Pat & Michelle Kilgo – January 22, 2018

Southeast Asia

Hello Dear Friends!
Greetings to you from southeast Asia.  We had an encouraging church service yesterday.  Every seat was filled and all heard the Good News of eternal salvation.  Pat’s sermon was about the apostle to the Gentiles- apostle Paul (Ephesians 3).  He got positive feedback from many folks.  Thanks for praying! 

Elisabeth (17) and I taught children ages 3-12 in separate classrooms.  She’s been teaching about Moses and the disobedient Israelites and I just finished teaching about the many kings of Israel.  We believe that children should be taught at a young age about the Bible, so it’s always fun to add pictures to the lessons.  We’ve been blessed by some friends in Washington who sent us Child Evangelism Fellowship’s flannel graphs to use.  

Last Thursday we restarted our English classes at our church (PBC) and they were a success.  We have four classes on Thursdays: two English classes and two Bible classes.  We are hoping that our English classes will be a wonderful outreach.  Prayer for these folks is always appreciated.

On a personal note, our baby Anna is no longer a baby.  She turns twelve on Sunday.  Anna has done so much for our ministry.  Because of her loving nature, kids of all ages are drawn to her.  In the Asian culture, children are the center of the household.  Their parents will take them to church if they want to go. We want to continue reaching the parents for Christ.
Thank you for ministering with us!

Serving Him together in love,
Pat & Michelle
Robert, Elisabeth,David, Anna