Pat and Michelle Kilgo – July 3, 2017

Southeast Asia

Dear Saints,
Thank you once again for your generous gifts to our TCM account.  May our Lord bless you. (Phil. 4:17).  Also, thank you for praying.  My husband returned safely to us yesterday.

Driving down the road recently, I noticed a local blind man being led by his friend.  I couldn’t help but recall the verse that speaks about the blind leading the blind in Matthew 15:14.  Our Lord was referring to the wicked Pharisees as “blind leaders” in the previous verses. Later in chapter 18:11, He says, “For the Son of man is come to save that which is lost.”

We’re surrounded by lost people from all backgrounds (local, foreign, wealthy, poor, young, old, etc).  Because of the idolatry that is passed down from generation to generation, some of these folks never get a chance to be told of the One true God who can forgive them of their sins.  In a sense, these folks are blinded to the truth that can set them free from their sins (John 8:32).

We may be few in number, but we can invest in those who will listen.  Hopefully, they will also invest in others and continue to spread the Good News.  Often times, a conversation can begin with a simple “hello” and lead from there.  Pray for opportunities!

July 4th is a special day in our family.  We’re thankful for our wonderful country, (including those who have faithfully served), and for our oldest daughter’s birthday!  We’re thankful for you, too!  

In His service,
Pat & Michelle