Kilgo–February 2022

Southeast Asia

Dear Friends,
    We are in the midst of celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) where we live in Southeast Asia.  It is a time of family bonding while eating various Chinese cuisines and watching elaborate fireworks in the evenings.  (Pictured are of some of our close Chinese friends who invited us out for dinner recently).

    In this unique culture, some families travel far away in order to be with their loved ones.  Most Chinese businesses are closed usually for one week.  Spending time with family is their main priority.  We think that this is a good tradition.

    As many of you know, I (Michelle) made an urgent trip to Georgia last October to assist my parents with their medical emergencies.  My intention was to be there for one month.  However, many difficult circumstances necessitated that I stay through mid-January. 

     During that 3-month period, I became their primary caregiver.  Neither one of them can drive, so I accompanied them to all their doctor appointments.  I also provided round-the-clock care, including making several emergency room trips for both parents.  It was a challenging time, but the Lord carried us through it.  He provided us help right when we needed it, praise God.  He showed us that He is in control.  And I am very happy to be back with my family now.

  Pat and I want to thank you for your ongoing prayers, love, and support.  There is no way to personally thank all of you.  Yet, the Lord knows our gratefulness and He knows our hearts.  We truly cannot thank you enough for all you do!  

    We hope you know that although we are separated by thousands of miles apart, we consider you as a part of our extended family.  After all, most of you have been a significant part of our support team since 2014.  May the Lord abundantly bless you all with His abiding love, peace, and joy.  He is truly where the joy is found!

In His Love,
Pat & Michelle1Thessalonians 5:23-25