Vernon D. Anderson

Vernon Anderson believes the just shall live by faith. All his career as a missionary, he has proved that God answers the life of faith. Faith opened Vernon’s heart to Milwaukee Bible College in 1955, along with wife Darlene’s. He was instrumental in organizing a mission with other students which later joined with Things to Come Mission in Colorado under J.H. Palmer. Vernon and Darlene left for the Philippines arriving in Manila on January 1, 1958. Faith-living moved the Andersons forward, preaching, teaching, helping to establish IGBI to train pastors, even to take up flying airplanes. The Andersons have also worked in South India, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, the Middle East, and South Africa. Vernon has proved that living by faith and proclaiming the Word worldwide can be carried out under the guidelines of the Apostle Paul.

A Guide to Dispensational Study (pdf, 568K, booklet)

A quick guide for understand the Bible from a dispensational perspective

Dr’s Orders (pdf, 338k, pamphlet)

The only cure for the world’s terminal illness of sin is the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grace or Disgrace (pdf, 657k, booklet)

We are saved by grace, not good works, but grace teaches us to do good works.

Love (pdf, 788k, booklet)

Apostle Paul’s teaching about love is applied to Christian living in the church and in the world.

No Man Careth for My Soul (pdf, 924k, booklet)

Taking a hard look at our priorities in view of the lost world around us.

Paul had the Right Idea (pdf, 421k, booklet)

Why and how the Apostle Paul’s missionary methods are still the best for missions today.

The Building of the Church, the Body of Christ (pdf, 1.6m, booklet)

The Body of Christ began in Acts 9-13 with the revelation given to the Apostle Paul by Jesus Christ. Vernon Anderson shows how the Body of Christ began with Paul’s early ministry.

That Which is Perfect (pdf, 265k, booklet)

An exposition of love from the great love chapter: 1 Corinthians 13.

The Gifts of Ephesians 4:7-13 (pdf, 582k, booklet)

The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to believers, and will do so to the very end of the dispensation of grace.

The Great Conflict (pdf, 445k, pamphlet)

A simple and effective outline for teaching the book of Revelation.

The Elect: Operation T-U-L-I-P (pdf, 469k, booklet)

A hard-hitting attack on the false doctrine that God has already decided who will be saved and who will be lost.