Team MK Education Scholarships-Ongoing


Countries: Cambodia, E Timor, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam
Amount Requested:$1000 per student per academic year
Amount Received:$3600 (2018)
Designate Gifts:Team MK Ed Scholarship

Our TCM Team families can only do their vital work if they have a quality, affordable option for educating their children. The funds they receive through TCM typically cover their personal living expenses, but do not extend to education expenses for their children. The Team MK Education fund enables TCM to provide need-based scholarships up to a maximum of $1000 per child per academic year to children of TCM Team missionaries in Kindergarten through Grade 12 who are enrolled in an academic education program with an established curriculum. The education takes the form of homeschooling, attending a school co-op offering a curriculum recognized by their home country department of education, or boarding school (typically for older high school students). TCM currently has 9 Team MKs in K-12.