Julia Liles – February 2019


Church anniversary



It has been an incredible year of worshipping God together at the City Central Church in Phnom Penh and we are so blessed that you can share in the joy of that journey with us all. We have so much to be thankul for and are blessed by your prayers and financial support as well as words of encouragement to many of us. This journey is sweeter because we are able to share in God’s glorious grace and provision. On February 10th we celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary with our church members, our sister church brethren and other dear friends we have made over the years and it was a wonderful time to thank God together.

Julia Myra

In addition to celebrating the 1st year of this church fellowship, Missionary Myra Omictin shared her testimony of 10 years serving the Lord in Cambodia…A wonderful combination and how sweet to see the fruits of faithful labour. We commend our Sister for her faithful dedication to the people of Cambodia. I thank God for her example and partnership in the ministry. Myra quotes “It has not always been easy… but “a life that is spent in serving the Lord and in communion with Him is the happiest life anyone could live for in this world”’ Amen!

Myra has flown to the Philippines for her 2 month home assignment. She will have a couuple of weeks to rest, recharge and spend time with loved ones. For the following 6 weeks Myra will be visiting a few churches and fellowship groups along with other friends to share about Cambodia and encourage people to learn more about Missions and get involved with God’s plan to reach the world for Christ! Please pray for her.

Julia Chan Ty

Chan Ty is a new Bible study sister of ours. Myra started a twice weekly session which I will oversee in Myra’s absence. Ever thankful for new opportunities and really blessed by Chan Ty’s enthusiasm to learn more about the Lord and serve Him.


  • Pray for Myra for a positive & productive home assignment
    Pray for James, Agape and I as we carry on the ministry in her absence
    (And our progress with the Khmer Language)
    Please Pray for our Sister Chan Ty and her growth in the Word
    Continue to pray for our sister churches in Chom Chao & Chutiel