Julia Liles – July 2018


City Center group


JULY 2018

It is all about God’s timing and not our own! There are so many great ways in which God is working… Sometimes we are not aware or do not understand… other times we just stop in awe. If you have experienced that, knowing every good gift comes from God and His purpose ultimately outweighs ours in its value… you are already blessed! Continue to seek His will for your own life so that you will know what it is to be satisfied even in the simple things life has to offer. May we have grateful hearts always! It was a huge blessing to have Jessica Killion (pictured center in the red top) visit us on a visa run the past week. How sweet it is to be so encouraged by a sister in the Lord serving with TCM in Thailand with Pastor Nathan and family and the Maraats. It was a unique opportunity to share the joys and challenges of mission life and ‘the call’ as well as laugh, cry, pray and enjoy good coffee together! God knows our needs and having Jessica stay with me was a sweet answer to prayer following a very busy time at the conference in Thailand! May we always be reminded who we serve and keep perspective on why and how.

There continue to be blessings upon the ministry here in all three of our churches. In the Village with Pastor Ariel, they are preparing to start a 2-month Bible school (VBS), at the end of August. On the border of the city with Pastor Rathy, it’s great to see the unity among 3 or 4 Khmer couples in particular who are willing to serve the Lord; slow but steady progress in some of those members and the young people are more involved than before. Here, at City Central Church we are excited to welcome another brother… a former English student of Myra Omictin- 5 years ago! It is special how the Lord brings His children back- Ratany is a young professional and keen to grow in his faith and we are blessed to welcome him into the family.

The fitness ministry I run is also doing well. We are small but strong! Ratanak and Chetra are also language tutors and have had a lot of exposure to the Scriptures. Chetra in particular shows a growing understanding of the Scriptures and is far more responsive than when I first met him. Praise the Lord!  It is exciting that as a team we get to know these young men and journey with them. Pray for Pastor James as he also has a desire to reach out more to the men we minister to in a social capacity, building friendship. I’m glad we recently had another young man, Chany, join. He has been reading the scripture posters I made and put up in the gym and we work out to Christian music which the guys sometimes sing-a-long to!!! Strength and power is in God’s Word!

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people”
Ephesians 6:7

Sruoch & Ratany

Brother Sruoch (left, in blue) taught the sermon and brother Ratany (right, in white) enjoyed his first service at the city central church. Prayers for his growth as a ‘young’ believer and to be blessed with us.

Fitness class

Meet the guys! Ratanak (in yellow), Chetra (center), and new member Chany (right). Pray for these young men that in time they will be touched by the truth of the Gospel and believe in God’s love and grace.

Update on my 3 month Assignment to the USA September 2018

It’s now official that I will fly out of Phnom penh on September 6th and spend 3 months visiting several churches, supporters’ homes and mission conferences! This is part of the missionary life… that every few years we get an opportunity to report back in person to those invested in the ministry. I am delighted to be making a return visit to the USA after my first term of 3 years serving in Cambodia! I will be raising awareness of the mission and what to be praying for as well as encouraging the saints in the West, and raising support for our faithful team of 6 who serve together out in Cambodia for God’s glory! I’m super excited to meet new and old friends! You are a greater blessing than you know! I can’t wait to share how God is working in the Kingdom of Cambodia!


  • Pray for the new Evangelism Course we are running at city central that the believers would be receptive and responsive to the teaching
  • Pray for Vocation Bible School in the village -for teachers and students
  • Pray for Ratany who is new to our church and Chetra who is curious
  • Please pray for planning and preparation of my USA assignment

My thanks to those closest family and friends as well as many dear supporters who sacrifice in order that I can live a life of service for the Lord in Cambodia. We are in this together and could not do it without each other!
You are a blessing, to me, and the many here as well as to the Lord!