Genesis & Verna arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand on May 28, 2008 to begin the difficult task of acquiring the Thai language. Their children are enrolled in Grace International School while the parents study the language and culture at Cornerstone Language School. On December 8 they were joined in Chiang Mai by TCM missionaries Nathan & Jessica Killion.

Genesis is the Field Representative for TCM in Thailand. The Maraats and Killions will develop a strategy for sharing the love of Christ with the Thai people as they continue in learning the language.



Maraat Family

Genesis and Verna Maraat established an English center in Chiang Mai as an outreach. They teach many Thai english and have opportunities through this to teach about God.


Killion Family

Since September 2012, Matthias (11 yrs), Abigail (8 yrs), and Chloe (6 yrs) Killion have been on Home Assignment with their parents, Nathan and Jessica. They’ve enjoyed reuniting with family, visiting old friends, and making new ones. As they’ve traveled they’ve also been home schooling or “van schooling” as they call it on those long drive days! Although they’ve had fun in the U.S., they are all eager to return to Chiang Mai, Thailand on May 11th


We have more information about Thailand in the TCM office! Please call us at (317) 783-0300.