Doug & Vicki LeFeber – Fall 2011

Recife, Brazil

Greetings in Christ’s precious name!

What a privilege it is to serve our Lord and Savior together! Your prayers and support over the last 38 years changed the history of all these lives and so many more! Please take a moment to thank the Lord for your Brazilian brothers and sisters in Christ. You may not know them by name yet, but you will for sure meet them in heaven someday. We do not labor in vain.

Recently I have been reading, studying, and preaching from Philippians. Chapter 4 especially has really blessed me and others in the church. We need to experience Philippians 4:6,7,11,12,13. Christians in this world go through tough times – health, financial, relationships. But we can experience joy, peace, contentment, and victory, suffering through it all. Romans 8:18 is another precious promise from God.

My focus continues to be evangelism, preaching, and teaching to build up and expand the local churches here. Presently I am meeting weekly with four young men and one of their wives in our teaching and training center in Ibura, and training a young man in the Boa Viagem church. It is imperative that we prepare men and women for ministry, and continue evangelism for planting of new churches here in Brazil.

Vicki had to spend this summer in the US to work on her American Citizenship. Now she is back and continues to be involved with helping with our women’s choir in the Boa Viagem church, and leading Project ABBA, teaching children and providing teaching material for our many teachers. She will also be heading the 9th Project ABBA Christmas Gift Project this year, for the first time without our daughter Michelle Campos. Thank God many women and men in our local churches have been very involved in this project over the years and can carry on this valuable ministry with Vicki. Joe and Michelle are surely missed in the ministry here, but we are rejoicing with their new ministry with Prison Mission Association.  

Dear friends, the labor is plentiful here in Brazil. Although statistics say the number of Christians are increasing, there is a great need for solid Biblical truth and a clear understanding of the Grace of God.

We have faced many challenges in the past few years, and we continue to ask you to pray for the ministry in Brazil. Specifically, we need more servants willing to dedicate their lives to the Lord to continue our ministry in the local churches. We are also in need of more funds for the various ministries and for our personal support. Vicki’s US citizenship process is going to cost us over $2,000.00.

Health Update: I can relate to Paul at this stage of my life, because I am having to dictate my letter since my vision is blurred, making it hard for me to write myself. This is due to diabetes, which is a recent diagnosis. Also, a couple of months ago I was having extreme pain in my arms and shoulders, and difficulty walking. After going to many doctors and having tests done, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and frozen shoulders. I am on many medications now, which are affecting my stomach. I also have a ruptured disc on my back which causes pain. All these doctor visits, tests, and medications have caused many added expenses. Please pray for my health and this immediate financial need.

God is doing great things – You are welcome to come see it yourself!

From the heart of Fritz Keiper, a long time friend who visited the ministry in Brazil this year:

I was very impressed with the work in Recife, Brazil. You have used the methods of the apostle Paul to REACH, TEACH, and TRAIN workers which not only multiples your work but you have middle-aged pastors and young congregations who will continue the work long after you are gone.

My heart was deeply touched and my life was shaken as never before. I was especially touched by our visits to the Ibura Church. The big white church that you built on the very top of the hill–the one surrounded by the highest crime area in the city where even some members of your church have been robbed leaving church. Each time I preached and taught and you translated there was a little girl who sat straight up and leaned forward on the edge of her chair to listen. Twelve-year-old Larissa came up to me the last night and gestured to have her picture taken with me. After we took the picture she stepped in front of me and tapped me on the chest–and then she looked up into my eyes and pointed at me–and then at her heart ! I was so moved by her that tears come into my eyes. Douglas and Vicky–THAT LITTLE GIRL WILL GROW UP TO TOUCH HUNDREDS PERHAPS THOUSANDS OF LIVES FOR JESUS.

I wish there was a way to go tell people in Grace churches all over America so they too could pray and support you. Then they could be as blessed as I am to be involved in your ministry.

God bless you!

In Christ,
Doug and Vicki LeFeber