Kilgo – February 2020

Southeast Asia


Dear precious friends in the Lord,Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity in supporting us in Southeast Asia.  As we look over your names, we are humbled by your faith and your trust in the Lord.  May He bless you abundantly for His glory!  
Here is our update…Many of you have asked about our health and we are doing well, praise God.  Thankfully, the corona virus has not arrived here, but we are prepared.  We have the KN95 masks and plenty of food. 
 Our English classes have stopped since the national Chinese are not attending anymore.  They are taking extra precautions and staying home as much as possible.  As a result, our church attendance has dropped.  Pat continues to teach the Bible study on Thursday mornings via the chat group.  People are still hungry for the Truth!  Pray for souls to be saved! (Eph 2:8-9).We hear reports from our church members about their families in Wuhan.  Just this past Christmas, we met a couple visiting from Wuhan to see their daughter here.  Less than a month later, we heard from her that they had to quarantine themselves in their home.  Although they were ill, they did not have the corona virus, thank God.  Since they are believers, they prayed for God’s healing and protection.  Another report came from a good friend of ours whose mother lives in Wuhan.  Ten of her neighbors have died from the corona virus.  Please pray for her salvation and of course for her protection.

Our close friends the Sanders are scheduled to arrive on 15 April, Lord willing.  As always, pray for the Lord’s servants.  Pray that the enemy will not hinder them arriving here and that they will have God’s favor.  Traveling with three small children is not a small task.  They need your encouragement, so please write them, even if it’s just a quick note- livewithgrace07@gmail.comThank you again and may God bless you!  Pat & Michelle andfamily