Pat and Michelle Kilgo – February 2019

Southeast Asia

Dear Friends,

The song, “The Bridge” by Casting Crowns reminds me of the lesson that my husband teaches folks when he’s sharing Christ with them.  Pat explains that Jesus is the Bridge connecting the lost by faith to God.  Jesus is the only Way to eternal salvation (John 14:6).  May the lost open their hearts to God before it’s too late.  

We just recently shared the Gospel with some Chinese folks at a New Years celebration.  Pray for them to accept Jesus as their Savior.
During the month of January, Pat appointed five men to be leaders in our church.  Pray for these godly men and for their families as well.  
Many of you have asked for an update on our children.  Thank you! 

Here’s what’s going on…

Robert volunteered as an intern last summer and learned that he enjoyed it.  He wants to serve internationally as a US ambassador if it’s the Lord’s will.  Until then, he wants to get an internship at the White House.  He’s still waiting to hear about it.  He’s in his third year in college. He hopes to return here for Elisabeth’s graduation in June.

Elisabeth departs for 22 March for her 2nd mission trip to the Philippines.  It’s a difficult trip because it will involve working in the slums.  We ask for prayer for those going to be spiritually, physically, and emotionally strong.  We pray that souls will be saved and lives impacted for Christ.

David is a young Eagle at age 15, praise God!  He worked hard building a large food storage cabinet for the local senior citizens home.  He has a genuine concern for people and it meant a lot to him to minister unto those poor folks.  David has stepped up to the plate and taken on a leadership role in the Scouts.  We’re very thankful for his desire to be an Eagle.  He took the initiative to do it and make it his own.  It means more to him as a result.

Anna just turned “13” and she’s still our biggest ministry partner.  She loves folks of all ages and is kind to them.  Kids come to our house because of her and they bring their parents.  It’s a win-win situation, praise God!

Prayer Requests: 
February 11 & 12- Elisabeth has two Skype interviews for two different college scholarships.
Pray for our church leaders to be strong in the Lord.
Pray for Michelle to get an assistant for children’s church.
Pray for Pat as he continues to minister, teach, train, and study the Word rightly divided.

One of the churches paid for our Toyota’s engine to be over-hauled so that we can continue to use it for a long time.
Elisabeth raised the support money that she needs for her upcoming mission trip! 🙂
One of our close friends from the States visited us recently and it was such an encouragement.

Thank you for all your support!
Blessings to you from Southeast Asia!
Pat, Michelle & family