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Luz Gaddi


Luz Gaddi Retires From Missionary Service

Luz Gaddi







Luz Gaddi, is returning to her home country of the Philippines after 30 years of dedicated ministry with Things to Come Mission in Indonesia, Uganda and Kenya. Titus Kivilu, National Director of TCM-Kenya wrote this tribute about Luz's ministry in Africa:


"Grace Bible Church - Kenya wishes to appreciate the ministry of Madam Luz Gaddi who has been a TCM missionary in Kenya for 7 years. Prior to coming in Kenya she was a missionary for 1 year in Uganda serving with Uganda Grace Gospel Church where she had a great spiritual impact on the brethren.


"We sincerely thank God for tremendously using Madam Luz during her 1 year ministry in Uganda and the 7 years of ministry in Kenya. Her ministry in Kenya was quite unique as she never lived in one place but she moved around the country after every 6-12 months, living among the people and ministering to the local GBC churches. She first lived in Eldoret, then Nakuru, Embu, Thika, Kisumu, Mombasa, then Nakuru again and lately in Kisumu. The commitment and sacrificial spirit that Luz has expressed in her missionary work is a challenge to all of us to serve the Lord selflessly and with total devotion.


"During her ministry Madam Luz has mentored and trained competent Sunday school teachers, youth and women leaders among whom are Madam Ann Wambeti, Maureen Lihanda and Charity Nyaga who have become great and very potential teachers. She has also been one of the instructors in our Bible School training programs in Kenya (BGSM, GPT and KGSM) and was of great help to the churches here in different areas of ministries.Our faithful Lord has her reward in heaven for all such labors for Him.


"We appreciate Things to Come Mission for allowing Luz to serve with us here in Kenya and Uganda for all these 8 years. As Madam Luz retires she lives a great legacy in Africa and everywhere else she worked as a missionary. We will remain in prayers that God will open her opportunities in Philippines so she will continue serving and giving out what God has put in her heart."



Training Young People for Service

Luz Gaddi Luz believes that the Christian life must be taught from the earliest age. She seeks to ensure that every Grace church has an active Sunday school with trained teachers. She works closely with pastors so that they also have the vision for training children.

Luz is living just six months in each region of Kenya. After training leaders and teachers, she turns over the work to them and then moves on to the next area.




Prayer Needs

  • Adjustment to her new assignment: Nakuru.
  • By God's grace to make a lasting impact as Luz continues to train others and help national workers.
  • That another "Timothy" could be trained
  • Safe travel as well as travel needs. Luz relies largely on public transportation.
  • Update - March 2014

    Thanks to faithful prayer partners and supporters who have helped me keep the light burning in Kenya. Although we don't know each other in the flesh we are of one mind in reaching the lost and edifying the saints.
    Interesting things have transpired since I last wrote you. There have been changes at GBC Nakuru. Tabitha, a youth leader challenged the congregation to "reorganize, refocus and reposition ourselves." Praise God she's putting teeth on what she said, with the pastor's help (her father). For two Sundays I taught on the importance of getting members involved for ministry rather than just listening, based from 1 Cor. 12:12-27 and Rom. 12:3-8. Everyone has a God-given talent, and therefore can do something. Otherwise the work of the church will not get done unless members do what God has called them to do. There was a lively discussion afterward mentioning that leaders should help members discover their talents, then deploy them in ministries specifically using those talents.
    Kisumu LadiesThe other month I was invited by the women of Grace Bible Church Kisumu for a whole day seminar. It took seven hours on roads under construction to get there. They cooked lunch the night before so nobody was in the kitchen. Mary brought three of her neighbors, while Maureen Lihanda brought her sister and three friends. Attendance was more than twenty. We had songs and recreation to forget cares for a while. Then we discussed what we always emphasize in church, the importance of a Christian family and of the Christian home. We looked into the lives of Hannah and Peninah in the O.T. and of Lois and Eunice in the N.T. They were grateful for what they learned that day. One of the said: "I hope you continue being a blessing to many."
    Third Sunday of January I went to GBC Nakuru. I left at 6:00 a.m., still I was late. Public transportation is unreliable, vehicles don't leave till they are full. Pastor Stanley gave me five minutes to speak about my ministry.Ladies fellowship He was glad there's a missionary concerned about children and youth. Most of the women stayed after the service. Again we had a group discussion on the Christian home, this time using Jochebed, Moses’ mother, as an example. It's interesting though her name is mentioned only twice in the Bible, yet she produced three religious leaders closely associated in Israel's history. She was a great influence in their preparation for the great task in leading Israel out of Egypt. Apparently Jochebed did not live to see how famous her children became. Nevertheless she spoke again in their devotion to God. One mother asked: "How can we teach the Bible to our children if one parent is not a believer?" A good question, but not an easy one to answer, is it? Indeed women are a big ministry here, most churches are attended by them.
    Back in Nakuru, Grace (pastor's wife) and I continue to visit homes. Being in the people business, like it or not we are affected by problems shared. It helps a lot when we read Bible passages and pray before we leave. We often see relief and light on their faces.
    Ann Nyaga Last weekend I traveled to Dandora, Nairobi with Biblewoman Ann Nyaga. It took quite a while to reach the place . We bounced up and down numerous potholes. Here is another church in a city with a teeming population. Ann gave her testimony. I was asked to teach during Bible Study Hour. Afterwards we tried to strengthen both pastor and members in the Lord.
    Meanwhile I keep encouraging church leaders, SS teachers and parents about the importance/benefits of reaching children and youth with the gospel. Sometimes it's like pouring water on a duck’s back but I don't lose hope, as one day the harvest will come. I once read the biography of John Newton, known for his hymn, Amazing Grace. He grew up in a Christian home where he was taught Bible verses. But his mother died when he was only six years old. In his youth he was profligate. He went to Africa and became a slave trader. One day returning to Scotland as a ship’s mate, his ship ran into a storm. Newton was terrified, certain that the ship would sink and he would drown. As Newton pumped water, the God of Grace whom he had tried to forget, but who had never forgotten him, was remembered by verses he learned as a child. The way of salvation opened up to him and he was converted. Eventually Newton became a preacher.
    Thank you again for your amazing love, prayers and generosity. Please intercede for me as I travel this month to the outskirts of Kisumu, called Chemelil. A new church has been planted there. The pastor invited me to conduct a three-day women's seminar about children's ministry. It really helps to know you're praying, especially when things get difficult. If you have time, please drop me a line or two. May the good Lord richly bless you all. Have a wonderful Spring season.
    Gratefully in His service,
    Luz Gaddi