Julia Liles – December 2019


Decisions guide our directions… But do you know who directs your decisions?!  I know for me that I am driven by that which I base my faith upon, the Lord Jesus Christ. For some, that may be hard to believe or difficult to fathom and some may even call it foolishness! But when you slowly learn to ‘walk with God’, the direction starts to make sense, even when it’s hard to explain to others… It is a confident knowing in your soul that God guides your every step and you are far better to walk in step with him than choosing to walk alone. I say this, not only because I believe we all need the Lord, but also because He promises to never leave us and can be the only permanent presence at all times, that He is love, and we need that. Life minus God makes no sense.

I rejoice, as do my team as last November was special for several reasons. We enjoyed the presence of Jay and Laura Wikary who are great encourager’s of missionaries, mission partners and the nationals on the fields. This is a couple who tend to go ‘beyond the call of duty’ to bless others around them. We were all very appreciative of their visit and the new church building got the makeover it desperately needed which also allowed for bonding time for many of us who got involved. We now feel more settled  and proudly welcome visitors and friends to a fresh and lively location to share God’s Word each week! They also blessed me with a mini break to Thailand to visit our co-workers, the Killion family! What a sweet time of fellowship we had and great exposure for me to meet some of the Thai believers and be able to appreciate the hard work and dedication of this team. God works through our commitment for sure!

The month of November also welcomed our International Director Ben Anderson and the new Development Coordinator, Tim Board. We were glad to share what stage the ministry is at and for them to meet more of our brothers and sisters in Cambodia. It is always great to reconnect and refresh on the goals of the mission of TCM and our Khmer churches are inspired for 2020! 

The biggest blessing recently was Thanksgiving evening when one of our precious friends announced “I thank God that CGGC (our church) has helped me to believe in Jesus”! Those are the sweetest words and make everything worth the time, effort and sacrifice. We have all been touched by the progress of this brothers’ faith and he is motivated to read the Scriptures, serve in the church and be a good brother in general as well as his desire to develop a men’s ministry. We are excited for his journey of faith and ministry direction! Chetra explains that for years he thought missionaries had failed to make him see God but he can now say “I was the one who failed to see God and His mercy, grace and love towards me.” Praising God for the gift of understanding! 

I have also been excited to see Chanty grow in confidence and as my schedule was filling up, Chanty has been able to run the WOW women’s meetings with just a brief planning meeting with me and then she get’s the inspiration to take the sessions forward. We were blessed also to have Rasmey from our woman’s forum, join our weekly Bible study in November and hope she can commit. . 

There are always great ways to serve God, we just need to be ready and willing, most of the preparation has already been done! Just say “YES”! Don’t be afraid and don’t doubt how the Lord desires to use you. It’s a new year so step out in faith, trust Him more and then you will soar!! God is on your side!  


Myra & Simeon’s Wedding Celebration!

Praising God for a new adventure for these two and we continue to pray as they seek the Lords direction for this New Year 2020 as man and wife! May they explore new opportunities and learn to serve together as a couple.

Team Cambodia were also blessed with other international visitors during the month of December; Brook Seekins, (Grace Ministries Int.) GMI’s missionary to Africa! What a blessing to have ‘missionaries mingle’! To share good news from other fields of what the Lord is doing and to encourage and motivate each other! Mr & Mrs Sanchez (Parents of Simeon) also flew over from Africa, and our dear friend Alex came from Seattle especially to attend the ceremony! 

TRUSTING GOD THROUGH IT ALL… I have been quiet this past month and only just managed to sit and write this news letter. For those who do not already know, I flew home to the UK a few weeks ago to join my family and offer support as my lovely and rather brave Dad has been in the hospital for 4 weeks. This past week he has been in intensive care and we are told 1 more week in ICU before he gets another full review to see what’s next. He has good days and bad days. He has had many big questions for the Lord too, but I’m thankful in the past few days Dad has expressed times of peace and has spoken of God breathing life into creation and through his tears I can see that beautiful joy that only a child of God can express. He has had some rough times with the side effects of all the strong medication, some times we can laugh together with the retelling of his great African adventures! Though at other times what he experiences is difficult. Today was a good day and we take them one at a time. So please do be in prayer for my Dad and my time here as I want to be wise in judging my return flight to Cambodia. Do please pray for my mum and her concerns for her husband and what is to come this year. Pray also for my dear sister Priscilla as the emotional stress and worry for Dad really takes a toll on her heath too. And my eldest sister Lydia, juggling the care for her 5 children though thanks to the holidays, her husband has been home. Our local church (Christ Church Ewell) has been amazing in praying for Dad as have several other wonderful friends in the UK and Internationally and close friends have visited in hospital too. The Lord knows us before we even take our first breath; and He certainly knows when we take our last. But, it’s how well we live our life for Him in-between that is so very important!

“For none of us lives to himself alone, and none of us dies to himself alone. If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.
~ Romans 14:7-8 ~

Jan. 8 Update: Praising the Lord that Dad is no longer in intensive care!  Still in hospital with several weeks ahead for rehab but thank God for answers to prayer & thank you all for the love & support shown to our family. Dad, mum and I enjoy talking about the relationship we can have with Jesus, with the man in the bed opposite! So prayers for Victor for his faith! Our HOPE remains firmly in the Lord