church planting and operating a Field Bible School. Adel has been a public school teacher for almost 13 years. Desiring to use her abilities in line with God’s ministry, she completed the Field Bible School program and serves as a Bible Woman. In the church she is actively involved in the children’s department and leading the women and youth in evangelism ministries.

We finished Grace Theological Center for Mission training in 2022. Through that experience, God really strengthened our perspective, ambition and desire. What really matters to Him is reaching perishing souls. Doing that is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

God has called our family to go to Thailand, a country with a population of 71 million, but only 1% have come to know Christ. One of the greatest challenges that awaits us there is learning the Thai language, one of the most difficult languages in the world. An equal challenge is the strong belief of the Thai people in following Buddha. Following Apostle Paul, we desire go to the regions where Christ’s name is not known. We are ready to give up our career, stable jobs and established ministry here in the Philippines to fulfill this calling to extend the message of God’s grace to the regions beyond.