Myra Omictin – Febrary 2018

February 2018


A couple months ago, the TCM Cambodia team decided to start planting a new local church  because we believed the existing home group needed to grow and needed formal corporate worship and congregational structure where the individual member can also serve and help expand the ministry.  The Monday home group for months has helped foster discipleship and friendship among Khmer members and missionaries. This year is, we believe, is a good time to start a church!

Praise the Lord because we just held our first worship service last Sunday on the 4th floor of Bermejo’s rented apartment. A few came but it was a good start.:-) I translated for Pastor James because he doesn’t speak Khmer yet. Whew! 🙂 Julia sang for the offertory song and Agape led the praise and worship time. We did not give any part to the locals yet but we plan to slowly delegate to them some responsibilities in the church. As Pastor James shared with us:

Mentoring Chart

Also, we are blessed to have you and other friends who helped us buy the materials and furniture’s we needed for our church. Thank you so much for your help and prayers. I truly appreciate our partnership in the gospel. You become an integral part of this worthy endeavor to reach out to the lost , un-reached and unchurched individuals. May God richly bless you in return.

1st Sunday Service

CGGM -City Central Church First Sunday Service

For more information and photos, TCM US  will be sending  or publish the Team’s Newsletter soon.  


Training and mentoring is vital so we are conducting two classes for men and women every Thursday  night.
February 1st was our first day of class for Bibliology course.  Pray for wisdom for these women because Theology concepts are very challenging for them. I have taught both in Khmer and English but still they had difficulty grasping some of the concepts of the Bible doctrines. Pray for teachers, Julia Liles and Agape Bermejo as I will be away for four weeks.

Bibliology Class

Women in our Bibliology Class.


My flight to the States is on Monday. Yay! I am excited for this trip. Pray for good health, sound mind, and safe trip.
If you would like to see me here are my schedules:

Feb 14-18  Shoreline , Leavenworth ( Washington State) c/o  Pastor Jim Shemaria, Alex Pierce 
Feb 19-24  Colorado Springs ( Counseling Training at Caring For The Heart)
Feb 25-March 9- Indianapolis  (TCM Office)
March 10-11  -Chicago area ( Pastor Kurth’s church)
March 12-14 New York 

Thank you for your prayers. God is good and gracious!

Abounding in joy,