Training pastors and leaders is an integral part of TCM’s Troas strategy for mission. A residential Bible school is already in operation in Thika, Kenya. Phase 2 will be completing the remaining part of the ground floor which comprises 2 classes, an office section (divided into 3 rooms) and a stairwell. The Phase 2 work will be concreting the ground floor slab, reinforcing columns and walls, first floor concreting and all finishers (doors, windows, plastering, flooring, plumbing, electrical installations and painting).

It will help to have 2 more classes and an office section as it will give room to accommodate more students. We intend to use one of the classes as a dorm and move students from the makeshift iron sheet rooms they are living in currently. We pray the Lord will graciously supply for this project as He did in the Phase 1. He is faithful!

TOTAL NEEDED: $20,500 RECEIVED: $12,000