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Pat and Michelle Kilgo

Southeast Asia


Newsletter - March, 2017

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Update - August 25, 2017

Dear Friends,

It was 1995 and Pat had taken me with him to go fishing off his Aunt Beulah's dock on Indian River.  As I was gazing at a beautiful sunset, suddenly my beloved got down on his knee and tenderly held out a diamond ring.  He said, "remember where you are" because he didn't want me to get too excited and drop it!  I am just as amazed now at my love for him as I was then.  We're very blessed to have our Lord at the center of our marriage.  God is faithful and He gets all the glory!

Now we are blessed to have four children at different stages in their lives (19, 17, 13, 11) one in college, one in high school, and two in middle school.  Our oldest is beginning his sophomore year.  We are chatting with him as often as possible given the thirteen-hour time difference.  It was rough saying "goodbye" to him a few weeks ago, but God is faithful and we trust in Him.   

I'm sharing this personal update for several reasons.  We need prayers.  Our kids need prayers. Our ministry needs prayers.  Not only our family, but other miss ionary families need prayers, especially for MKs.  Pray for the Killions (see pic below).  They were just here with us recently when we said goodbye to Robert.  They're a precious family and we're blessed to know them well.

Ministry update: My biblical counseling training is off to a good start.  I would say "strong start" but we're not there yet.  Due to the language difficulties (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) I can only do so much.  We have a Chinese translator named Fabian (pray for him).  He's very important to our work here.  He's in his late 50's and he has time on his hands (thank God!!) and we need him.  He does the copying, translating, anything we need ministry related.  He's decided that he wants the remainder of his years working hard serving the Lord and he wants to be a biblical counselor (praise God!).

Patrick is doing well preaching every Sunday.  We have really quite a lot of folks attending (standing room only at times) and we bought a few more chairs.  I am busy teaching Children's church and English class. They're both going well.  I'm enjoying serving the Lord here and it's very fulfilling seeing people grow in their Bible understanding.  Many are hearing about grace for the first time!

Thank you for your support (prayers, gifts, friendship).  May God continue to bless us all as we serve Him through loving others!  Be a blessing to someone- it might just lead them to Christ!

In His service,

Michelle & Pat


Kilgos & Killions


Update - July 3, 2017

Dear Saints,
Thank you once again for your generous gifts to our TCM account.  May our Lord bless you. (Phil. 4:17).  Also, thank you for praying.  My husband returned safely to us yesterday.

Driving down the road recently, I noticed a local blind man being led by his friend.  I couldn't help but recall the verse that speaks about the blind leading the blind in Matthew 15:14.  Our Lord was referring to the wicked Pharisees as "blind leaders" in the previous verses. Later in chapter 18:11, He says, "For the Son of man is come to save that which is lost."

We're surrounded by lost people from all backgrounds (local, foreign, wealthy, poor, young, old, etc).  Because of the idolatry that is passed down from generation to generation, some of these folks never get a chance to be told of the One true God who can forgive them of their sins.  In a sense, these folks are blinded to the truth that can set them free from their sins (John 8:32).

We may be few in number, but we can invest in those who will listen.  Hopefully, they will also invest in others and continue to spread the Good News.  Often times, a conversation can begin with a simple "hello" and lead from there.  Pray for opportunities!

July 4th is a special day in our family.  We're thankful for our wonderful country, (including those who have faithfully served), and for our oldest daughter's birthday!  We're thankful for you, too!  

In His service,
Pat & Michelle


Update - June 7, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the faith,

Thank you for standing with us as we disciple, instruct, and love others for His sake.  We appreciate your prayers and your gifts!  We thank God for you.  

As I write this letter, my husband is about to board his long flight to Seoul, Korea.  In twenty-four hours he will land in Dallas, TX (Lord willing) and reunite with his parents and sister Kelly.  It has been since May 2014 that he was last in America.  We are praising God that he is able to sit in an emergency row seat so that his long legs can stretch out!

PBC weekly outreach- three English classes & a Bible study.
Ministry Update: Ms. L, a short-termer from MN arrived a week ago to assist us. She'll lead the advanced English class, and teach the Monday & Friday Bible studies.  (See the picture below from last Friday). Pray for Ms. L as she recovers from jet lag and adjusts to the heat.  Her help is much appreciated!

As always, let us hear from you! 
Serving Him together,
Michelle & Pat
Robert, Elisabeth, David, Anna


Study group

Update - April 24, 2017

Hello to each and everyone of you,

  It is with much gratitude that I update you on PBC's 1st service project.  Although our fellowship is only five months old (Nov. 6th), we had a great turn-out!  I was skeptical when Pat first mentioned months ago that we should deep-clean a Hindu orphanage.  In fact, I thought that it would be just a few people working.  I was concerned that we would let the children's home down.  In this area, we believers are so few in number that it would have been shameful if we didn't finish the job. 

Yet, the Lord provided enough workers to clean and organize a kitchen, 7-8 toilets & sinks, girls/boys dorm rooms, a mini library, and the front yard.

We worked two hours scrubbing, washing, sweeping, dusting, and folding clothes. Before and after the project we prayed for God to be glorified.  We determined not to do this job for human praise, but for His glory! (Matthew 25:40)

One Hindu woman commented about how surprised she was to see me (a pastor's wife) scrubbing toilets!  Please pray for hearts to be changed to the One true God!!  Also, pray that the ones who labored had heart changes as well.  I will add pictures to my secure blog soon.

***Pray for Robert as he travels here next Wednesday! 

Thank you for your sacrificial gifts, heartfelt prayers, and precious friendship!
Michelle & Pat
Robert, Elisabeth, David, Anna


Clean-up Team

Update - April 3, 2017

Dearest Friends,
    Greetings to you in the grace of our Lord!  April is my favorite month for many reasons.  In the States, it's a beautiful time of growth.  I can't help but be a little sentimental as it's also my birthday month.  Spring is a refreshing season and one that we shouldn't take for granted.  
    Here it's warm year-round.  This year Easter falls on April 16th and we're looking forward to a wonderful service that day.  Pat is preparing an excellent lesson in anticipation of Resurrection Day. Each Easter he teaches on the "Cup of Gethsemane."  The lesson focuses on what Christ had to do to atone for our sins. Pat shows from the Bible what the "cup" is and how our Lord had to endure it (read Matthew 26).
    PBC is doing its first service project on April 23rd  at a Hindu orphanage.  For two-three hours we'll organize closets, deep-clean two kitchens, play with the children, and be "Jesus with skin on."  Please pray for this important outreach.  We must practice what we preach and show God's love to others (even if it makes us feel uncomfortable). So far, we have twenty folks signed up for this challenge.  We need to be spiritually and physically prepared on that day.
Finally, our family would like to take this time to "thank you" for your sacrificial giving and for your prayers. We're blessed to serve Him together with you for His glory!
Please continue to check our blogs for updates.  
 Thank you!
Patrick, Michelle, Robert, Elisabeth, David, Anna


Update - February 8, 2017

Hi Folks, Hope you're all doing well! We are honored to have our good friend Joyce Anderson stay with us this week. It's been so refreshing having a veteran missionary here. After starting our first church in a foreign country, we've needed valuable feedback from her. She's also been an eye witness to the spiritual growth that's taking place within our core group of believers. She met many of them last year when she and her husband Ben stayed with us. Praise God for precious friendships and for much needed encouragement.

One woman recently began coming to our Bible studies because of a mutual friendship. She has experienced difficult life-long problems that she openly shared with us. Since we believe that God's Word is sufficient for all things, we gave her hope from the Scriptures. Now she has trusted in Christ as her Savior and her particular spiritual battles are gone! Only God can do these kind of miracles. This is just one example of God's love conquering spiritual oppression. We hear many life-changing stories of God's goodness. (Romans 8:38-39) Thank you for your prayers! For more pictures, be sure to visit our blogs.

We appreciate hearing from you!

Michelle & Pat


Kilgos & Joyce

Update - October 17, 2016

Dear Precious Family & Friends,

It's been since August that I last gave an update... we've been extra busy with the church renovations.  I've also been waiting to share new pictures now that it is all completed.  Here is the update-
The primary members of our weekly Bible studies are helping us with the transition of becoming a grace Bible church. We met recently with our members and asked for their input.  (I have added more information on our blogs). 
Below is our children's church singing, "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus" to the Friday night class. We are teaching them at a young age that, in this age of grace, there is nothing that we can do to earn eternal salvation. According to the apostle Paul,"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast," Ephesians 2:8-9. 
Please continue to pray as we seek to build a Bible church that stands firm according to God's Word.  Thank you for your support!

Because Christ lives,
Pat & Michelle


Children's Church

Update - August 5, 2016

Dear Precious Family & Friends,

Thank you for thinking of us and for praying for us.  We are so blessed beyond our comprehension!  Here's our praises to God:

Robert, David, Anna and I had a safe and productive trip to America.  During our stay, we visited so many people in such a short time including the following states- GA, TX, and WI.  

We presented our ministry to several churches and families. They were such an encouragement to us!

Since I'm not a public speaker, I greatly benefited from Robert's assistance in presenting our ministry.  His leadership qualities caused me to stand back in amazement! (See our pic below). 

Michelle & Robert

On our "To Do" list was to prepare Robert for college (i.e. open a bank account, obtain a drivers license, etc).  Since I am not able to take him there next week, we're relying on dear friends in Michigan.  

During our seven week visit, we remained healthy and encouraged.  As a result, we feel refreshed and excited for our ministries here!  :)

Also, our return flight to Southeast Asia was amazing! After nearly missing our flight from Atlanta to NY to China (due to poor weather), we were upgraded to Business class on that long sixteen hour flight!  That is a gift from God indeed!

Pat and Elisabeth remained steadfast to the work during the summer.  Part of the fruit of their labor was the salvation of a Chinese man, praise God!  Pray for Anthony.

*Now that you're aware of how important your prayers are to us, please take a moment and  thank God!  We cannot do this type of ministry apart from the Holy Spirit.  We owe Him all the glory!

We ask for continued prayer for the following: 
Robert- as he makes the adjustment to college. Our various ministries & outreaches need to progress in God's perfect timing. Wisdom & strength to do what we should and when to do it. Our extended families- for their health.  

God's Love,
Pat & Michelle
Robert, Elisabeth, David, Anna

Update - July 20, 2016

Greetings from Southeast Asia! As I write this letter, Michelle is in America visiting some churches, friends and family. To say that the last few months have been a whirlwind would be a massive understatement. In the weeks leading up to Robert’s high school graduation, we were struggling to get everything done for him while still fulfilling our other responsibilities.

Robert graduated on June 3rd and Michelle, Anna and David left for America the next morning. David (12) and Anna (10) had not been home in more than two years; needless to say, everyone is enjoying them! A week later on June 10th, Robert left to move home to America. Seeing him off at the airport was literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He is our first child to leave home and I really struggled with it emotionally for several weeks. Robert will attend Grace Bible College for at least a couple of years before pursuing a degree in nursing. He gets a head start on his Fall classes with a two-week short course that begins August 15th. Robert will be starting college, living alone on the other side of the world from his parents, starting a job for the first time and learning to drive on an unfamiliar side of the road … all within a month’s span. He needs your prayers! I am very proud of my son!

Most of our ministries continue during the summer months (English class being the exception). I have actually done more counseling this summer than I expected. In counseling sessions you can develop deeper friendships with people because of the personal nature of the content being discussed. Additionally, we have several new visitors to our study groups this summer. Last summer, our attendance dropped off because of people’s scheduled vacations and child care issues. This summer, both groups have been at normal capacity, which has been a blessing. Please pray that we will continue to “recruit” more people and have wisdom about the right timing to try to make the turn into a church. About half of our attendees have a regular church but come because they enjoy our Bible teaching. The others are unchurched and growing.

The Good Soldier Fund is now taking applications for the Fall semester! This fund exists to help potential Bible school students from poor families in the Philippines by giving them financial assistance with tuition, room and board. Because of gifts from stateside donors, we were able to cover the tuition for 53 Bible students last year, all of which plan to be full-time TCM workers, pioneers and missionaries. This year we plan to cover as many as we can and we are even in talks with TCM Indonesia to expand the program to the Bible schools there. Scholarship awards will be made available in the coming weeks. If you would like more information about giving towards this program, let me know. One hundred percent of the donations go toward the students’ expenses!

In His service,

Patrick D. Kilgo

Update - May 31, 2016

Dear Friends,

The five of us recently returned from a Grace conference in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Every two years we meet at one of the countries in Southeast Asia.  Two years ago we met here right after we arrived.  This past trip was our first to Cambodia and we were able to tour Angkor Wat.  I've attached one pic.  I will add some more to our family blog later.

Anna Angkor Wat

On a more personal note, I have a few prayer requests:
A very close friend of mine from GA is having major surgery today.  I ask for your prayers for her and for the doctors/nurses who will be helping her.  Another friend of mine in GA is having knee replacement surgery today.

Here in SE Asia, my friend Cheng is having difficulty walking.  Also, our oldest son graduates on Friday!  I don't have to elaborate, but a mother's heart is more tender during this time.  The four of us will be traveling back to the States very soon.  We have much to do in a short time.  Pat and Elisabeth will remain here to continue our work.  We appreciate all of you!  (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Michelle & Pat & kids


Update - May 2016

Today marks the day that we arrived in Southeast Asia two years ago.  We have been blessed by God in countless ways. We owe all praise to Him for bringing people to us since we did not know who we could trust.

From serving in VBS, AWANA, teaching free English lessons and hosting Bible studies, we have built up a small network of friends here.  This picture of our Chinese group was taken from our recent weeknight Bible class.  During our weekday morning lessons we usually have folks from Korea, Japan, Britain, and the Philippines.

Only He can bring people from different cultures together and learn about the One true God under one roof! Please pray for our precious group. Only He knows their needs.

Bible Study


Thank you!
In His Love,
Michelle & Pat



Update - April 2016

Dear Ones,
God has blessed us beyond what we imagined- He gave us four free nights at a very nice hotel in Langkawi, Malaysia!  Our spring break was fast approaching but we couldn't make a decision on where to go.  Our hearts were torn about what to do for our final family vacation.  Robert leaves for the States in June after he graduates (I'm trying not to cry). 
In any case, we kept praying about how to make it special.  Finally, just a few days before our break God provided us with a relaxing retreat! (see pics below). We went to a slower-paced island that is just a thirty-minute plane ride away!   By saving money we were able to take boat rides, go swimming in a beautiful unspoiled beach, ride paddle boats in a secluded lake, relax by a pool overlooking the sea, and eat free breakfasts each morning. 
The lesson we learned is that patience is indeed important (read Galatians 5:22-23).  While our friends all knew where they were going months in advance, we kept waiting on God's perfect timing.  We must trust Him in all things! (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Kilgo Family Holiday

Here are our prayer requests:
Strength and wisdom in guiding Robert as he prepares for his future;
Pat's father Don as he continues dialysis and endures the side effects;
The Asians who attend our Bible study groups.  Because of the different cultures, it can be challenging at times.  God knows our needs!

Thank you!
In His Love,
Michelle & Pat



Update - December 2015

Greetings dear friends!

Thank you for being our prayer partners.  Some of you are family members, close friends, and new friends.  No matter who you are, the Lord has put us together on this journey of life for a reason. We remember you with thanksgiving in our prayers to the One true God. 

On Christmas Day we celebrated the Lord's birth with sixty-five or seventy folks from ten countries  in our townhouse.  We lost count as there were too many people to make a group picture! Thank you for making this event possible!  We cannot do this type of work without your prayers.  Last Christmas we had thirty-five folks in our small condo, so our numbers have doubled, praise God!

Kilgo Christmas Party

Prayer Requests-
Our oldest daughter Elisabeth (15) is visiting family in America during her three-week break.
Pat's father is sick with kidney failure and is waiting for dialysis to begin soon.
Our fellow-laborers Ben & Joyce Anderson are arriving tonight from the Philippines.
Our ministry partner John Cook is arriving on Wednesday from the States.

As you can see, we're striving to serve the Lord faithfully here in southeast Asia.  There is nothing more rewarding than giving Hope to people who are facing an eternity apart from God.  More than half the people that we encounter do not have a personal relationship with Christ.  It's a daunting task if we faced this alone.  However, with God all things are possible!  Please let us hear from you.

Have a blessed New Year!

Love in Christ,

Pat and Michelle
Robert, Elisabeth, David and Anna


Update - July 2014

Dear Friends,

As I write this we have just experienced our first Fourth of July in another country. We celebrated with some of the American expats that we know but it was definitely different! July 4th is also Elisabeth’s birthday; she turned 14 on the 4th but we did not get to celebrate with her because she is in the Philippines on the EXite trip. It was hard not being with her on her special day but I am so glad she and Robert are able to be there to help the brothers and sisters in Leyte rebuild from last year’s typhoon. Many of you supported them in that trip and you can expect a full report when they return.

Here is what’s happening with us: We hosted some Pakistani pastors in hopes that we could work together. Unfortunately we don’t share enough of a common vision for ministry so I think that door is closed. Our ministry team must constantly keep in mind that our primary purpose is to establish grace assemblies. We believe that everything we do should be with that goal in mind. Sometimes this means that we have to make hard decisions about how we spend our time and resources and choosing to not work with these men was a hard decision! They are good guys and have an effective ministry but we just don’t see eye-to-eye on the “end product” or how to arrive at it. Thank you for your prayers in this matter.

However, this experience taught me a great deal about refugees and what their life in Southeast Asia is like. There are many people who live here that have been granted refugee status by the United Nations because of oppression in their own country. Their lives here are dismal in many ways and they miss their homeland (despite the persecution). This is not America, where freedoms abound and anyone can improve themselves if they work hard enough. But still, if refugees here can learn English and other skills that we take for granted, they can get better jobs and scratch out a living, though they are still shunned. We are considering many opportunities to reach out to these groups to share the love of Christ by training them with a relevant skill set and sharing the good news where possible. Even if this never leads to a church plant, it is still an important part of what we ought to be doing. Knowing which ministries to be a part of and which to avoid means being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit … and I don’t have to tell you how challenging that can be!

Moving on, Michelle has made great in-roads into the Chinese community here. She is now part of (what we are calling) the daily Chinese Women’s Breakfast Club at the local market. She began forming relationships with these ladies a few weeks ago and now they look forward to her visit every day. They are not accustomed to Caucasians actually talking to them. (Frankly, many Westerners here are not very friendly. They are mostly tourists, and the tourist mindset is to have fun for the short amount of time that is allotted for vacation so they don’t go out of their way to get to know the locals. This is offensive to the locals and leads to some bad feelings. This is a good reminder to us that our faith cannot take a vacation, and that we need to show Christ 24/7/365). Michelle, on the other hand, has been very friendly and caring towards them and has broken into their circle. Lots of these ladies are very influential and they have been invaluable to us in creating contacts, getting dinner invitations, sharing faith and generally opening opportunities. Plus, they are just fun to be around! Please pray that this ministry will progress even further into more ministry opportunities as they are mostly Budd hists. This week Tim and Judy Heath are here for a visit! Also, we are planning to start a Bible study perhaps this Friday, which is a huge step. I expect that we could get 4 or 5 Christian friends to come. Even if they are not our target audience we can build credibility and edify other believers. Michelle will be joining some Chinese ladies on Wednesday at a local hospital ward to share the gospel with sick people.

Please pray for these opportunities. So … there is a lot going on! As we continue to navigate through this culture, I am learning so much about myself. Daily I am having my bubble burst and I am fully understanding for the first time just how difficult it is to bring the Gospel to a country that is steeped in its own religious heritage. PLEASE pray for this country and its people, so many of which need to hear about the saving grace of God. We are gaining confidence here and (I believe) being bold witnesses when and where we can, but your prayers are coveted for this work. At church today I prayed for that one person that I know is out there who will help us establish a Grace Bible church here in a for the glory of God.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers!


Update 2/27/2014

Dear Friends, Greetings from Indianapolis!

We are spending our weekdays at the Things to Come Mission (TCM) headquarters and traveling to churches on the weekends. We are currently in the midst of a deputation trip that will last until April 10th. This weekend we will travel to Beloit, WI for Sunday services and then on to Grand Rapids, MI for three weeks. Then, it’s on to Menomonee Falls, WI for a Sunday at Falls Bible Church. After that we go to Tipp City, OH and then finally to Altoona, PA before traveling south to spend time with family.

Then … on May 7th we will fly to SE Asia to begin planting Bible churches. We purchased plane tickets about two weeks ago and got a fantastic deal. The end of our deputation period is now close at hand as we finalize our three year plan to get to the mission field!

The Lord has been so faithful to us. We are amazed beyond words. We have now logged close to 18,000 miles on our deputation journey with another 4000 miles left to travel. We have been in good health and we have mostly dodged the bad weather that has plagued the rest of the country. The cars we have used have held up well; the few times that we did have car trouble all ended up being blessings in disguise, assurances from God that He will take care of us.

Now that we are in the home stretch, please continue to pray for us in the following areas:

1) That the rest of our travels will go smoothly, and that we will stay healthy, united and focused on our goal. Please pray that our flight will go smoothly and that we will gain entry into the country without any issues. Pray that my 6’6’’ body will be able to fold into the seats of airplanes made for tiny Asian people!

2) That we will receive visas. This depends heavily on our children getting into the International School. If they get in, then we can obtain visas to stay in the country. We would like all four children to attend school there but at present it appears that only the older two children will attend.

3) Pray that Robert, our oldest son, will be able to finish his Eagle Scout badge before we leave. We are making a final push for him to be done within a month from now. Please also pray for my other children as they finish up their schooling this year.

4) Please pray that the Spirit will begin to work in the hearts of the people, and that we will be able to identify the right people to carry forth the work of church planting in that country.

5) Finally, we need more missionaries! TCM has foreign mission fields that are ready to be planted and other established fields where there are not enough workers to do all the work (Kenya, South Africa, Cambodia, and many others). Folks, we need to bring the gospel to a lost and dying world, to tell people that they can live in heaven eternally simply by believing that Jesus Christ died for their sins. What great news! Pray for missionaries to be raised up soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read such a long update. If you get a chance, drop us note and tell us what is going on with you! Remember, mission work is team work. We want to help lift your prayer needs before God just as many of you are fervently and consistently praying for us! Let us know what’s going on with you.

In His Service,


Email Update 6/07/2012

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thanks so much for your many prayers!  We had a successful trip to WI and we're adjusting well.  In case you didn't know, we've moved to Slinger to begin missionary training in the fall at Berean Bible Institute.

The Lord has blessed beyond our highest expectations in many ways...
1) We made it safely- there were three vehicles traveling together through Chicago- need I say more? ;-)
2) Our landlords are extremely nice and trustworthy; our house is lovely!
3) We've found good deals on furniture and other items that we were not able to bring with us.
4) The children's schools are top-notch and professional.
5) Our neighbors are friendly and the village is picturesque.
6) We had help in packing up the moving truck and unpacking it.
7) The children are making friends in our small town.

We are thinking of you and hoping that you are doing well.  Please let us know how you're doing and if you have any updates to share with us.  We'd like to know how to pray for you as well.

Thanks for being a part of our team. Enjoy the pics!

Much love and prayers,
Michelle & Pat
Robert, Elisabeth, David, Anna Claire