Julia Liles – June 2109


Seeds of Hope
Team Cambodia


JUNE 2019

Activity is something I long for. For some people, it is mental stimulation through acedemic studies, for others it is more physical. I learn and teach best, through ‘play’ and by this I refer to practicle or physical exercises, performing arts, visual aids and personal interaction. I’ve always found this to be my strength and my vision is that I could use and develop my skills in this area to share or communicate ideas to others.

During a recent team meeting I asked if we could share our hopes for personal ministry direction. This simple exercise enabled me to express my desire to be more involved in creative ministries and I have been praying for opportunities and doors are now opening! Whilst keeping focused on the importance of church planting, and training others, I believe it is important to keep active in ones personal gifts and ways of expression.

Later this month I will be leading a short 6 week course in self-defence! I aim to draw out of these sessions the importance of self respect and knowing our value. I expect a mixed group of Khmer and internationals, most likely some missionary youth too. Please help me pray about my delivery of this course and sharing Christian values too. I pray that this will open other doors later this year including potential opportunities to work alongside vulnerable Khmer women and perhaps even the chance to run drama workshops to explore identity and self-worth! Watch this space and please hold this in prayer… This is very ‘me’! So my hope is that I can develop this in ministry.

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us…” (Romans 2:6a) Don’t let these things go to waste but work on developing them for Christ. As we continue on our faith journey and service to others, may we be aware of the gifts, talents and many skills that the Lord has given us to use for His glory!

Julia Chanty

1 on 1 Bible Study with Chan Thy & Women’s Ministry

We have been really blessed by this new friendship with Sister Chan Thy and her desire to grow in knowledge of the Word of God. Chan Thy also has a vision to create a ministry for women with the focus of sharing more about a woman’s value from Christ’s perspective! Myra and I have our 2nd planning meeting with Chan Thy this week and aim for the first Women’s seminar on June 25th. Myra will be teaching ‘Biblical Womanhood’ to Chan Thy as a resource. Please pray for this vision.

Chan Thy’s Testimony

The reality of a spiritual realm can be more evident in parts of the world such as Asia. Chan Thy writes a blog and I asked her permission to share a recent experience; During the night Chan Thy felt a force holding her down, she described it as a “devil spirit”. Her first response was to call on the name of the Lord Jesus knowing that God can ‘protect her, hold her from fear and loves her’. Chan Thy asked God to help her not fear evil spirits (which are very commonly seen/ experienced in Cambodia), but that instead, she would have joy and strength in the Lord. It was following this prayer that Chan Thy felt released from the grip on her body. Chan Thy shows great faith and courage as a new Christian. Please pray for our brothers and sisters here who come under such spiritual oppression.


So very thankful for all the love and support and prayers for the ministry here. It does not go un-noticed and we often give thanks to God in rememerance of you all. I’m also extremely appreciative of prayers for my family. Without a doubt, one of the hardest challenges of being a missionary, is the seperation from family members. Thankful you can help me pray for my Dad, David and sister Priscilla with their health challenges, and for my Mum, Ellen and eldest sister Lydia who support them both. God is good and never gives up extending His grace to each one of us. IN SPITE OF HARDSHIPS, WE ARE BLESSED!