Pat & Michelle Kilgo – June 7, 2017

Southeast Asia

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the faith,

Thank you for standing with us as we disciple, instruct, and love others for His sake.  We appreciate your prayers and your gifts!  We thank God for you.  

As I write this letter, my husband is about to board his long flight to Seoul, Korea.  In twenty-four hours he will land in Dallas, TX (Lord willing) and reunite with his parents and sister Kelly.  It has been since May 2014 that he was last in America.  We are praising God that he is able to sit in an emergency row seat so that his long legs can stretch out!

PBC weekly outreach- three English classes & a Bible study.
Ministry Update: Ms. L, a short-termer from MN arrived a week ago to assist us. She’ll lead the advanced English class, and teach the Monday & Friday Bible studies.  (See the picture below from last Friday). Pray for Ms. L as she recovers from jet lag and adjusts to the heat.  Her help is much appreciated!

As always, let us hear from you! 
Serving Him together,
Michelle & Pat
Robert, Elisabeth, David, Anna

Study group