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James & Agape Bermejo

Missionaries to Singapore

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First Sunday Service Planned in Singapore September, 2016

Blessings in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Agape and I have completed today the negotiation of renting a function/classroom here in Singapore so that we can start our very FIRST SUNDAY SERVICE/WORSHIP on Sunday, September 11, 2016. The location is a 3-minute walk from a subway/MRT Station. The room can accommodate 30-35 people. It will be convenient for those who will take the train/MRT (which is commonly used by the majority) and the location is at Singapore's Central District. The rent is SGD$180.00 for 3-hours (9:00 AM to 12:00 noon).

Several have already confirmed to join the event on Sunday. Please help us pray for the supply of needs (financial) in this endeavor of proclaiming The Gospel of Grace especially The Message of Salvation here in Singapore. Please also continue to pray for our Work/Employment Pass as our visit stay here as tourist will end on September 24th. We believe that our Lord is a Faithful God and a Supplier of needs and He can mobilize the whole Body of Christ for His purpose and mission.

Plans and visions will remain as it is unless we'll take a leap of faith of actions. We believe that Singapore is now ripe for The Grace Message and more people whom we are engaged with are becoming more interested Paul's Gospel. We are not yet using/advertising the word/term "church" since it might bring some complications with the Singapore government. Churches here need to be registered with the government but cell/small groups or fellowships are very common with the Christian movement here in Singapore.

Once again, thank you for taking and doing your role for God's mission and your participation especially in our mission here in Singapore is highly appreciated! May the God of blessings bless you more and do keep on being a blessing.

In His Service,
James and Agape

James & Agape Bermejo

Overcoming Barriers in Singapore July, 2016

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James & Agape Move to Singapore May 7, 2016

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Pioneering a New Work in a New Country for TCM

James and Agape will put their Bible and missions training along with their experience from planting two urban churches in Manila, Philippines to work in planting a church in Singapore.


We have more information about the Bermejos in the TCM office! Please call us at (317) 783-0300.