Fifty years ago Vernon & Darlene Anderson established a vibrant ministry in Indonesia which continues to flourish with 64 churches, several pioneering areas and an accredited Bible college. In honor of the Andersons, the Grace Bible Churches of Indonesia named their college Anderson Theological Seminary (STTAM). TCM invested over $30,000 to construct a building to house an auditorium and library. Although the building is already in daily use by the faculty and 60 students, some small projects need to be completed.
Outside Floors $1000
Windows and Doors $768
Ceiling $2050
Support Pillars $1145
Toilets $275
Drainage $980
Water Tower $980
Library Room $980
Bookcases $1305
Misc/Other $490

Designate Donations: STTAM Indonesia (Received $5100 as of 6/2/2023)