Julia Liles – July 2019



JULY 2019

So blessed at the opportunities we, as a team, have here in Phnom Penh specifically. This is a lively city bustling with people, food stalls, motorbikes and tuk-tuks, hot sun followed by heavy rains… It is a ‘loud’ community that some may try to hide from while others embrace it. Cambodia is special and I hope some day you could visit us here, it is an experience to behold for sure! The longer I live here, the more settled I feel, the more I discover, the stronger my desire to share Christ with those around me. It is an incredible reality to live in such a foreign land and yet speak the language, enjoy the food, love and laugh together as if you didn’t know another life. Only by God’s grace do I know this is so possible. I have met several expats and missionaries who come and go… My prayer is that I will keep learning and growing and honor God in my staying… in His Will. To be sure of His will is to be confident no matter what.

“Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ” -Phil.1:6

The Bermejo’s have been away for 10 days whilst teaching at a conference in Indonesia and we have felt their absence. It is so good to work with a dynamic team and as always, I’m thankful for Myra who is my reliable co-laborer and co-traveler! We serve well and compliment each other and we were also blessed to take 2 days rest by the sea and that gave us the fresh air we needed, physically and mentally. We often discuss, laugh, cry and pray about life on the mission field as singles… I’m sure we would both confidently say that we would live this life 1,000 times over for the cause of Christ! Serving Him should always be a priority, because we could never offer too much for all that Christ has done for us!

It is a privilege to serve and I will always encourage others to just go for it and see how the Lord will lead! It is all about learning to grow in trust! The proposed 6 week self defense course has been delayed so I await further news on that and will keep you posted. We have begun a Missio Dei course with our church members which is going well. Myra has been blessed to meet the needs of students through the school where she is acting councilor. Agape and James are due back in the morning (July 8th) so we are excited to hear their feedback on the Indonesian conference! The Women’s forum meets Saturday 13th July so please pray for Chanty, Myra and myself as we head that up!

Sophal and family

Sister Sophal with her husband Chhron (Assistant Pastor @Chom Chao Church Plant) and 3 year old son Riek.


As many of our know, our sweet Khmer sister Sophal, has been battling cancer of the bowel for the past 3 years. Following her last operation, Sophal just got the results of a recent scan; the cancer has spread to her bones and her lungs. We all know what this means and so, we pray for a miracle. I’m thankful Sophal stands firm in her faith in Jesus and we are all blessed by her incredible example of this woman of great faith. She is in pain and continues her medication but has turned down the offer of Chemotherapy as she does not feel strong enough to face that again. God has been so gracious with her and the family and would ask that you keep them in your prayers. Sophal knows you pray and that comforts her so much. Thank you!