Julia Liles – January 2019



It’s All About Perspective!


My word for this year is PERSPECTIVE! What is yours? After much prayer I was motivated to assess how I view things in life… Especially living overseas as a missionary and in a church planting ministry… leaving my family, friends and homeland behind. Waving goodbye yet again to my dear parents at a London airport, I was comforted by a sure sense that I will see them again… “Here, there or in the air”! What a comfort we have as Christians in ETERNITY, and those whom we know are destined for heaven. No amount of sickness, pain or worry, can steal away the deep sense of security and hope that a child of God has… a peace that goes beyond all that we can see. I thank God for His indwelling Spirit and the comfort of truth we can read in the Scriptures.

Upon arrival to Cambodia I had a wonderful welcome from my team mates and a few Cambodian friends, it was so sweet! Then in the evening we had a prayer and praise night at church and I was able to share my testimony of my 4 months assignment and all the encouragement that came from churches in the USA, Paraguay and the UK. That same week I spoke about our perspective and shared with the group the analogy of ‘glass half empty or half full’?! What a difference it makes…. to not see what the world has and you lack, but to focus on what you do have and work within that taking full advantage of our current circumstances and blessings… Surely we have so much to offer from what we’ve got… in skills, in provisions, in positive attitude, relationships, contacts and Lord willing, a close relationship with the Lord and the blessings from Him. 

A New Year either fills you with excitement, or it fills you with dread. Joyful anticipation of plans or goals you have made, or a shiver down your spine, head in hands despair. I don’t know if you are a ‘glass half empty’ or a ‘glass half full’ person but I can tell you from experience that a lot of how we manage life is to do with the way we view things, our perspective. During my recent visit to England, my sister Lydia reminded me of the great poem ‘The Weaver’ made known to me through the selfless and loving example of Corrie ten Boom. I will share this poem below:

The Weaver

We have had a big adjustment in our team out here in Cambodia. Our team leader Pastor Ariel and his wife Faith decided to return home to the Philippines on a permanent basis after 12 dedicated years of service. We continue to hold them in prayer as they readjust to a new way of life and are glad they are reunited with their daughter Pauline and family.  As a result of this change we are teaming up with our Khmer leaders to take turns visiting the village ministry.

Despite sudden changes we look to the future ministry in Cambodia with joy and anticipation of what the Lord will do and how the 4 remaining missionaries can continue on with dedication and expectant hope! We have some great plans ahead and a new bible study has already started with Mrya and a new contact. James and Agape will get back into the swing of language classes and do a fantastic job hosting multiple fellowship nights in their home. I’m full of joy to get back into the rhythm of all of our activities at our center and outside too.

We are super excited also to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of the city central church in Phnom Penh on February 10th so we are busy preparing for that and would really appreciate your prayers that members would be motivated and our visitors’ hearts would be reached by the Gospel of Truth and transformation!

Welcome Julia



  • For Our Team and the Adjustments
  • For the 1st Anniversary on February 10th
  • Myra’s New Bible Study Group
  • For the ministry in the Village
  • On a very personal note thank you for all the prayers and continued prayers of both my parents after their recent addmittance to hospital due to heart issues. They are both back home and the medicines are working! We praise God for their lives and their amazing witness of faith that continues… Even in an ambulance or the emergency room! BRILLIANT!

God bless you all with joy in abundance as you grow closer to the Lord this year and see all that He has in store for you… It’s a matter of perspective! 

Colossians 3:1-2
  “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”