Kilgo–October 2023

Southeast Asia

Dear Ones,

We hope this update finds you well.  Our past few weeks have been packed with exciting things to do including visits from our Cambodia friends, a mission conference, as well as a visit from our youngest son.  He was with us for nearly three weeks. We praise God for this unexpected gift.  He has just returned in time to begin his flight school internship next month, Lord willing.

We were abundantly blessed to have our wonderful friends arrive from Cambodia.  It was a real treat to meet with Julia & Chetra, and Jay & Laura Wikary.  Julia and Chetra were our guest speakers for our annual mission conference (see pic below).  Our church members absolutely loved them!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  It’s always an encouragement to have visitors who truly appreciate different customs.  They got a real taste of what it’s like to live in a country with three prominent cultures.  Their food palates were definitely pleased when trying all the new dishes.  May the Lord bless their ministries in Cambodia and in the States.

Recently, we met face-to-face with our Year 3 class (normally they meet online).  It was great seeing the students and hearing their feedback about their coursework.  Currently, they are learning how to prepare lessons and sermons.  

These eight students have learned so much about God’s Word and how it impacts their daily lives. This adventure is only the beginning of a life-long journey in ministry.  Please pray that they will serve the Lord here as pastors and Bible teachers.  Also, pray for the two students who have decided to continue through the Year 2 program.  While it is a smaller class, their desire for God’s Word is HUGE.

What seemed like a dream, of starting a Bible school, so many years ago has become a reality!  Thank you for having an important role in this amazing endeavor.  Ministry requires abiding in Christ and standing strong in Him (Phil. 4:1).  We appreciate your prayers and support.  God bless you!

In His service,

Pat and Michelle