Ciony Buca March 2020

East Timor

16 March 2020

Greetings in the most wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

I am gladly informing you of my safe arrival in East Timor-Timor Leste on the 10th of March.   I was warmly welcomed by the Arsinos and the students of the English Learning Center.  With regards to the world issue on Corona virus, plane arrivals in East Timor ceased operations effective 12th March, Thursday, two days after my arrival.

Immediately for two days, I helped the host couple in the general cleaning of the premises as they just celebrated their 1st anniversary in the 8th of March.   Ptr Aaron helped me buy my personal needs, and thereafter I supposedly have to rest for a day or two.  

But, on the 13th of March heavy floods – deadly flood as they called it, ravaged the city for the first time as per Timorese memory.

We, the Team, have been very safe except for the mounds of muds visibly seen all over the roads and vicinity including our front yard.  For several hours the three of us were cleaning our area and that made me catch a bad cough, cold and sinusitis. I am now better than the past two days, after resting and      taking medicines.                  

I will have my tourist visa renewed for another month (standing procedure). As soon as I get well, I will enroll in a language school and have my documents included for the renewal of our school permit.

Please be informed that my one year visa maybe granted after approval of the renewal of the tourist visa but I need to leave the country  for a few days prior to the approval of the one year visa. For now, this is the prayer for the utmost concern – renewal for another month and application for a year‘s visa after the one month renewal.

Thanking our Lord Jesus Christ above all for the privilege of serving the nations and to you dear brethren.

To my beloved partners/senders based in the United States of America and from the Philippine churches- my deep gratitude for all your prayers and financial support. (Philippians 4:17)

Sincerely serving for the Lord Jesus Christ,