Pat and Michelle Kilgo – August 25, 2017

Southeast Asia

Dear Friends,

It was 1995 and Pat had taken me with him to go fishing off his Aunt Beulah’s dock on Indian River.  As I was gazing at a beautiful sunset, suddenly my beloved got down on his knee and tenderly held out a diamond ring.  He said, “remember where you are” because he didn’t want me to get too excited and drop it!  I am just as amazed now at my love for him as I was then.  We’re very blessed to have our Lord at the center of our marriage.  God is faithful and He gets all the glory!

Now we are blessed to have four children at different stages in their lives (19, 17, 13, 11) one in college, one in high school, and two in middle school.  Our oldest is beginning his sophomore year.  We are chatting with him as often as possible given the thirteen-hour time difference.  It was rough saying “goodbye” to him a few weeks ago, but God is faithful and we trust in Him.   

I’m sharing this personal update for several reasons.  We need prayers.  Our kids need prayers. Our ministry needs prayers.  Not only our family, but other miss ionary families need prayers, especially for MKs.  Pray for the Killions (see pic below).  They were just here with us recently when we said goodbye to Robert.  They’re a precious family and we’re blessed to know them well.

Ministry update: My biblical counseling training is off to a good start.  I would say “strong start” but we’re not there yet.  Due to the language difficulties (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) I can only do so much.  We have a Chinese translator named Fabian (pray for him).  He’s very important to our work here.  He’s in his late 50’s and he has time on his hands (thank God!!) and we need him.  He does the copying, translating, anything we need ministry related.  He’s decided that he wants the remainder of his years working hard serving the Lord and he wants to be a biblical counselor (praise God!).

Patrick is doing well preaching every Sunday.  We have really quite a lot of folks attending (standing room only at times) and we bought a few more chairs.  I am busy teaching Children’s church and English class. They’re both going well.  I’m enjoying serving the Lord here and it’s very fulfilling seeing people grow in their Bible understanding.  Many are hearing about grace for the first time!

Thank you for your support (prayers, gifts, friendship).  May God continue to bless us all as we serve Him through loving others!  Be a blessing to someone- it might just lead them to Christ!

In His service,

Michelle & Pat

Kilgos & Killions