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Salvina Ulfindo

Myanmar (Burma)


Greetings in the precious name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! - April 2016

I am excited to tell you that we had a great time of fellowship with brethren in Baguio City last Sunday (April 17, 2016). Two of our grace churches there arranged a joint fellowship so we can come and visit them. We consider it as our very first deputation as a team (The Banacs & me). God bless Team Myanmar (Pastor Dan Banac together with his wife Amy and children: Ella & Daniel, and Salvina Ulfindo).

I taught in the Sunday School and Pastor Dan delivered his very powerful message during the worship service. After the message, we also had the chance of singing "Go Tell the Untold Millions" hymn. The officers and elders of the church offered a send-off prayer for the team before the service ended. And right after the service a love offering was also given to the Team. We were grateful that God moved  the hearts of brethren in this part of the Philippines to respond to God's call of partnering with us in bringing the gospel of the grace of God to the regions beyond. Let us all continue to be "expendables" for His Glory and Honor!

To God be all the glory and praise. He alone is worthy to receive all glory and praise!

"God grant that I may never live to be useless"
                                                   - John Wesley



Vision and Prayer Requests - February 2016

We chose to serve in Myanmar since it is among the four remaining Southeast Asian countries which do not yet have a TCM missionary though there is an existing TCM ministry. 

We envision bringing the Burmese into the powerful saving knowledge of the Grace message through the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery. 

With this in mind, our mission is to build up the Burmese believers in the faith and see them growing in the knowledge of God more profoundly.

Moreover, the three of us in Team Myanmar are experienced in academics. Dan Banac has been the head of TCM’s IGBI-Bataan Bible School for the past 15 years. His wife, Amy, is our school registrar, and I am the library consultant and also taught here in our school. With this in mind, we can greatly help to train more national leaders to reach out to their fellow Burmese. As we go to Myanmar, our primary involvement will be training the Burmese nationals within the existing Myanmar TCM ministry headed by Pastor Kenneth Ling.

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Dan Banac Teaching

Learning the Burmese language as soon as possible is one of our challenging goals, along with awareness and adjustment to the Burmese culture. Furthermore, Team Myanmar will have to work hand in hand with the existing national leadership.

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Please pray for the following:
1. Team Myanmar raising prayer and financial support
2. Leadership transition in IGBI-Bataan as we leave.
3. Proper resignation of Salvina Ulfindo from her university work.
4. Proposed survey trip to our field.
5. Children's education for Banac family in Myanmar.
6. More awareness on the part of Philippine Grace churches about missions and support.
7. The Holy Spirit may open the hearts and minds of the Burmese to the message of Grace.

He is faithful,

Team Myanmar: Dan & Amy Banac and Salvina