Pat & Michelle Kilgo – April 2017

Southeast Asia

Hello to each and everyone of you,

  It is with much gratitude that I update you on PBC’s 1st service project.  Although our fellowship is only five months old (Nov. 6th), we had a great turn-out!  I was skeptical when Pat first mentioned months ago that we should deep-clean a Hindu orphanage.  In fact, I thought that it would be just a few people working.  I was concerned that we would let the children’s home down.  In this area, we believers are so few in number that it would have been shameful if we didn’t finish the job. 

Yet, the Lord provided enough workers to clean and organize a kitchen, 7-8 toilets & sinks, girls/boys dorm rooms, a mini library, and the front yard.

We worked two hours scrubbing, washing, sweeping, dusting, and folding clothes. Before and after the project we prayed for God to be glorified.  We determined not to do this job for human praise, but for His glory! (Matthew 25:40)

One Hindu woman commented about how surprised she was to see me (a pastor’s wife) scrubbing toilets!  Please pray for hearts to be changed to the One true God!!  Also, pray that the ones who labored had heart changes as well.  I will add pictures to my secure blog soon.

***Pray for Robert as he travels here next Wednesday! 

Thank you for your sacrificial gifts, heartfelt prayers, and precious friendship!
Michelle & Pat
Robert, Elisabeth, David, Anna

Clean-up Team

Dearest Friends,
    Greetings to you in the grace of our Lord!  April is my favorite month for many reasons.  In the States, it’s a beautiful time of growth.  I can’t help but be a little sentimental as it’s also my birthday month.  Spring is a refreshing season and one that we shouldn’t take for granted.  
    Here it’s warm year-round.  This year Easter falls on April 16th and we’re looking forward to a wonderful service that day.  Pat is preparing an excellent lesson in anticipation of Resurrection Day. Each Easter he teaches on the “Cup of Gethsemane.”  The lesson focuses on what Christ had to do to atone for our sins. Pat shows from the Bible what the “cup” is and how our Lord had to endure it (read Matthew 26).
    PBC is doing its first service project on April 23rd  at a Hindu orphanage.  For two-three hours we’ll organize closets, deep-clean two kitchens, play with the children, and be “Jesus with skin on.”  Please pray for this important outreach.  We must practice what we preach and show God’s love to others (even if it makes us feel uncomfortable). So far, we have twenty folks signed up for this challenge.  We need to be spiritually and physically prepared on that day.
Finally, our family would like to take this time to “thank you” for your sacrificial giving and for your prayers. We’re blessed to serve Him together with you for His glory!
Please continue to check our blogs for updates.  
 Thank you!
Patrick, Michelle, Robert, Elisabeth, David, Anna