Bob & Beth Xavier – May 2013

Grace Martial Arts, Florida, USA

Powerfully Connecting With Our Kids’ World While Affirming Them with Vital Christian Family Values

Bob also coordinates as ‘grace’ oriented martial arts program that uses that medium to develop Christian character in young men and women. Beth Xavier assists Bob with co-counseling of women residents, provides hospitality and a healthy role-model to women residents.

Read Bob & Beth’s booklet Training Champions for Christ. This explains their ministry purpose.

Xavier’s May 2013 Ministry Update

We are beginning again with our martial arts outreach at the Palma Sola Community Church, the Grace Church our family has been attending since 1987. Print out the flyer for 2013-2014 year and/or the summer of 2013 and find out more. We have already distributed 6000 flyers to the elementary schools in the area. We are praying that some new families and children will begin to attend the church through this new ministry outreach. Our newest Newsletter will also be a good way to catch up on our ministry.

Ministry Update

  • Over two hundred children every week, at five different church locations, are learning the ABC’s of Grace Martial Arts. More importantly, they are learning the ABC’s of the Gospel of the Grace of God: Life attitudes, behavior and Christ-centered character. Our challenge is to lead children to know the Lord and His Word so well that they will readily employ Biblical principles and will make wise Lifestyle choices.
  • For the past 18 months we have instructed two weekly health and well-being classes at a local “Y,” with an average attendance of 15-30, mostly senior adults. I have been very blessed by the Lord with opportunities to share my Christian testimony and to challenge adult practitioners with the Gospel of Grace.
  • Recently, I have completed an 8-part, Gospel-centered, faith-based anti-bullying power-point presentation to use for churches and in home-school organizations.
  • Also, I have developed a secular anti-bullying power-point presentation that I am considering using as a possible door opener into local public school.
  • Extended deputation is a serious ministry concern. For now, I am prayerfully considering other alternatives.
  • We are in the process of organizing our summer GMA day-camp iitinerary.

Personal Family Updates

  • Two months ago, our daughter Rebecca gave birth to Julianna Grace Wells. Both Mother and Baby Girl, Julianna are healthy and well. We are wonderfully blessed to have the Wells family – Chris, Becky, Joshua, Isaiah and Julianna living on the other side of our duplex. For Christmas, I built 26ft. X 12ft. wooden porch.
  • Our son Jonathan is studying to become a physician assistant. His son, Jackson and wife Rachel are a joy!
  • Our daughter Rachel just turned 20 years old and soon will graduate from community college. No more teens!
  • Our foster daughter Malinda also gave birth to our beautiful baby granddaughter Daylan, 1 year 4 months ago.
  • Beth’s mother still is living with us. She never complains and loves the Lord! She is very high maintenance for Beth! Everyday, for 6 weeks, Beth has to drive her mother to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for cancer treatments. We do have the benefit of 8-hours of professional care-giving services 3-times a week.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that Lord opens the doors of schools and churches and uses our anti-bullying power point presentation. Also, please pray that the Lord helps Beth to maintain her physical health!

Triumphantly In Christ’s Love & Grace,
Bob & Beth Xavier