United States


The practical leadership of TCM is handled by a team of 4 directors serving under the TCM Board. The directors meet online once a month to report on their areas and discuss pertinent issues. Jim Tollar, a TCM board member, currently serves as the Executive Director, chairing the director meetings and liaising with the TCM board. Most of the leadership responsibilities for TCM are handled by the other directors.

Ben Anderson, the International Director, is in charge of TCM’s overseas missionaries and fields. Ben helps each field develop their strategy for reaching their own country while looking at new countries to reach with wonderful message of God’s saving grace. Ben and his wife Joyce, TCM’s Member Care Coordinator, are based in Singapore.

The Development Director oversees missionary candidates and missionaries on home assignment and promotes TCM among USA churches and affiliated Grace organizations and educational institutions. TCM is currently looking to fill this position. In the meantime, the Office Administrator is serving as the USA contact person for TCM.

Valerie Anderson Wynalda, the Office Administrator, manages the TCM home office in Indianapolis along with overseeing the TCM mission apartment and mission vehicles. Valerie is assisted in home office operations by veteran TCM missionary Pauline Watkins and her daughter, Cindy LaVier. Pauline handles income and receipts. Cindy is employed on a part-time basis to do the bookkeeping and transferring of funds.

Bob & Beth Xavier have dedicated decades of their lives to working with young people and families. Bob is Director of Grace Martial Arts based in Bradenton, Florida. http://gracemartialarts.org

In response to God’s love, grace and truth, the purpose of Grace Martial Arts is to glorify God through teaching the Life-Changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to youth and their families and to assist the church in evangelizing and discipling a sea of lost, destitute souls in our own Nation’s communities. Our youth and family programs foster growth in Biblical competence, spiritual formation and ministry leadership skills, with special emphasis on Biblical authority, authentic Christian living and world evangelism.