Julia Liles – May 2018


Julia at GNAC

LEGACY… What is yours?

MAY 2018

Thankful for all the prayers and messages for the Conference trip to the Philippines last month! It was a blessing and a joy to reunite, reconnect and be inspired by so many missionaries, Pastors, Bible women and servants of the Lord including some wonderful children who sang with all their might! I was so encouraged by this trip… getting to know more of the history of the ministry organisation I serve under… Things to Come Mission! I was so happy to meet with many enthusiastic Filipino’s who live very sacrificial lives in order to put the things of the Lord first- and these were some of the most joyful and exuberant people I have ever met! I felt truly blessed and also appreciated for being part of the work to teach the message of God’s grace as the mystey revealed and to live out the ministry of Christ in this way. I was really surprised to meet several young men (aged 27 and single) who had already become Pastors and serving in local churches! So young and yet so purpose driven to put the things of God before the things of the world, e.g. the ‘typical’ lifestyle I see other young men living out back in the UK! Also I met some much older Pastors who just touched my heart as they had been faithful for so many years despite hardships. What wonderful Saints! Thank you TCM Philippines for the very warm welcome, the incredible choir’s and the opportunity to learn more, be challenged, encouraged, and to meet many! This 60 year Anniversary Conference was such a wonderful example of leaving a legacy, seeing photo’s of the American pioneer missionaries such as the Andersons and Watkins families. And to see how generations will follow in the truth they have been taught when there are great ‘men of faith’ who go before them! It really was a very humbling time for me personally as a fairly new TCM missionary with so much to learn!

“There is no mountain too tall God cannot move it!”

Psalm 78:4

We were also thankful that back in Cambodia the ministry continued smoothly and our brothers and sisters who attend church regularly were happy to take on different roles… a great step towards building confidence and trusting God!
On our return, we got straight back into the rhythm of things, serving, learning, teaching and holding planning meetings! It has been a busy but blessed time.

Next week begins our second trip for the South East Asia bi-annual conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Lots of travel and teaching opportunities for some of us and for some of our Khmer team it will be their first time flying so we are excited for them! Huge thanks to all those who have donated and supported this team to attend this great event! We are sure they will be inspired and motivated to move forward in the ministry, making it their own and relying on the Lord for His blessing and guidance and to see what God can do!!

Julia fight Satan demo

Above – Julia is teaching our Monday Home Group about the need to fight against Satan and the sin in this world, with 2 main weapons- FAITH & THE WORD OF GOD! I took advantage of teaching this in my small workout studio with a pair of boxing gloves and the punch bag! Haha it was well understood with a big blow to Satan! BELOW – Myra and I with a few family members of JAMES BERMEJO our fellow missionary- it was great to be invited into these families, also the family of AGAPE BERMEJO, we were very blessed with our time together! I will treasure it!


For safe travels of all those heading to Thailand and for our Khmer team to be inspired and to bless others. Please pray also for the host missionaries- Killion Family & The Maraats.
Myra & I will be teaching sessions for the single missionaries/ member care needs and also I will run a session with the missionary kids!

Please also pray for the Asia Adventure team travelling over from the US as we will also host them briefly in Cambodia following the conference!

Thank you for the continued prayers for my own family- I am touched to know that many of you pray for my sister Priscillas’  health in particular.Love,Julia