Julia Liles – October 2019



Another successful seminar run last month by Myra (2nd from left) Julia (4th from left) and Chanty (4th from right). Women Of Worth ministries connecting with ERICK’s International. We were thrilled to teach another session and work alongside these professional, fun and passionate women. Praising God for these connections and hopeful for future ministry opportunities! It is incredible to teach women who are new to the concept of understanding they have value, and celebrating self worth! These are topics which in the UK, children would already be learning through the education system, family home or church; in Cambodia however some of the most fundamental life lessons are neglected to be taught. I’m thankful for this mixed faith group and the joy of discovering our identity through Biblical Women-hood core values curriculum.   

Psalm 139:14

With each new Season Comes Change…

There are many wonderful changes on the horizon for us as Team Cambodia and for the individual missionaries. The biggest change which has recently happened is the announcement of Myra’s engagement to Simeon! With her wedding coming up this December, Myra has officially stepped down from full time service as a missionary under TCM. This will enable Myra and Simeon to focus on their wedding plans which involves a month long trip to the Philippines in order to meet the official requirements for marriage. After that time they will return to Cambodia to celebrate in style with all of us here and rejoice with our Khmer family and share the blessing of a Christian ceremony. We are excited for this opportunity and are so glad that although Myra and Simeon plan to live in a different province, they will remain in Cambodia and Myra’s heart remains called to share Christ with Khmer people. Therefore her ministry role has not been abandoned, it has simply changed and we look forward to partnering with this couple in the future. Of course this means our small team of 4 is now down to 3 and it will be a time of adjustment in the ministry and with our commitments. Not only that, but for me personally, it will be the loss of a very close partner in the ministry. Accepting change is not always easy but the Lord walks with us, “…there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24b); comforts us and provides wonderful support in unexpected ways! I have been blessed with several good friends here and ‘prayer pals’ too!

Other news and prayer requests are for my team mates Pastor James & Agape as they will begin the process of moving house next week! This comes as the church contract ends at the end of this month which is where the couple have lived for almost 2 years. We will also move the location of the church which means less rent and I’m happy it is just a 5 minute walk from my house! It is also close to the main road which makes it accessible but it’s also a safe area. We will need lots of hands to pack up, clean up and re-organize everything so we hope it will be a smooth and efficient transition… we can even get attached to buildings and the memories they hold so please think of us all as we relocate. Pray also that we will attract those in the area to join worship with us!

Blessed that as the Board Of Trustees, we have now officially (in English) completed the signing of the Constitution and By-Laws for the newly named Cambodia Grace Gospel Church (CGGC). This is a great step towards official recognition by the Cambodian Government and prayers would be that in the not too distant future we could purchase a property in the city which will then become a permanent church and would ultimately allow for a Bible school too. We are so thankful for all the support and prayer that goes into the ministries here. We rejoice with you in the partnership we have, knowing that God loves these people and desires that they too would know Him and grow in faith. -Prayers for the team translating this document from English into Khmer. 

*Prayer for Church move & the Bermejo’s House move
*Prayers for Myra and Simeon and their plan to marry
*Prayers for our team in transition

Please keep sister Sophal in prayer. The past 3 weeks Sophal has grown weaker down the left side of her body, she is in pain most of the time, sleeps a lot and can no longer walk unaided. However we really enjoy our weekly visits and she always manages to smile. My love and respect for this beautiful woman has grown and I truly admire her faith and strength to endure. She has an amazing family who have come around to support her in the most practical and loving of ways. Sophal and family also send their thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed so generously to their financial needs, this lifts the burden. They know you are praying!

Please also think of and pray for my Sister Priscilla and Dad, who have both been to the emergency ward again. Their physical challenges continue and yet they defy the odds as they are both determined to fight for life. I think they are both incredible and give testimony of God’s grace and mercy. Pray for their battles with pain and any mental stress or anxiety they may face. May Jesus comfort them both.