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Myra Omictin

Phnom Penh, Cambodia




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“The history of missions is the history of answered prayer.”― Samuel Zwemer   

Last night, I led the prayer meeting in City Central Church and we talked about the importance of prayers in missions. It is my hope that my Cambodian brothers and sisters get this--prayers fuel missions. I thank the Lord for all of you because you are with me in this journey. Every prayer you prayed, every dollar you sent to missions, every effort you did for me and for missionaries and workers around the world are valuable and greatly appreciated. 
I am grateful that the Lord has been blessing us here in many ways. I am so thankful for the  many answered prayers such as:

Meeting people

I have been meeting a few ladies, all young professionals and Buddhists. One of those ladies is Sreyleak. She is a manager of a hostel in the city. I meet with her regularly and have shared a bit about God. Pray for open hearts and mind. Pray opportunities to share the gospel with her.


Thanks for your prayers and for your faithfulness.

"" If we are not faithful, He will still be faithful. Christ cannot deny who he is."  2 Timothy 2:13

In Christ,

Myra Omictin



JUNE 2018


Hello partners,

Starting on Saturday, June 9, City Central Church is going to hold our first official social afternoon/night called Coffee and Cake. Our main purpose is evangelistic. We invite our acquaintances over for  coffee/tea and baking lessons. Please pray that God would use this time to get to know people and share the gospel of salvation to them.

Please help us pray for Reangsey and her friend because they plan to join our C & C Satuday at 5:00 to 6:30 pm in our center.

Meeting people

Right side is Reangsey. Jules, Brook and I visited her coffee shop last week.


Two Women Growing in The Lord

Ah Ny will start her guitar lesson with my-co missionary, Agape Bermejo on Saturday. She is interested to play guitar because she wants to serve more on Sundays during worship even though she already has been helping us with the Khmer translation of our worship service program.

She told me the other day that she has been ministering to her sister in law who is in a very difficult time. She has told her about God and how to pray. Even though she has received a quiet response from her aunt, she continues to show genuine love to her and care for her children too. Pray that her aunt would open her heart for the gospel.

Li Sa , has known Jesus for a long time but her family is not yet Christians. She told me, " Please pray for my dad's salvation. If he becomes a Christian, my whole family would follow him".
She is a great help in our ministry here. Pray for the salvation of her entire family. 



1st Sunday Service


Ah Ny and Li Sa at the Southeast Asia Grace Conference in Changmai, Thailand

Thank you for your prayers and for keeping in touch with me.

Abounding in hope,




A couple months ago, the TCM Cambodia team decided to start planting a new local church  because we believed the existing home group needed to grow and needed formal corporate worship and congregational structure where the individual member can also serve and help expand the ministry.  The Monday home group for months has helped foster discipleship and friendship among Khmer members and missionaries. This year is, we believe, is a good time to start a church!

Praise the Lord because we just held our first worship service last Sunday on the 4th floor of Bermejo's rented apartment. A few came but it was a good start.:-) I translated for Pastor James because he doesn't speak Khmer yet. Whew! :-) Julia sang for the offertory song and Agape led the praise and worship time. We did not give any part to the locals yet but we plan to slowly delegate to them some responsibilities in the church. As Pastor James shared with us:

Mentoring Chart


Also, we are blessed to have you and other friends who helped us buy the materials and furniture's we needed for our church. Thank you so much for your help and prayers. I truly appreciate our partnership in the gospel. You become an integral part of this worthy endeavor to reach out to the lost , un-reached and unchurched individuals. May God richly bless you in return.

1st Sunday Service


CGGM -City Central Church First Sunday Service

For more information and photos, TCM US  will be sending  or publish the Team's Newsletter soon.  


Training and mentoring is vital so we are conducting two classes for men and women every Thursday  night.
February 1st was our first day of class for Bibliology course.  Pray for wisdom for these women because Theology concepts are very challenging for them. I have taught both in Khmer and English but still they had difficulty grasping some of the concepts of the Bible doctrines. Pray for teachers, Julia Liles and Agape Bermejo as I will be away for four weeks.

Bibliology Class

Women in our Bibliology Class.


My flight to the States is on Monday. Yay! I am excited for this trip. Pray for good health, sound mind, and safe trip.
If you would like to see me here are my schedules:

Feb 14-18  Shoreline , Leavenworth ( Washington State) c/o  Pastor Jim Shemaria, Alex Pierce 
Feb 19-24  Colorado Springs ( Counseling Training at Caring For The Heart)
Feb 25-March 9- Indianapolis  (TCM Office)
March 10-11  -Chicago area ( Pastor Kurth's church)
March 12-14 New York 

Thank you for your prayers. God is good and gracious!

Abounding in joy,






 “God is the architect of His house and we are His building materials. We are individually called, but acceptance of that call means that we now belong to one another and have an important group identity, the sum of which is more significant than each individual part.” -A Women's Conference speaker

Having started a home group of 10-13 people a year ago, I begin to feel that we are now  functioning as a real family of  Christ. We came from different backgrounds, nationalities,  ages, skills and different life experiences, and sometimes we do have vastly different perspectives on life. At times, we argue, challenge,  rebuke and hurt each other and yet we are learning to love each other more, to be there for each other through thick and thin, and encourage each other to obey Christ. This is my family in Cambodia.

Li Sa, Channy, Borei and Channy, Kosal, Ah Ny, Srouch, Money, Chanthon, Sam Art, Rachel, Anne are our regular attendees every Monday Home Group fellowship.  They are all young professionals and, except for Borei and Channy, they are also singles. Interesting group ha!

Myra teaching


Teaching Who Is Jesus during last Monday night's fellowship


A huge part of what my co-workers and I do as  missionaries is mentoring (and counseling) and I can tell you that it is not an easy job. It is time consuming, emotionally draining and takes a lot of patience as we walk with some of them in the difficult season of their lives. But as a family we need to be there for them and not leave them alone in the dark. Personally, I am not sure if I can handle the stress of being involved with people’s issues and messes without the enabling work of the Holy Spirit in me.  He gives me strength wisdom, love for these individuals and hope for their future. 

Counseling office

This is my counseling office where we hold the women's Bible study every Thursday night.



Yes, I got my tickets, and I thank God for the provisions and for every one of you who are praying and supporting me to make this trip. I will be in the States February 13 to March 14, 2018. I plan to visit a few churches and I am hoping to see some of you as well. Please let me know how and when I can meet you. J Pray for my counseling training in Colorado Springs as well. This is the main reason I'm going to the States. My sister was supposed to go with me on this trip but she did not get the visa again!. We are both sad since my dream is to spend my birthday  abroad with my siblings ( especially in NYC!) .:-(   Oh well, maybe God is preparing something precious to give to me for my birthday. You never know.


Ahh, I love this season even though it always reminds me HOME and FAMILY. I am nostalgic every Christmas time but I have many reasons to celebrate Christmas. So, let's be joyful and expectant for 2018. The future is as bright as the promises of God.:-)
In Him,






Tonight I just had very good conversations with Sreng ( the owner of the coffee shop) and Sit ( a marketing officer) about God. Normally every Friday night is an English conversation “class’ and our topic varies every meeting. I liked it tonight because it was not a regular class but just a friendly conversation. I got to share the message of salvation to Sit whereas Sreng and I got to discuss about God’s character after I have asked him to read a Bible verse. Sreng is a graduate from a law school so I normally have lively but strong arguments with him. I remembered there was a time he told me that I “talked like a man” which he probably meant that I talked strongly and persuasively. I don’t know if it was a compliment or a criticism but I was definitely not backing down with my argument. LOL I am just glad that we have a good relationship with each other and that we both respect our religious beliefs and appreciate debates. It is fun to talk with people who have law backgrounds ha. They are my favorite people now in terms of interesting and thought provoking conversations.:-) They help me grow intellectually. Pray for Sreng and Sit’s salvation. They both heard the gospel of salvation. Pray that will BELIEVE in the Truth!


I do have a supervisor now. I met her last Monday and it was a good meeting. She is professional and registered Psychotherapist in the UK and Member Care coordinator from a big mission agency here in Cambodia. So, I praise God for this important aspect of counseling practice. While I am learning how to counsel, I need someone to guide, correct and help me improve my skill.

Monday group


Monday home group ladies.



There is strength in numbers. That is why I am happy that we got another couple to work with us in the city. James and Agape are from the Philippines and both have graduated from International Bible School with Bible degrees. They are church planters too and young.:-) As you know, TCM Cambodia is in transition and I pray that you keep us in your prayers. I will update you more about this next time.

Bermejos arrive

James & Agape, the new missionaries, with Mahilums and me.



 It is encouraging that the Church (Christian population) has grown significantly in the last 15 years but such rapid growth also presents challenges in the areas of discipleship and leadership. The number of professing Christians may be increasing, but quality and depth still seem to be lacking. Many of those who profess faith in Christ seem to fall away at the first sign of difficulty.
Team Cambodia has been slow in terms of producing strong local leadership. So, please pray that these few local leaders will grow strong in the Lord and will have passion to lead the Lord’s work in the city. Ben Anderson, the TCM International director, and his wife Joyce will arrive next week to help us discuss with our ministry goals. Help us pray for the upcoming meetings.


 “We look to Jesus not to fulfill our shallow desires or to provide all the comfort we want. We look to Him to lead us where He wants us most and where we can accomplish the most good.” Someone has posted this message on FB and it has encouraged me a lot these days. After 8 years and 7 months in Cambodia, I do think often nowadays about what God has for me in the next few years whether I would be spending the rest of my life here or I would be somewhere else in another continent. I honestly don’t know the answer. But does location really matter? Obviously, the answer is no. I stay if He wants me to say and go wherever He wants to go. My readings these days are mostly about BEING A DISCIPLE OF JESUS. In Matthew 4:20 , “At once they left their nets and followed him”. Wow, what a commitment and courage those first disciples had.They FOLLOWED him. I liked that phrase. I must follow him too. :-) I just want to thank God for all of you who are very supportive of me in this journey. Your kind words and expression of concerns even on emails and social media ( “ are you really ok?, “are you taking care of yourself”, “how are you”, ) are precious to me. A care package from someone I have not even met in person is truly touching. Even a single and beautiful photo or a video of a beautiful place from Europe is very heartwarming too. You are God’s gifts to me. Those are little things that make me happy. So, I am grateful for everything that God has given to me including your friendship.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Running the race with you,

Myra Omictin


JULY 2017


Philippians 1:9-11  And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ,  filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.  

Recently, I’ve been thinking about what it really means to love God and how to love people well. I know the Bible mentions about LOVE a lot and I have heard many sermons about this topic as well but still I am struggling to grasp its meaning. I asked myself, do I love well?,  perhaps my idea of love is more “emotions” rather than “actions”.  Paul’s prayer for the believers in Philippi is to love more and more;  and be joyful. Yes, love and joy goes hand in hand.:-) Isn’t that amazing?

I liked what John Piper said,

“If you do not pursue and find your pleasures supremely in God and above all things, you are not able to be generous with your resources, from a heart that glorifies God and loves people.” “Love is the overflow of joy in God that meets the needs of others especially in times of suffering and loss.”

Ah, this time I was tested,  love is tested  through this personal experience…one of the ladies in our church, Sophal, is battling with cancer. I  really wanted to show my support and love for her in a way that is more tangible (of course praying for her is love too). So I prayed to God on how to extend and show my love for her. So, after the surgery, I came to see her in the hospital for the third time. This time she was alone. I could have left her for another very important appointment but instead I stayed with her. It felt a bit awkward not knowing how to comfort her.  We talked about ordinary stuff, and then she showed me this rectal pouch attached on her stomach. (The rectal pouch is constructed and used after a rectal cancer has been removed or after the colon and rectum have been removed as a part of the surgical treatment.) When I saw it, it broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

At that moment, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and let my heart feels the pain and suffering. I guess this what the Bible said, “mourn with those who mourn”. My prayer was answered in a bittersweet and heart wrenching moment. Sophal is a strong woman and resilient. I have so much to learn from her. She taught me how love this way. God has again and again provides people in my life to help me grow in love, in wisdom, in purity, in faith and in service to the Lord. :-) This is my prayer, friends, that my love for God and for His people will overflow for His glory.

Monday group


Pray for our regular Monday Bible Study attendees, the couple: Borei , Channy and their daughther Lena, Li Sa, Ah Hy, Som Art, Kosal, Reaksmey , Rachel and Anne.



I am so happy that more and more people coming to this group every Monday. This is supposed to be just a  “women’s group “but it turns out  to become a regular cell group. Continue to pray for leaders as we continue to meet every week. Two weeks ago, we had a guest from Switzerland and it was wonderful to see someone who shared God’s word and his testimony and even led our worship time. I thought, we really need local men and leaders to help us but for now I have to be satisfied. Yes, we need someone who is able to teach, play guitar and led us in singing. :-) Talking about the body of Christ and each part has a role to play. May God give us people who are willing to participate in His Work.  

Sometimes we have some guests who are not regular church goers and some are unbelievers, so pray that this group will become a hub for the outsiders too (Christians and non- Christians) for fellowship and evangelism.

Dorm girls outing

The students from the dormitory during our weekend retreat 3 weeks ago.



May I continue to delight in Him every single day. May He give me grace to embrace every season of my life. That  most of the time (if not all the time) I would be satisfied in Him and my prayer would always be, " God, you are all satisfying, you've met every longing that I have, and you are more than enough for me. I delight in YOU. You are the end of my quest!." Pray for Jules as she is back in the UK for two months. Pray for the Mahilums and their work in the village. Pray for the local leadership too. Thanks for your prayers and gifts. I am grateful for your partnership.

In His keeping,

Myra Omictin

JULY 2017


Dear Partners,

Paul’s charge to Timothy was, “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim 2:2). This remains the blueprint for training leaders today.

I believe that the best and most proper place for the education and preparation of future leaders in the church is in the local church itself. In Cambodia, we don’t have many Bible schools where we could send our people to get degrees in Bible, Theology, Ministry or Leadership Training. We try to train our people  “hands on”. We do what we can do with the resources that we have and God will do the rest.

Ariel Mahilum, our team leader, has trained several of men and women in a dormitory/semi-church setting for almost 10 years and some of them are in the “church” leadership team now. We praise God that most of the time these young men preach and teach in our worship services and help out in some of our ministry outreaches whenever they can. However, training people to lead in the church is not easy. Giving them responsibility to minister to their own people by their own resources has been the most difficult task in church planting.  So, help us pray that a local, indigenous church is going to stand soon in Phnom Penh city, and that these young men and women would commit themselves to teach and propagate the gospel of the grace of God passionately and with intentionality.



“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”- Aristotle



The photo above was taken last night. Kosal is a new believer but has a desire to serve God. When I approached him last week to teach with me during Sunday school, he enthusiastically said YES. We did teach last night at our church Sunday school and it went well. Kosal told me he forgot some of the things he wanted to say during the teaching even though he had notes with him. He was a bit nervous but he tried his best to speak in front of the congregation. This is encouraging!

Rathy's soccer team

This is Borie, a friend of Julia Liles. He and his family are also Christians.

If you are a friend of Julia maybe she has already written about Borie and his quest for spiritual knowledge. His wife has been a believer for a couple of years now but Borie is struggling to understand the Scripture. Borie has also asked Julia if he can study the Bible with us. So, two weeks ago Julia and I started teaching him ‘Dispensations”. It has been a challenge for me as a teacher because aside from the theological concept is new to Borie there is also a language barrier. English to Khmer translation is difficult. I have to spend time preparing for our lessons. Khmer conversational language is different from Biblical words and structures. This makes our study more challenging especially that we are reading the Old Testament. Tomorrow is our 3rd meeting and we will study the 3rd Dispensation.  Exciting huh!


Maybe some people think that we are “made” for this job or that we have properly equipped to do the task of “evangelization”  of people cross-culturally. In reality, I personally learn things by doing them. I do what I can do with what I have because God strengthens me and it pleases Him. Even in my weaknesses He is gloried. May we see Him as He is and give glory in all things.

Pray with me this prayer:
“Let me be the evidence of what Your grace can do
To a generations struggling to find themselves in You
May they come to know the love of God
May their eyes be made to see
Give me the opportunity to share the truth that sets them free”.- Prayer by Petra

One last note, I want to say thank you for all your prayers and support. Some of you have written to me (or chatted) with me and I have been encouraged. Thanks for those who give to meet my needs. I truly appreciate you as my "partners". I am proud to have you on board.:-)

Abounding in Grace and Hope,

Myra Omictin

MAY 2017



I was told by a Cambodian friend of mine that women are not treated equally with men in their culture. Within Cambodia, there is an analogy where women are compared to pieces of wool or cotton, and men are diamonds. The wool can be dirtied, never to regain its purity or cleanliness again, though the diamond, even if dropped in mud can be wiped clean and any negativity or dirtiness imposed on it is forgotten. The same goes for males and females in Cambodia.  There are bad behaviors of men that are considered normal to the society but viewed negatively if done by women.
The Cambodian Constitution states that men and women have equal rights, however many factors within Khmer culture would prove otherwise. Cambodian social structure is based on a hierarchal ordered society, and men are categorized as higher than women, with both genders expecting to adhere to different behavioral patterns. Women are expected to be subservient to men and  expected to go about their daily lives undervalued and undermined by men.

Last night, I talked to a new friend of mine. She is young, smart and has a good job at an International NGO. She is also a divorcee. She said to me, It is better to stay single. Men in Cambodia cannot be trusted. They all have other women. If I marry again it would be the same. He would leave me for other women.”
So, I asked her some questions such as, “Why do you think men do that here? What do men in Cambodia think of women”.

She then replied, In Cambodia, people think it is OK for men to have many partners, and women accept it as long as their husbands won’t leave them and continue to support the family”. 

So I asked her again,” Do you feel that you are being undervalued?’.  

She then answered me with sadness, Yes.”
Our conversation was deeply emotional and I was glad I could talk about her feelings of her divorce. Certainly, there is feeling of sadness, distrust, and acceptance too.

Myra & Miss K

A meaningful conversation with Miss K



Then this morning, I went to the gym with Jules. We met two young Cambodian ladies who work there. We got into conversation and one of them told us she receives only $80 salary per month and also she comes from a broken family. Her father left her when she was a few month old. She told me if she gets married she won’t love her husband 100% because she doesn’t want to get hurt like her mom.
This is sad but there is good news!  We were able to share the gospel with these two women and even sang a couple of Christian songs together because one of them has been to a Christian church before.
Broken women need healing, I told Jules, but unless there is CHRIST in their lives there is no REAL healing. The gospel changes people.

We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope". Timothy J. Keller

Rathy's soccer team

Jules and I visited Rathy's house two weeks ago and got to watch his students play soccer. Pray for the ministry outreach at his place.


I just finished Module 2 of the Biblical Counseling course last Friday. It was a very intense week. I had more than 20 classmates and many of them are locals. Our instructors are both licensed counselors in the UK and Australia. The group who manages this program hopes to build an Association of Christian Counselors in Cambodia in the future. They encouraged us to pursue this profession and get paid for the service to build a good reputation and respect from the community. There is a HUGE need of counselors and mental health professionals in Cambodia. One of our instructors quoted the verse in Matthew that says, “ the harvest is full but the laborers are few.”

Pray that I could finish the Introduction to Christian Counseling and Pastoral Care course this year and that God will use my skills to help other people.

Pray also for my needs as I am contemplating to get health insurance soon. Truthfully, I kept on postponing my plan to get one due to lack of funds. But since I almost had a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago, I have been advised by some  people who live here that I must get health/accident insurance. This is necessary for expats who live in Cambodia. I may need around $90 a month for basic premium based on a quotation that I got from an insurance company last month. I hope you could help me pray for this.

God is good and the earth is full of His glory!

Your co-laborer,
Myra Omictin


MAY 2017


What is Parlour Preaching?. It sounds to me like strange theological jargon. Ha!
Obviously, I am not a native English speaker , so I had to look up in the dictionary the meaning of "parlour". In  the Oxford dictionary  (sorry, there is some British-ness here and blame Jules Liles for this influence. LOL)  "parlour" means:
1.   A sitting room in a private house,
2.   A room in a public building for receiving guests,
3.   A room in a monastery or convent that is set aside for conversation.
4.   (usually with modifier) A shop or business providing specified goods or services.

But this is interesting: the origin of the word “parlor” comes from from Anglo-Norman French parlur ‘place for speaking’, from Latin parlare ‘speak’.

Yes, SPEAK, folks, SPEAK! … unless you have no mouth, or mute,  or incapacitated.

While the word “Preach” means publicly proclaim or teach (a religious message or belief) .

The 19th-century English pastor and author Charles Bridges writes in his book The Christian Ministry that we need more “parlour preaching.” He defines this as “the ability to introduce the subject of religion seasonably and acceptably into social intercourse.” This, Bridges says, “is one of the most valuable talents to the church.”

The Bible says in 2 Timothy 4:2
Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.

“Parlour preaching” does not need a 4-year degree course in Bible school. I think you and I can do it. Though to some people this skill comes naturally but to others this can be a difficult task because  talking to strangers or people in general is awkward (or  perhaps it comes with personality?). However, if we are able talk to people  in our comfort zone like at home, at school or office  about spiritual stuff and more practice, maybe we would be better equipped in the future in  starting simple conversations in the public area to random people with intentionality to bring up a topic of spiritual or religious in nature.

Myra's parlour group

Left to right: Zaa, me, Jules and Oun in the Big Apple Donut store.



Last week, Jules and I went to a donut store to sit and talk (of course to eat donuts too.:-)) . While Jules and I were so engrossed with our conversation, two beautiful, young ladies came and sat down near us. We both glanced at them and then continued on with our conversations.  But after a few minutes, I sensed an urge to drop my ongoing chat  with Jules and instead talk to the young women. And so I did turned to them and start the conversation. We had a good talk that lasted for an hour with  a few “selfie” shots  in between laughter. Also, I was able to threw a couple awkward, questions such as , “ Do you know Jesus?” , “Do you have Christian friends?.”
Bad news : The don’t know who Jesus is.
Good news: We are now friends on Facebook and they said “yes” to our invitation for swimming this week.
I want to encourage everyone that we all have opportunities to share Jesus’ love and tell of His plan for salvation to people nearest us.  I am not saying that “parlour preaching” is the best way to do that. Clearly, the biblical method of evangelism is the faithful proclamation of the truth of Scripture as taught by the Apostle Paul in conjunction with the living testimony of those who have been changed by that truth.
I want to hear your stories about your personal evangelistic experiences. Maybe we could learn from each other. :-)

Teaching kids vowels

My cousin, Leslie, teaching kids how to read the vowels. She is a nurse by profession has a heart for mission. When she is free time she likes to get involved with some of our ministries like teaching kids.

1 Peter 3:15 

 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

Have a good day everyone and thanks for praying!
Your co-laborer,
Myra Omictin


APRIL 2017


I am back in Cambodia since Tuesday night. Thank you for your prayers.

Just this morning, I sang a few hymns and I had this deeply renewed enthusiasm for service. I got a mission to do and there is no room for complacency.
 Many of you probably grew up in churches that use hymns in worship service and might probably know this wonderful hymn:

To the work! To the work! We are servants of God;
Let us follow the path that our Master has trod;
With the balm of His counsel our strength to renew,
Let us do with our might what our hands find to do.

·         Refrain:
Toiling on, toiling on,
Toiling on, toiling on;
Let us hope, let us watch,
And labor till the Master comes.

I am glad for this beautiful reminder of my calling and purpose. I thanked God that in spite of my weaknesses and emotions ebb and flow, God remains constant and gracious.  Isn’t that a comfort and an honor that our Master has His eyes on me and you? That He loves us all the same and He works for us, yes, He works for us, not just working in us and through us. What an amazing God we have!

Myra holds baby

I am holding one of the babies of our church members. Strange though because I feel like an aunt. I met her parents when they were in college, then saw their courtship, got jobs, got married and here is the baby. Woot! :-)



Yesterday, TCM Cambodia ended the first Grace Gospel Conference held in the village. There were a few wonderful highlights during the 2-day event such as a few individual recommitted their lives for service, elected the new members of the Board of Trustees, Child Dedication, brainstorming and planning on ministries in Cambodia. We are seeing Cambodians taking their responsibilities by working hand in hand with the missionaries. PRAY that local leaders will have deeper commitment in expanding the work. Scheduling and family responsibilities are always a challenge. 

Cambodian board

New Cambodian Board of Trustees


“If you stop growing today, you stop teaching tomorrow”, said Henrick Howards. 
 Many people, particularly leaders, plateau because they cease learning. But I want to grow! I want to pursue knowledge and experiences to enhance my capacity to contribute to others and serve them well. So, I decided to finish my study this year in Biblical Counseling here in Cambodia (under CWR-Waverly Christian College in the UK) and take on-line classes as well.  I may take some short-term training programs in the course of this year and onwards outside Cambodia, therefore, I  need your prayers.
PRAY that God will give me success to achieve this goal for His glory.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13 NIV)

In His love,






Greetings! 1 Thessalonians 1:2-3

We give up something we love for something we love even more. Love does sacrifice. Our love for Christ compels us to love what he loves and consider what matters most to Him. Soul winning matters to Him but this mission is costly. It costs Him his life. It should also cost us a whole lot!
I do not want to talk about sacrifices made by missionaries (will discuss about it next time) but sacrifices made by partners in missions.
I have been traveling around the Mindanao area(Philippines ) for the past 3 weeks visiting several churches and attending a few meetings. I got to challenge people to get involved in cross-cultural missions whether be a sender (supporter)or be a goer (missionary).

Myra mission conf

This photo was taken during a 2-day Mission Emphasis seminar at the Grace Bible Institute -Ozamis campus. I spoke 3 times during the event.


One day I got to talk to an older lady and she told me that her church is regularly sending money for missionaries even though the members are really poor. She also said that if only people could see their living condition they would be surprised how are they still able to give money for missions.
Then later on , the man who is in charge of collecting support from local churches said that some people gave 5 or 10 pesos (10-20 cents ) as gift for South East Asian Missionaries. At first he questioned why people gave such small amount until he found out that those individuals who gave very little are very poor and can hardly feed themselves.
I am so touched by this story. These churches exemplify what sacrificial giving means.  It opens my eyes to see the value of every contribution, every prayer said for us, and every type of support (quality time, messages, hospitality, etc) by my individual partners and sending churches. I am grateful for you. I do not feel alone in this fight. We are together in this and I am proud working along side you (whether you are in the other side of the world) and we will continue to work diligently to fulfill this mission of preaching the gospel of the grace of God to the unreached and to the regions beyond.
The sacrifices required for mission are worth it!

Dr. Ruth Improso

Ruth Improso is a medical doctor. She closed her clinic a few times just to pick me up at the airport (7 hours round trip) and also drove me to my speaking engagements both in Davao city and in Tagum city. What a partner I have in the gospel!


My next stop will be in Cauyan, Isabela to speak in the youth meeting, talk to the Bible students at International Grace Bible Institute and join the church Sunday service. Pray for safety and wisdom. I will leave Davao city on Thursday night to Manila and catch the next flight to Isabela on Friday morning.

Thanks for praying for me.

Abounding in hope,





Once a year, I usually make a Gratitude List before the New Year.  I write down 100 things to be thankful for in my journal before the new year comes. Then, on the first day of January  I spend time to pray and thank God for the many things He has given to me throughout the year. This Gratitude List is a helpful way not to forget the wonderful things that God has done to my life.

Many of you (if not all) who are reading this email are on my 2016 Gratitude list. :-)
អរគុណ "oh-kun " means "thank you" in Khmer.  Thank you so much for being a part of my 2016 journey!

This photo is taken during the Christmas party/Evangelism at Rathy's house.

Myra Kids Christmas Party



I will fly tomorrow to Manila for furlough/ home assignment and for a much- needed break. I plan to come back to Cambodia in April. I hope that you will remember me in your prayers. If you want to know some specific prayer requests me, please email me. I am delighted to hear your feedback as well. Let me know how are things with you. I am interested to know more about your journey as well.

A friend wrote to me, “Well, I know that you have really been needing a break and I hope that this can help you to recharge yourself. As for the future I know it's uncertain but just take comfort in the fact that God has you in the palm of his hand. “
What a reminder that God is in control of my life. He is in control in what is going to happen in 2017. What a relief! :-)
Another friend wrote, “You are now my motivation to keep running”. Oh well, this friend might meant physical running but still I am touched by the simple yet loving words. Words like these are greatly appreciated especially when the “race” gets tougher.

So, thank you for your kind words and greetings during Christmas and New Year, for sending/giving me gifts (like vitamins or lip glossJ), for continued financial support throughout the years, for your faithful prayers, and for keeping in touch with me. This is truly a partnership in the gospel. Every one of you has done your part in God’s mission by partnering with me and TCM. Thank you for your investment in the spiritual things.


The ladies who live in the dormitory; I used to teach the Bible and English to most of these young ladies when they were in High School. What a joy to see that they are flourishing in the Lord and getting education and finding jobs.

Myra & Dorm Girls


Truly, last year (2016) has been a fruitful year because God is good!

Rejoicing in Truth,






And Those Who Pretend They're Not
I have not read this book , written by Sheila Walsh,  but the title did catch my attention especially the sub- title. If I were honest with myself, I would admit to myself and to others that I am a broken person. Who aren’t? It is either I am a broken person or I just pretend that I am not!  This realization came to me just this week when I got to talk to two ladies who were struggling emotionally, spiritually and financially.
 Two ladies who become closer to me:
 Jake H, a university student whose boyfriend  just decided to break it off with her; her parents are currently sick.
 Ah N, a 25 years old young woman, orphan and alone;  she is struggling with guilt and shame for her “bad” past, having difficulty in dealing with  uncertainty of finding a good guy who could truly love and accept her. 
I could probably tell you more stories of other ladies in my group who have been deeply hurt in the past and their experiences left them very vulnerable.

As with Jake H, I and my group got to share to her about Jesus as a good Shepherd, and that He is the door to heaven and He came to give not just life but an abundant life. Jake H is not yet a Christian but she has already heard the gospel a few times. She is an open-minded person and kind of appreciative of other religions too including Islam. I could say though that she is a seeker of truth and my prayer is that may she found the Truth and choose Him above other false gods.

Ah N came over to my apartment last night and we had a good talk. I am glad that she opened up with me about her past. As I was telling her about how Jesus loved us, I was also reminding myself of this truth: Jesus loves us deeply, widely, truly and sacrificially.  It didn’t matter where people were from, what they had done, or who they use to be. He loves people just the same—whether they have bad past or not. He died for our sins—past, present, and future. What a liberating truth! 
I am grateful that I do not need to be “good enough” to be accepted and loved by Him. I can live my life serving Him freely and faithfully without doubting His great love for me. He is using flawed people, including you and me, to give hope to this broken world. You and I are beacons of light that point people to Jesus, the HOPE of the World.

Am I worthy enough?
Just like many of us women, we asked ourselves many times this question and sometimes we feel good about ourselves and sometimes we feel trashed and beaten.
Have you ever feel like you aren’t worthy enough to be loved and accepted? Have you ever feel like you aren’t worthy equipped enough to serve Him in Church or in your community? Have you ever feel like you aren’t good enough to share your life to people who are desperate and needy?  Remember, God using imperfect people for the sake of his mission. 

Pray for God's direction for my life next year. Ooopps I am  not getting married!!! nor quitting. I just need wisdom how to make decisions between having to take a few months furlough, rest (for health purposes) and for personal/ministry development. I have not finalized yet my what to do next year but it is good to start praying for my next steps/goals. 
Thank you for your partnership.
In Him,

Ladies Fellowship Supper





I find this quote very funny and interesting.

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet”. -Rachel Wolchin

Yes, I moved in to a new, single-room apartment just today. It is not far from the church, and closer to the mall and shops. Even though I like the idea of “change of environment”, there is still the inevitable stress that comes with packing up your entire “life” and transferring it to a new place. The preparation and the actual moving in ( I had to do a little bit of heavy lifting though…cannot complain because my gym work is working out, ha what does muscles are for eh?)  was really challenging especially that I have accumulated stuff since I moved to Cambodia 7 years ago. Also, within those years, I have lived in 7 houses already. Quite a move out ha.  However, life is a about change, isn’t it? We are constantly moving, changing for better or worse.  

So back to my new flat, I am trying to make it comfortable, cozy and homey, after all, this is my dwelling place regardless how temporary it could be.

On the spiritual note, our dwelling place is the place where we truly feel at home and not the place we just merely visit. But our souls need a comfortable dwelling place even more than our bodies; inward comfort, as we all know, is of far greater importance than outward; and, if our soul is content in Him, physical comfort is of little value. (Oh by the way, my new place is  really comfortable and I really like it too just like the other apartments I have lived in previously.)

It is of vital importance, then, that we should find out definitely where our souls are resting. The Bible said that the Lord has been our dwelling place in all generations, but the question is, do we find Him our dwelling place?

The truth is, our souls are made for God. He is our permanent, eternal home, and we can never be at rest anywhere else.

Myra's apartment




Yesterday afternoon, Sreng and I had a very good talk about life as mentioned in Ecclesiastes. I chose to talk about this book because this is, I think, a cultural apologetic. It is a very interesting book to discuss with someone like Sreng who likes to talk about philosophy and is curious about different religions including Christianity.

Towards the end of our conversations he asked me about God’s judgment and good works. I also quoted to him  John 3:16, Romans 3:23, and even read to him Ephesians 2:8-10 in Khmer.

He seemed contemplative and serious  as he was sharing his thoughts about our topics discussed. Then he said, “ I do not yet follow any religion whether Buddha or Jesus, I have to know myself first...”
His answer is not surprising at all since after more a year of “talking” to him about Jesus and the Christian faith, he remains unconvinced.
I used to doubt whether he is really seeking to know the truth. However he has said to Jules and me on more than occasion, “ I do want to know the truth!”.  Maybe it is right to feel just a little bit frustrated when we keep planting and it appears that nothing has changed yet except for a good relationship and better understanding of each other’s philosophy in life. But, we have to keep on hoping, persevering and even rejoicing in the opportunity we have to share the Truth to him.

 Yesterday I believe was an accomplishment of the day because God has been proclaimed and the truth is being told to someone who is lost.

As I was reading the book today, Shadow of the Almighty, I felt convicted about myself being impatient with people’s slow response to the gospel.
It says, “Let not him who accepts light in an instant despises him who gropes months in shadows. It took the Twelve three years to apprehend what was being shown them. The natural, so often illustrative of the spiritual, teaches that healing and growth, even birth, are processes, and I think we altar-callers often perform abortions in our haste to see “results”.- Jim Elliot

As what the book of Ecclesiastes says that everything has its time.
1  For everything there is a season,
    a time for every activity under heaven.
 2 A time to be born and a time to die.
    A time to plant and a time to harvest.” 

I thank God that He is the God of the harvest and our labor is not in vain.

Myra and Sreng


I mentioned in my last newsletter that we had already stated to fellowship with Li Sa’s housemates at her place.  The good news is that for the last two meetings we were able to tell them stories from the Bible. In one of the meetings we talked about the blind Barthemeus and last meeting was about the Creation story in Genesis using a colorful story book. ( I would like to say thank you to  Shoreline Grace Church and to Teresa Shemaria for bringing me to that OMF office where I got these children’s BS materials. )

God is working. Your prayer is heard so please continue in interceding for us. In spite of this group’s seemingly welcoming gestures and friendliness, I see little excitement and engagement in the discussions. Is it perhaps because of the language barrier? Or it is a difficult concept to grasp? I do not know. Nevertheless, I am happy for the progression.

Jim Elliot wrote about God’s working in people’s lives and I felt like it kind of explained what I want to say for this matter.
How fleshly to reason that God will do a work here because Pete, Ed, and Jim are trained, capable, young and strong. I have been much impressed lately of the absolute necessity of God himself raising the conscience. I do not know how, nor even where, to begin to make a man think seriously about sin and judgment, and must look for the beginning move toward any hint of such working. And I pray that God would take this work in hand, and do it on his own lines. ..God must do His work, for it will not be done, and we stand waiting for Him here.”-Jim Elliot

God enables and equips us to work to accomplish the task of world evangelization , therefore, I must work not for “my” success but for His glory and joy.

Myra & Li Sa


1.  I am contemplating moving out and find a cheaper place to stay. Will you help me pray for this?

2.    Cambodia is having a long holiday and most people go back to their hometowns to visit families and go to Buddhist temples to pray for the deceased relatives. Pray that people would think of life after death and God. Pray for the TCM church planting effort here as well as the people we regularly are  in contact with such as Sreng Heng, Ah Ny, Ouk Phallin, and  Li Sa’s housemates.


On the other side of the embroidery,

Myra Omictin




Things To Come Mission held it’s 3rd South East Asian Conference in Cambodia last May. The event was successful and has challenged more people to work together to reach the goal of planting churches across SEA. Of course, the whole Cambodian team, both missionaries and Khmer, has worked very hard and prayed harder that God would use this event to inspire people to get involved in missions. Little did I know that God would reignite my passion for cross-cultural missions. See, even though I am a missionary and that is my job to evangelize and disciple people, it does not mean that I do not need motivations. After 7 years in Cambodia I desperately needed “re-booting” in my heart to stay motivated, to find joy in day to day activities, and to be reminded often that what I do matter regardless of how seemingly small and mundane they are. I am so glad that during the conference God has reminded me again that I am indeed “called” for this job—a cross-cultural missionary!

ANOTHER SURPRISE Brandon, a friend of mine came to visit Cambodia for a short term mission trip. He came to see how God works in Cambodia and to get involved with TCM’s various ministries. During his 1 month visit, I have had many conversations with him about God’s perspective on missions and how he wanted to know God’s specific plan for him in global outreach. His passion in talking to people about Jesus and his desire to find his place in world evangelization (he is an engineer) has inspired me to trust God more in providing all my needs and to follow after God’s heart with intensity. Yes, God uses different ways and different people to challenge me to staying to the "unfinished task".

God's Provision

THE WOMEN IN MY “CARE” Please pray for the following ladies:

• Ah Ny, she was sick 3 weeks ago but she is now well. Pray that she finds comfort in God in spite of her personal struggles and not having a family or parents to lean on.

Annie sick

•Li Sa, she is desiring to reach out to her fellow Khmer friends and tell them about Jesus. She has been faithful in coming to my place every week and sometimes she leads the Friday ladies group in praying and worship songs. Pray that she finds Jesus as her Shield and Portion in the midst of her personal struggles. Last night, she came to my place and cried. She said, she is lonely and she doesn’t understand what’s going on with her life. Pray for strength and comfort from God.

• Chan Phal, several weeks ago, she seemed discouraged and struggled with her faith in God. Lately, she is in a good shape both emotionally and spiritually. She even said to the group that wanted to be an evangelist. ? Ha! God always amazes me!

• And also pray for: Sareym, Siheep, Sinat and Lyneth. Pray that God will use me to challenge and teach these ladies to pursue God with intentionality. I am meeting these ladies (they live in the dormitory) regularly. Pray that I could be a good teacher and mentor to them.

ONE LAST NOTE… Have you ever heard of UPG? How about UUPG? FYI: Today there are 615 Unengaged, Unreached People Groups with populations more than 5,000 who are still beyond the reach of the gospel of Jesus Christ. These approximately 27 million people are spiritually lost and helpless, like sheep having no Shepherd. Among them Christ remains unknown, unacknowledged, and unadored. These 644 are perhaps the neediest of the needy. They are unengaged, which means that no church, no mission agency... no one has yet taken responsibility to tell them of our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. These 644 are at the very heart of the unfinished Great Commission task. Can one church actually make a difference among the 644 unengaged, unreached peoples of the world? With the enabling of the One true living, all-powerful God, one church can make a difference.





Abounding in hope,


God's Provision

Internatinal Director, Ben Anderson, challenging the Team



Ben and Joyce Anderson and Gardner Improso, a missionary to Kenya, visited us three weeks ago. I appreciated their fellowship, wisdom, guidance and encouragement. During their visit, Team Cambodia was inspired to implement new strategies for planting churches in the city, and I like to call it a pivot in our team’s church planting ministry after 9 years in this country. That is, our team along with other church members will start home groups outside our church building or dormitory. We have to shift our main focus from our current church/dormitory to small, house groups. This is not something new though since the early Church (NT churches) did not just gather together as a large group; they also met together in their homes for small group fellowship. We see in the book of Acts that the early Church knew the value of small groups. We are told in Acts 5:42, “Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah” (NIV). Small groups are convenient, provide focus and accountability. I am hopeful that this would expand our ministry in the city. So, I hope you would continue to work alongside us by praying intently and intentionally for our team’s endeavor.


God's Provision

Gathering at Myra's Place


I sent a video clip to a few of you on Facebook about two weeks ago that showed a couple ladies singing in my apartment.  This week’s fellowship was special because we had more people than the previous meeting, and a Khmer guy came to join us too.  Sreng (the guy whom Jules and I talk to every week at his coffee shop) came and celebrated his birthday with us. Jules baked a special cake while I prepared some non-Asian dishes. Of course, food is a MUST in most Asian gatherings. After our supper, everyone said something about things that they were grateful for, and Sreng said something that has touched a few of us.  He said that even though he does not believe in God he is very open to know more about God. He even thanked the Lord for what he has given to him (ironic isn’t it?)).  What a joy to hear his honest confession of where his faith is now. It helps us be more aware of what to share with him from the Bible and how to pray for him specifically.  

Also, Ah Ny (the newest lady in the group) came for the second time. She has no vehicle and that makes it a challenge for her to come to my apartment every week. I got to know her just recently and as far as I know she is not yet a Christian yet but she has gone to a Christian church and  someone has given her a Bible.  Today, she told me after our prayer fellowship last night she went home and read her Bible. She said she does not understand the Bible but she is willing to know more of what is written in it. Wow, for me this is the work of the Holy Spirit. This is an answer to our prayers.

I am so glad to see things moving forward towards the team’s goal of having small groups in our homes. Please pray that this ministry at my home will continue. Pray for Sreng, Li Sa, Chanphal and Ah Ny. Please also include Keo, Jules’ Khmer teacher. He has not visited my apartment yet but he goes to our church/dormitory every Saturday to play guitar. Jules and I meet him at the university campus once a week as well.

Thank you for your prayers and for giving some funds for my house rent (It does serve its purpose!).
Lastly, please pray for me. I am having an emotional week too…hmm some days are not as radiant and joyful as I would want them to be.  Maybe it is kind of normal that when things in the ministry are getting exciting, there are also some challenges that I have to face. I am feeling the pressures of doing what I’m suppose to do,  plus disappointments over unmet needs and grappling the lacks of my life.  
Yet, life is beautiful in general and I am excited to see who God is and what He will do in this season.

I’d like to share these thoughts from a sermon called How To Stand in Stressful Times by Chuck Swindoll.
“Keep the Lord in full focus. Let him lead. Let him call the shots. Let him do the guiding. Let him do the defending. And you stay at the task of serving him”. Also, “ I am willing to receive what you give, to lack what you withhold, to relinquish what you take, to suffer what you inflict, to be what you require.”

What a way to live. What a way to minister.

On the other side of the tapestry,



Myra Omictin

Studying a Bible Lesson

Myra Omictin

Singing for Jesus

Myra Omictin

Children Getting Certificates

Using English Classes Show the Love of Christ

Many Cambodian people want to learn English. As an international language, English is seen as a chance for more opportunities and a better job. Myra uses her skills as an English instructor and speaker to meet this need in Cambodia. In the process Cambodians are coming to know the love of Christ.

Myra is focusing on studying the Khmer language and talking with the Cambodian people. She conducts English classes in the capital city of Phnom Penh and in rural villages and schools.She builds bridges of friendship over which the message of Christ can travel.

Email Update- February, 2014

“God put a million, million doors in the world for his love to walk through one of those doors is YOU.”

I got this quote from someone’s status on facebook and I really liked it. If you received this update, then you re part of my big, close “family” who has been a blessing to me. I don’t want to write a lengthy update this time because I want to focus on thanking you and God for all the blessings He gave to me last year. Just to summarize some of the highlights of my life since November (last personal update was October, I think :-). - I spent Christmas and New Year with my family in the Philippines. I was so blessed to be with my grandparents who are really old and ailing. It was a joyous time for all of us. It was the second Christmas that I spent with my family since I left for the mission field in 2002. It was really wonderful to be home. Also, I have visited 4 churches in the Philippines and spoke about Cambodia’s ministries. -On January 15- Grace Gospel Phnom Penh City center/dormitory moved out from the old place in Toultompong. We are now in a new rented apartment in Beung Tompon. The new place is bigger than the previous one.

Here’s what you can pray for me:

1. New phase for TCM Phnom Penh- Since the Mahilums are settled in Siemreap city , Srouch and I are working together to keep the ministries running and moving forward. I will make a separate update for the team’s ministries. Meantime, please pray for wisdom and strength for both of us. 2. New programs- Among several programs that the church will open this year, one of the projects that I will be personally directing is the English program in the city for the high school students. Pray fervently for this. This is something new and it would be a real challenge for me and for the whole ministry team. Our target is to reach out the students and their parents as well. I will send you an update when it get started.

3. I am now intently looking forward to what God has in store for me this year. I know it would be great.:-) Meantime, I am enjoying what He gives me today…inner joy, peace, comfort, and the gift of relationship (family and friends), and the privilege of serving Him here in Cambodia.

As we celebrate another year I know that we all hold dear in our hearts the memories and the moments of each day. Thank you, dear ones for allowing me to share my journey with you. May we continue to savor each breath we take and appreciate each new day and day's end.

Romans 15:13(NIV)

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In Christ, Myra Omictin

PS. The lady in the photo below is a college student and a part time gym staff. As I go to the gym and run once a week, I also teach her some English. This morning our lesson is found in Genesis 1:1. Please pray that the word of God will be planted in her heart and would give me opportunity to expound the truth.

Email Update- Septemeber 1, 2011

“Before God uses a man, He first breaks him.”
Pain is essential for growth. I learned this truth and still learning through circumstances that God allowed in my life so that I can be like Him. It is very uncomfortable and I even told God to SLOWLY mold me because it is not pleasant when His hands are “scraping” the “unnecessary” and dirt in my life. Yes, I need to be broken so that I can serve Him better.

Yes, life is not always easy and once in a while I encounter hardship of some forms in the field and real challenges that threatens my commitment and focus. But His grace is always sufficient for me. I Praise Him!

I like this quote from Mother Theresa: “Like Jesus we belong to the world living not for ourselves but for others. The joy of the Lord is our strength.”
Yes, the joy of the Lord is my strength, indeed! (For the joy of the Lord is my strength. Nehemiah 8:10)

I don’t know what the future holds (I mean the details of what’s going to be like in terms of ministry) but I know that I am safe in His hands no matter what happens around me and whatever changes He makes or will make in my life.

PRAY FOR MY 2-MONTHS HOME ASSIGNMENT. I will leave for Cebu on October 9. Pray for people to take over the 2 English classes.

NEW English Class at home
Today I just started a new class in my small place. I have 4 new students and all single, young ladies. To save time (their free time is 11:30-12:30 at noon) and some money for transportation, I told them that we will hold the classes in my apartment and they all agreed. I also like this new set-up because it is a small group and I can easily build friendship and focus with them. I have already invited them to join the Bible study on Sunday at home. Please pray for open hearts and salvation.

“One Student’s DEVELOPMENT”
Last Wednesday, a student and I talked about CREATION in the Bible (I’ve already taught her and some students about this topic a few times before). After our Bible study, I asked her if she truly believes in God, the Creator-God. I told her that I wanted to know what she really thinks and that she does not need to agree with me. I even emphasized the word ONE GOD. (Buddhist may believe in many forms of god or gods) She then answered like this, “Yes! If there is no God then where do we come from? Where does monkey comes from and so and so forth? (She explained this in Khmer) I am happy with this development. Thanks for your prayers.

I teach English every Saturday in Baipai village and I know that teaching English is not my number goal. I want them to know Christ and grow in the knowledge of Him. Most of these students attend the Sunday worship group with Chantha and Ponlork, our Khmer volunteers. But on my side, I feel like I have not really done something more significant other than teaching English. So, two weeks ago I decided to give out a small card to each student that has a memory verse on it both in Khmer and English and I asked them to memorize it. Before the class ended we shared what we understood from those Scripture verses and also some prayer concerns.

Please pray that the Word of God will continue to speak to them as they memorize one Scripture verse every week. By doing this, I feel connected with the students and I believe that this is one way of “discipling” them. They need to be nourished regularly so that they will grow. The WORD of God is POWERFUL and I know it will bear fruit.

On the other side of the embroidery,