Julia Liles -March 2018



MARCH 2018

So much goes on in this world which clouds our judgement of the truth which is: God really is Good! Social media or international news sites as well as word-of-mouth are all ways to discover what is going on in the world… As difficult as it may be- when we are faced with the harsh reality of life… we can better pray… Since living here I have been exposed to more death and violence than ever before and it breaks my heart… But I believe in HOPE and the LOVE of GOD to change man’s heart. The Bible is a great and also vital source of information- not an irrelevant history book of past eras, but an incredibly up-to-date guide with warnings about the current time we live in and the future decades to come as well as a ‘life line’ for mankind to know God’s heart and be a part of His will to change today in order to impact tomorrow. As a newly formed and growing church we appreciate meeting together and encouraging one another through the teaching of God’s Word- we see how ‘like-minded’ believers can impact a suffering world with HOPE in Jesus Christ and we are excited to be constantly learning more and more about God’s goodness through His grace and mercy.

Thankful for your prayers for this community of Christians in Cambodia and to those we reach out to with the Gospel. We had a wonderful conference this month in Chutiel Village at the new church (pictured above) which is a huge blessing and decade long answer to faithful prayers! Thank you for the support as you serve alongside us. We are encouraged by the people’s faith which greatly contrasts with the strongholds and oppression or fear which is often displayed in Buddhist believers… Slowly they are seeing the difference between bondage and freedom… Keep Praying because God hears and answers! 

The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; 
he will rejoice over you with joy; you will rest in his love;
he will rejoice over you with singing.

~Zephaniah 3:17~

Team Cambodia

From left: Pastor Ariel Mahilum (pioneer missionary); Agape Bermejo: Julia Liles: Faith Mahilum: Pastor James Bermejo. [Myra Omictin not pictured].

I am really thankful that I have a team who stretch and challenge me… Not always easy but the Lord is in the result! Although I have lots of developing to do, it has been a blessing to serve at the front of the Church until our Khmer brothers and Sisters are stronger in their faith and able to lead all aspects of worship. I have been encouraged to step in as worship song leader (in Khmer) and it has stretched me, as has praying from the front and even leading a short seminar in the village this month. It goes to show God’s faithful commitment to us when we are willing to do all we can for the cause of Christ. I can’t thank you enough for your prayers and encouragement for all of our team- particularly with the language as it is essential for communicating clearly and to the heart! 

Julia's Khmer Tutors

Good Friends & my Khmer Tutors: Left- Jettra; Right- Ratanak

I’m also extremely blessed to have 2 Buddhist Khmer tutors during the week to help me develop in my reading skills. I am privileged to read and explain the Bible and the message of God’s grace with these young men and it is incredible to hear their response and what they are receiving from exposure to God’s Word. We are currently reading through Romans in Khmer and I am so grateful for this opportunity and these new friendships (they also attend my fitness/boxing training classes!!)- Please hold these young guys in prayer: Jettra and Ratanak. May the love of God for others be our motive and guide.  Love,Julia