The Gospel is Going Out!


The Apostle Paul had many challenges in his ministry but was content when he saw the Grace of God going out to more and more. Here is a story from Pastor Charles from our church in Thika. He has been delivering care packages to those in need and is sharing the Gospel with them. He gave the package of flour, oil and soap to a young lady named Rosemary who is from a very needy family. She was from the Catholic Church and had never heard the clear Gospel presentation. Rosemary gave her life to Christ and came back to the Church later to fellowship with Charles and his family. We praise God that in the midst of this difficult time the Grace of God is going out to more people. 

Care Packages

Three weeks ago Pastor Charles and I began to think of ways that we could continue to reach out into our community here in Thika, Kenya while still abiding by the governmental restrictions. We decided to put together simple care packages so that the church members had something to bless their neighbors with. Our thought was that this would give our church an opportunity to share the love of Christ in this hard time. 

Most of the people in our area are living from workday to workday. the money they make is only enough to feed their family for that day. In times like this where many are out of work people are going hungry.

We received a generous donation from a friend that allowed us to bless 70 families with some essential supplies. Three of our churches here participated in this effort and are excited to distribute more packages. The church members are reporting that people are so grateful to God for the help they received.  Each care package consists of:
– Cooking oil
– Corn flour
– Wheat flour
– Bar soap
– Sugar
The cost per package is $6.00

I am asking for your help so we can continue this project. A donation of any size will allow us to continue assembling more packages. Donations can be made here at the Things to come mission donation page. Please specify that you are donating for the “Kenya Care Packages” project. 

Thank you so much,

Robby & Tegwen Heath