Robby & Tegwen Heath – December 2018


December 2018

Vesper & Tegwen

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for sticking with us during the past couple of months as we have been preparing for our assignment to South Africa. I wanted to send out a quick update on our Visa application process. Since early October we have been waiting on the South African government to approve some registration paperwork. On Friday we received word that it was incomplete and needs to be resubmitted with the needed modifications. Please pray that the paperwork will be processed quickly with no further set-backs.

This means that we will need to wait another 2-3 weeks till we can apply for our Visa which takes 2 weeks to process. We are looking at definitely being here for the holidays and possibly not getting the Visa till January. Please pray that we can remain focused on Him and not on the earthly problems. Thanks for your continued love and prayers!

Sincerely, Robby & Tegwen, Vernon & Vesper Heath

(541) 450-7255