Dan and Amy Banac


After 17 hours of journey along the Irrawaddy River of Myanmar, we finally reached Phyngone village where a handful of Grace believers were waiting for us. They were encouraged by our arrival, but we were equally strengthened knowing that they continue in the faith regardless of not having a regular worker in the area. What a privilege to be part of their growth in the grace of God. Let us pray for these brothers and sisters in the Lord in Phyngone Grace Gospel Church.

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Christmas celebration is useful in Myanmar! It is a launching pad for evangelism. Through biblical passage exposition I explained to the Grace believers here how to see a balanced message about the life of Jesus Christ in a panoramic picture. For example John 3:16 “…He gave his only begotten Son…” implies Christ’s incarnation and crucifixion. Both are components of the saving plan and process of God. Without the birth of Jesus it was impossible for Him to die. And without His death there is no shed blood for our sins. They are both equally important. We are not saved by His birth but by His death. Without His birth and death there is no mission!

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During the Saturday evening service the Word of God reminded us of the shepherds’ attitude (Luke 2:8-20) when the angel announced the good news.
1) They Heard the good news;
2) They Confirmed the good news;
3) They Shared the good news; and
4) They Glorified God because of the good news.

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It took only 12 hours back home! We started our journey around 4:45 AM back to Yangon. This time we took a bigger boat through wide and narrow rivers until we reached our destination, then took a bus bound for Yangon. Our Creator, when He was on earth, mastered the land and sea and even rose triumphantly from the dead. For me, this was indeed a triumphant short journey to encourage a small group of Grace villagers. Thank you very much, Phyngone Grace Gospel Church! Your generosity is a sweet smelling savor to God. Continue to grow in grace.

Dan Banac for Team Myanmar

Vision and Prayer Requests – February 2016

We chose to serve in Myanmar since it is among the four remaining Southeast Asian countries which do not yet have a TCM missionary though there is an existing TCM ministry.

We envision bringing the Burmese into the powerful saving knowledge of the Grace message through the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery.

With this in mind, our mission is to build up the Burmese believers in the faith and see them growing in the knowledge of God more profoundly.

Moreover, the three of us are experienced in academics. I have been the head of TCM’s IGBI-Bataan Bible School for the past 15 years. My wife, Amy, is our school registrar, and our teammate, Salvina, is my library consultant and she taught here in our school. With this in mind, we can greatly help to train more national leaders to reach out to their fellow Burmese. As we go to Myanmar, our primary involvement will be training the Burmese nationals within the existing Myanmar TCM ministry headed by Pastor Kenneth Ling.

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Learning the Burmese language as soon as possible is one of our challenging goals, along with awareness and adjustment to the Burmese culture. Furthermore, Team Myanmar will have to work hand in hand with the existing national leadership.

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Please pray for the following:
1. Team Myanmar raising prayer and financial support
2. Leadership transition in IGBI-Bataan as we leave.
3. Proper resignation of Salvina Ulfindo from her university work.
4. Proposed survey trip to our field.
5. Children’s education in Myanmar.
6. More awareness on the part of Philippine Grace churches about missions and support.
7. The Holy Spirit may open the hearts and minds of the Burmese to the message of Grace.

He is faithful,

Dan Banac for Team Myanmar: Dan & Amy and Salvina