Kenya Bible School Building

Amount Requested: $6000

Amount Received: $1500 (12/2018)

Designate Gifts:Kenya Bible School Building

Fifteen years ago the headquarters of the Grace Bible Churches in Kenya moved to Thika, just 45 minutes from the capital Nairobi and the international airport. Through God’s provision a ¾ acre property was purchased on the outskirts of the city which is used for the director’s office, the Thika Grace Bible Church, pastor’s house and the distance Bible school. The city has grown up around the property with paved roads, sidewalks, streetlights and five-story buildings. The time has come to open a residential Bible school to train leaders for the growing Grace churches. The proposed building project will cost $36,000 and when complete will include two large classrooms, two dormitories, office and bathrooms. God has already provided $30,000 through His people. We would like to raise $6,000 and start the building before the end of 2018.