Ethiopia is rich in cultural and religious diversity with more than 80 ethnic groups. It was the second country to officially adopt Christianity in the 4th century A.D. Through the centuries, Ethiopia has been ruled by various monarchies, winning their independence from Italian colonial rule in 1896.

The nation struggles through social, political, and economic crises. The major ethnic groups function as independent geographic regions at the expense of national unity. As a result, Ethiopia’s stability and power balances are precarious. Corruption increased with economic growth, and a wide gap now exists between the few who are rich and the many who are poor. From 2020, devastating civil conflict along ethnic lines has erased much of the progress of recent years.


Following written communication and visits with Fikre Bogale, an Ethiopian believer who had studied Grace books/materials from Berean Bible Society, TCM decided to open Ethiopia as a field to be served by Team East Africa. Reagan & Jemima Mejia, were assigned as the pioneer missionaries. In early 2024 Reagan participated in a survey of the country and its ministry potential and met key national contacts. Following 6 months of orientation in Kenya, the Mejias entered Ethiopia in July 2024. They are engaged in full-time language study while mentoring national believers.