Kilgo–September 2021

Southeast Asia

Dear Ones,
    We hope you are all doing well.  The month of September is quickly coming to an end.  It seems that since I (Michelle) have arrived in Southeast Asia in mid-August, that there has been much to do to catch up.  So, I have begun editing the Highway of Life curriculum for ESL students.  
    In case you are not familiar with these wonderful dispensational lessons, it may help you to understand that they begin with the first travelers Adam and Eve.  As readers progress through each lesson, they learn the basics of Bible history.  It truly is a fascinating curriculum that was written many decades ago.
    Since our ministries cater to people whose first language is not English, we found the wording to be a bit difficult to translate.  We have also been advised to shorten the material into five-minute segments for our upcoming video project.  Here is an excerpt…     

“The works of Adam and Eve were not acceptable to God and neither are the works of man today. Just as the animal skins provided a physical covering for Adam and Eve, so Jesus Christ provides the necessary covering of righteousness to all who trust Him as his/her personal Savior” (Highway of Life, Lesson 1.2).    You may notice a few words that are underlined. Our goal is not only to teach the Scriptures rightly divided, but also to teach common English words. Also, the Gospel is thoughtfully interwoven throughout the lessons.      In order to shorten them, I had to carefully divide each lengthy lesson into two or three mini lessons.  These are also ideal for young children since their attention spans are typically short.  Another part of this project involves updating the chart.  Since our final goal is to produce this curriculum into video lessons, we will need godly assistants to guide us.  We ask for your prayer as we seek His wisdom in producing this video project for those in a closed country.

     As far as our other ministries go, Pat is doing well in teaching his online classes for our Bible school.  Currently, we have seventeen students, and two of them are our church leaders, praise God.  Also, Pat has consistently preached his Sunday sermons online.      We were finally allowed to have our first in-person church service last Sunday, praise God.  However, the government has severe restrictions about who is allowed to attend.  As a result, only twelve people attended (including our family).  With the exception of one local, it was only us foreigners.  We ask for prayer that more members will attend.

    Also, I am praying that the Lord will allow me to lead in-person Bible studies again.  Our present circumstances with lock-downs prevent it from happening. I have greatly missed teaching the young ladies (teens and adults) in our congregation.  I thoroughly enjoy discipling others, so please pray for me to have this opportunity when the time is right.  

    As always, we are very grateful for your prayers, gifts, and words of encouragement.  We appreciate you!  May the Lord bless you.  Stay in touch, and please let us know your prayer requests.  We thank God for you! Emoji

“And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you…” (1 Thessalonians 3:12).
Blessings,Pat & Michelle and family