Joel & Leah Sanders – January 2018

Missionary Candidates

Endorsement from Tim Heath, TCM Development Director

Dear Friend of TCM,

Things to Come Mission has the joy of announcing our newest missionary couple to you, Joel and Leah Sanders. Their process of becoming missionaries and raising support is a little different than most.

Both Joel and Leah come from Georgia and from an early age were drawn to mission work.  God led them to work on a boys ranch in Florida for a number of years, but feeling a burden to go overseas, came to live at the TCM headquarters to take further Bible training, be mentored by TCM’s Executive Director and be involved in two churches. This has given Joel additional experience in preaching and teaching the Word of God. They have two young children, Enoch and Naomi. 

In May of this year, TCM would like the Sanders’ family to visit their assigned field in Southeast Asia where they will work with Pat and Michelle Kilgo.  They will also attend the Southeast Asia Grace Conference (SEAGC) to meet some of the TCM family from SEA. 

After the conference, they will travel to the Philippines where they will be attending the Grace Theological Center for Missions (GTCM) for two months.  But Joel and Leah have not raised any of their monthly support as missionaries because of this summer schedule.  Their deputation will begin in the fall in our Northwest churches.

The costs of travel to the SEAGC as well as the GTCM training will cost around $6500.  This trip is very important in further training them and acquainting them with the ministry they will begin in 2019. 

Would you like to be a part of this training for Joel and Leah?  As the Lord prompts your heart, you can give a onetime gift for this summer ministry or you may decide to begin supporting them on a monthly basis.  Either way, God will use you to help them see their field, get further training and then reach their field of service.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who PREACH the Good News” Rom 10:15

In His Grace,
Tim Heath
Director of Development