Kilgo–December 2021

Southeast Asia

Dear Friends,

I’m not sure about the place you live, but for us here in SE Asia 2021 has been more of the same – lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, etc.. May the Lord grant us all a more stable 2022.

But, as I (Pat) mentioned in our last letter, the tumultuous times have also brought about some growth in our ministry, In addition to the Bible school continuing despite the COVID restrictions, we recently had some exciting new opportunities to minister to people. Our church had a Christmas Eve service for the first time ever. The service was designed by our local leaders (not me!) as an outreach to Chinese-speaking unbelievers. I expected about 30-35 but we had 70 people attend! One of our deacons gave the message in Chinese, I lead the singing, and another leader organized some games. It was a very successful outreach, and now we pray that we’ll see some souls “passed from death to life” by faith as a result.

In addition to this, we’ve been blessed with some more progress the last month or so. Our church sent a team out to the orphanage we support to do a Christmas show. The orphanage has 55 kids, all of whom heard about the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church will once again start our small group program in a few weeks, also lead by a local. Our read-through-the-Bible campaign will start again in January. Attendance in church is up in recent weeks.  All in all, it’s starting to feel like a church again! We praise the Lord for the sweet fellowship that we are able to enjoy with our dear friends

We still have some prayer concerns, of course. Michelle is still in the States caring for her parents, both of whom have had major health struggles the past three months. She is scheduled to leave America to rejoin our family in January, Lord willing. There are still, however, some obstacles to overcome before she gets on the plane, so we ask for your prayers. We have missed her so much.Thank you for your prayers and support!

Have a blessed New Year 2022!!(1 Thessalonians 5:25)

In His Service,Pat & Michelle