Robby & Tegwen Heath – November 2018


November 2018

Heath Family

Dear Family and Friends,

I trust you and your family are doing well. We recently returned from a month and a half of traveling throughout the South West. It was a special privilege to meet so many people who are excited about what God is doing in their lives and around the world.

The application process for the South African visa is quite frustrating and time consuming. We are awaiting paperwork from South Africa and a background check from the FBI. Once we receive these documents we must fly to Los Angeles and apply for the visa in person at the consulate. We will buy the tickets for South Africa once we have our visa. Each item on the checklist has proven to only be the beginning of a rabbit trail. We are hanging on for the ride though and we are excited for what God has for us along the way.

One of the requirements is a chest X-ray for Tegwen and I to rule out tuberculosis. At our appointment Vesper was making eye contact and smiling at each person in the waiting room. This gave me the opportunity to chat with a man named Pronob, an Indian American with a wonderful testimony of how he came to know Jesus Christ. We talked for awhile about God’s desire for us to be His ambassadors here in the world. Before we left he prayed with me and gave me a big hug! God is so good and it is wonderful to experience those unplanned meetings with His children.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for us that we will have patience while we wait and open eyes to see God’s leading each and every day.

In Christ and For His Glory,

Robby & Tegwen Heath