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Gardner & Ledith Improso


Read the Improsos' February 2019 newsletter

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New Vision

After 20 years of service in Kenya, Gardner and Ledith Improso have handed off their ministry to capable Kenyan leaders and are on their way to a new ministry in Myanmar/Burma. Read about it in their newsletter (click on Newsletter in the right side bar).

Serving the Lord

Gardner is the Kenya Field Representative which includes accounting for the finances and representing TCM on the Grace Bible Church board. He travels to various church openings and special events.

Presently, Gardner and family are in Eldoret working at the church there. He took the place of Genesis Maraat, who is now ministering with his family in Thailand.

Gardner and his family have been assigned to move to Thika to help with the Bible School that is being built. Pray for the plans that need to be made for this move.

Keren recently graduated from High School and is waiting for Kezia to finish School. Both of them plan to go to the Philippines for college.

Email Update- November 2011

Greetings from Kenya. We are already a week long in our stay in Thika. 

God brought us back through blessings in disguise, meaning things we thought are not favorable for us. We spent more time waiting in airports than the total time spent in our three flights from Cagayan de Oro to our new little house. We landed in Nairobi at 2:30 in the morning to find out Ann missed the schedule of our arrival and so we had to wait until Justin was informed to pick us up in the airport. We left the airport at 10:30 and drove some 50 minutes to our new little house filled things all over we barely could come in!

We spent our whole first week in getting all our things fit and arranged in the house. Ann and Justin took this house for us and brought in all our things from Eldoret just few hours ahead of our arrival. We thank the Lord for their concerns and hard work so that we will not be homeless like when we left last March. Honestly, it takes more effort to fit and arrange things in a smaller house than a bigger one. We all got sick and tired from both the trip and this work that follows.

Today the three of us are celebrating Kelly's 9th birthday while she is under medication. We thought it was the long trip in air-conditioned sorroundings that made her to suffer, sometimes breathing due to hard coughing. Her older sisters greeted over Skype from the Philippines. It truly made us miss Keren and Kezia though they said they are doing well since we left.
Pastors Samuel and Titus came over to welcome us. We are grateful for their encouragements and words of welcome. Now, back to what we are called to do.

We are thankful for all of your prayers and thoughts.

In Christ,

Gardner, Ledith and Kelly