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Kenya Ministry Car

Small car for urban ministry

Amount Requested: $8500

Amount Received: $8000 (4/2019)

Designate Gifts:Kenya Ministry Car

Kenya Grace Bible Church (GBC) initiated a project to buy an additional Ministry car to be used at the GBC HQ’s office and with the urban church ministries. Director Titus Kivilu says, "We appreciate and thank God for the Land Rover which is a very important tool for our ministry, but the Land Rover is a heavy vehicle and uses a high consumption of fuel. It is best used for ministries in rural and rough areas and for big outreaches involving many people. We saw a need to have a small car which can be used for office work and for ministries in urban areas. The car will also be of great help when we have short-term missionaries and any other visiting guests of Grace Bible Church. The target amount to purchase the car is $8,500. So far we have raised $8000. We are grateful for the contributions we have received from the GBC churches and from TCM-USA. We continue to thank God and trust Him for provision of the remaining funds so we can purchase this car so it can be used in the ministry for the glory of His name."


Kenya Bible School Building

Existing building to be expanded
Bible School Bldg

Amount Requested: $6000

Amount Received: $1500 (12/2018)

Designate Gifts:Kenya Bible School Building

Fifteen years ago the headquarters of the Grace Bible Churches in Kenya moved to Thika, just 45 minutes from the capital Nairobi and the international airport. Through God’s provision a ¾ acre property was purchased on the outskirts of the city which is used for the director’s office, the Thika Grace Bible Church, pastor’s house and the distance Bible school. The city has grown up around the property with paved roads, sidewalks, streetlights and five-story buildings. The time has come to open a residential Bible school to train leaders for the growing Grace churches. The proposed building project will cost $36,000 and when complete will include two large classrooms, two dormitories, office and bathrooms. God has already provided $30,000 through His people. We would like to raise $6,000 and start the building before the end of 2018.


Team MK Education Scholarships-Ongoing

TCM Team MKs study while their parents attend GTCM training.
Team MKs

Countries: Cambodia, E Timor, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam
Amount Requested:$1000 per student per academic year
Amount Received:$3600 (2018)
Designate Gifts:Team MK Ed Scholarship

Our TCM Team families can only do their vital work if they have a quality, affordable option for educating their children. The funds they receive through TCM typically cover their personal living expenses, but do not extend to education expenses for their children. The Team MK Education fund enables TCM to provide need-based scholarships up to a maximum of $1000 per child per academic year to children of TCM Team missionaries in Kindergarten through Grade 12 who are enrolled in an academic education program with an established curriculum. The education takes the form of homeschooling, attending a school co-op offering a curriculum recognized by their home country department of education, or boarding school (typically for older high school students). TCM currently has 9 Team MKs in K-12. 


Good Soldier Fund -Ongoing

The Good Soldier Fund provides scholarships to Bible school students.
Bible School Student

Country: Philippines & Indonesia
Amount Requested:

Philippines $95 per student annual average

Indonesia $200 per student annual average
Amount Received:

2015-16: Philippines = 53 scholarships

2016-17: Philippines = 37 scholarships

2017-18: Philippines = 34 scholarships, Indonesia = 10, Myanmar = 10

Designate Gifts: Good Soldier Fund

Training ministry workers is absolutely essential to the mission of TCM. The Good Soldier Fund (GSF) helps meet that need by providing tuition scholarships that enable financially needy students to enroll in one of TCM’s Bible schools in the Philippines and Indonesia. The scholarships are awarded based on application data, and students receiving a scholarship must maintain a high grade average and good moral standing. They are also required to write updates about their progress. The average annual scholarship per student in the Philippines is $95. The average annual scholarship per student in Indonesia is expected to be $200 since tuition is higher there. Donations can be given through TCM, designated Good Soldier Fund. Rest assured 100% of donations for this project go straight to the students’ tuition and fees. TCM is grateful to all who have already invested in the ongoing ministry of training leaders through giving to the GSF.


Natural Gas Kit for Campos Van-Complete! Thank you for giving!

Natural gas will save Camposes 50% in fuel costs for ministry trips.
Bible School Student

Country: North Brazil
Amount Requested: $1000

Amount Received: $1000 (12/2018)

Designate Gifts: Campos Van Kit

Joe & Michelle Campos want to install a natural gas kit in their van to save 50% on fuel expenses. The cost of a gallon of gasoline in Recife, Brazil is about $4.75.  With all of the driving they do for ministry both in and out of the city it is getting very expensive. They can reduce their expenses significantly by installing a natural gas kit. This will enable them to allocate the dollars that go to fuel right now to training, church planting and national support.


Brazil Conference Speaker - Craig MacDonald-Complete! Thank you for giving!

Craig MacDonald to teach in North Brazil conferences.
Bible School Student

Country: North Brazil
Amount Requested: $1500 ($1000 airfare + $500 in country expenses)

Amount Received: $1500 (3/2018)

Designate Gifts: Brazil-Craig MacDonald

TCM-North Brazil is inviting Pastor Craig MacDonald to visit Brazil June 14-25 to teach two modules for our training program on three different occasions. The conference in Recife and Aracaju will be opened to Grace and non-Grace churches. He will also be teaching a module on leadership for our pastors and lay leaders. Craig’s straight-forward teaching on the Grace message and simple leadership skills will greatly increase the quality of our leaders. This will directly impact our vision for growth and expansion of TCM’s ministry in northeast Brazil. Craig MacDonald’s book Understanding the Bible has been translated and will be sold in most Christian bookstores in Recife.


Kenya: Bunk Beds for Bible School-Complete! Thank you for giving!

Metal Bunk Bed
Bunk Bed

Amount Requested: $1188 for 12 complete beds
Amount Received: $696 (3/23/18)
Designate Gifts: Kenya Bunk Beds

Kenya Grace School of Ministry has 2 rooms used as sleeping quarters for students as well as board members and leaders during national meetings.  Each room can fit 6 bunk beds. These facilities are already helping the ministry but we are praying and trusting God to provide funds to buy 12 strong metal beds (to replace the old wobbly wooden ones), along with new mattresses and bedding. Those who wish to give to this project can donate in a variety of ways:


Kenya Coast Ministry Center-Complete! Thank you for giving!

Preliminary construction of Kenya Coast Ministry Center
Coast Graduates

Country: Kenya
Amount Requested: $2,500 (3/2017) + $3300 (repair collapsed wall 5/2017)
Amount Received: $1825 (3/2017) + $3300 (wall reconstruction)
Designate Gifts: Kenya Coast Ministry Centre

5/16/17 Update: One wall of the building collapsed when floods caused heavy concrete construction materials on an adjacent property to shift and crash into the wall. Bible school classes have had to be suspended until the building can be repaired.

In 2009 Pastor Peter Kagwi moved with his family to the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya for the purpose of establishing Grace churches. Now there are eight churches and pastors working together as the Coast Grace Team. Four Bible training centers have been formed under the Berean Grace School of ministries. The Lord provided a piece of land that Grace Bible Church owns free and clear. Construction has begun on a multipurpose center to be used primarily for training church leaders for the Berean Grace School of Ministries (BGSM). Secondly, it will be used for Bible conferences, seminars and worship services.


Language Study Boost -Complete! Thank you for giving!

Burmese alphabet
Burmese alphabet

Country: Southeast Asia Teams
Amount Requested: $500 per person; 6 people (10/2016)
Amount Received: $500 per person (10/2017)
Designate Gifts:Language Study Project

Communication is essential to sharing the gospel and establishing believers in Grace truth. In 2016 the Laos Team expanded to include 3 new members, and another new TCM Team of 3 is pushing forward into Myanmar. Each of these 6 individuals must learn the local language in order to engage with the culture and effectively articulate the Message without always having to rely on interpreters. A donation of $500 will help defray the cost of a beginner year of language study for a new TCM Team member.




Philippines TCM Convention Center -Complete! Thank you for giving!

New Construction.
Covered court

Country: Philippines
Amount Requested: $5000
Amount Received: $5518 (2/23/18))
Designate Gifts:Philippine Covered Court

TCM-Philippines is constructing a large covered court at the IGBI-Ozamis campus which will serve several purposes: 1) a facility to hold meetings for the Bible school, 2) a covered basketball court for the school and churches in nearby towns 3) a building in which to hold regional and national seminars and conferences and 4) renting it out to raise funds for IGBI. The big event to be held in the building is the 60th anniversary of the Philippine churches in April 2018 with expected attendance by 1200-1500 people from the Philippines and around the world. TCM-Philippines has donated labor, material and architectural planning and raised $30,000 to complete the pillars, trusses and roof. The Philippine churches are a strong partner with TCM. Most of our missionaries come from the Philippines and we have trained 24 more in the past two years. Donations toward this project will be an encouragement to them and also a benefit to Bible training in the Philippines.


Obtaining Visas -Complete! Thank you for giving!

A visa allows one to legally enter and stay in a foreign country

Country: South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos
Amount Requested: $240 per person; 19 people (10/2016)
Amount Received: $5489 (10/2016)
Designate Gifts:Visa Project

This year 19 new TCM missionaries and children are accessing Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and South Africa. In order to legally enter and stay in these countries, each adult and child needs a visa. Obtaining a visa, especially a long-term visa, is a complex, expensive and time-consuming process; yet, it is an unavoidable necessity. A donation of $240 covers the average visa cost for one person this first year on the field. This project presents an opportunity to subsidize visa expenses for one or many new TCM missionaries and their kids.


Grace Theological Center for Mission -Complete! Thank you for giving!

Student in a GTCM training session.
GTCM student

Country: Philippines
Amount Requested: $3000
Amount Received: $3825 (3/15/17)
Designate Gifts: GTCM

TCM will conduct Grace Theological Center for Mission (GTCM), an intensive two-month missionary training program, April 1 to June 3, 2017. Fifteen trainees from USA, Philippines and Indonesia will converge on the IGBI-Tagum campus in the Philippines to prepare for missionary service. Although trainees pay for their own food and accommodation, that is only half the cost of running the program. Other expenses to be covered by TCM include airfare and accommodation of teachers, venue preparation, utilities and training materials. Our target is $200 per trainee for a total of $3000.


Sophal's Cancer Treatment -Complete! Thank you for giving!

Chhron, Sophal and Baby Riek
Sophal & Chhron

Country: Cambodia
Amount Requested: $2000 (2/2017)
Amount Received: $4530 (7/15/2017)
Designate Gifts:Cambodia Cancer

Cambodian Assistant Pastor Chhron Sorn found Jesus while staying in TCM’s Phnom Penh dormitory and committed his life to serve the Lord as assistant pastor while studying in college. His wife, Sophal, is one of the pioneers of the Cambodian church and has remained one of its strongest pillars. Sophal has been diagnosed with Stage 2 Rectal Cancer. We are currently raising funds to help with the high cost of chemo treatment. Chhron and Sophal have one child, a 4-month old son, Riek.TCM missionary Julia Liles testifies, “Sophal is an incredible witness of God's faithfulness and I am inspired by her courage at this challenging time. Please would you pray with us or send messages of support to this lovely family. Thank you for your involvement in the lives of others in faith and love."

Kilgo Ministry Center Renovation -Complete

Unit under renovation for future ministry center
Kilgo Ministry Center

Country: Southeast Asia
Amount Requested: $5,000 (9/2016)
Amount Received: $5000 (10/2016)
Designate Gifts: Kilgo Ministry Center Renovation

The Kilgos have been leading several Bible studies, English classes, a parenting class and counseling sessions in the Southeast Asian country where they live. They are now transitioning from meeting in their home to a unit on the third floor of a business center. The space is large enough to accommodate many types of meetings and seminars. It will become their base of operations as well as the venue for regular Sunday services. To make the unit usable, efficient and comfortable, they have to knock down a few walls, add a storage room, add seven air conditioning units, electrical outlets, a small kitchen, carpet, some doors and other smaller repairs/maintenance. The renovation work has already begun, and the unit should be ready for use starting in November.

Finish Sunday School Classroom for Embu Church -Complete

Unfinished Embu Sunday School building.

Country: Kenya
Amount Requested: $1000 (10/2015)
Amount Received: $1000 (4/2016)
Designate Gifts: Embu Sunday School Classroom

The Embu church is the regional center for nearly half of the 63 Grace churches in Kenya, and they often host pastoral training, seminars and conferences. The region has need of more space for activities and has planned for the construction of another building. They were able to build a Sunday school classroom with help from the Africa Safaris led by TCM International Director, Ben Anderson.  They need to finish it by putting in the floor and plastering and painting the walls. 

Evangelistic Vehicle -Complete

Pickup truck will be used as stage and transport for evangelistic meetings.
Pickup truck

Country: South Africa
Amount Requested: $5,000 (3/2016)
Amount Received: $6,000 (4/2016)
Designate Gifts: South Africa Truck Project

The recently created evangelistic team of the Association of Berean Grace Churches in South Africa (ABGMSA) wants to purchase a pickup truck that can be used as a stage and carrier for the sound system for open air crusades. In an effort to intensify the outreach program, the evangelistic team will travel with the truck on weekends to townships and suburbs where church-planting endeavors are underway. They hope to have the truck by June, 2016. TCM is committed to raising $5000, while the remaining funds will be raised by the South African churches.

Tshepisong Grace Berean Ministry Centre -Complete

The current Tshepisong Grace Berean building which will be replaced with the new ministry centre.

Country: South Africa
Amount Requested: $8000
Amount Received: $8000 (12/22/15)
Designate Gifts: South Africa Ministry Centre

We have an opportunity to assist South Africa with building a ministry centre in the Johannesburg area. Dean Padayhag writes, "The church owns the land and is strategically located in the midst of a government housing project. It is also in the middle of 5 cities; Roodepoort, Randfontein, Kagiso, Krugersdorp and Soweto. Three church planters come from this church. They will be planting churches in Roodepoort and Krugersdorp/Kagiso. Conferences and fellowships are held in this church all the time. The joint service on March 2 will be held in their “old and leaky” temporary structure. This is the church the “team/visitors” plans to help build in November, a week before the national conference. $3000 has already been raised in the country and TCM would like to help with an additional $5000. Fund raising is also happening in South Africa. Read announcement from the church committee. and church website.