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Ben Anderson took the directorship of TCM in January 2005. The work can be divided into three primary areas. 1) TCM Headquarters: This involves handling finances and missionary requests and producing the prayer letters, International Harvest and News You Can Use publications. There is a staff of five people who work with Ben in the office. 2) Church Relations: Since TCM is a sending organization of the U.S. Grace churches, it is essential for Ben to stay in contact with the pastors, board and mission committees of these churches. This also includes visiting Bible colleges and seeking to encourage Americans to become missionaries. 3) Field Development: TCM seeks to evangelize the world using the methods of the Apostle Paul. This requires going to the "regions beyond" where Christ is not named. Ben helps each field to develop their strategy for reaching their own country while looking at new countries to reach with wonderful message of God's saving grace.

Joe Watkins is now associate director, assisting the present director. There are many things to be done in the TCM office. As associate director he has more time to reach out and develop new areas. His wife, Pauline, also works in the TCM office.

Vernon and Darlene Anderson also work at the TCM office.

Bob Xavier has dedicated 40 years to working with young people and families. He is Director of Set Free Ministries of Bradenton, Florida, and has been a Pastor and Chaplain.

Set Free Ministries operates a rescue mission which provides shelter and care for people with life controlling sin addiction. The goal of the ministry is to present the gospel message of God's grace to those that seek help through the ministry and allow the Holy Spirit to change their lives. Bob is actively involved in the counseling and discipleship of these individuals. Set Free also seeks to train church leadership to help them make it easier for people with life controlling problems to be assimilated into the local church.

Bob also coordinates as 'grace' oriented martial arts program that uses that medium to develop Christian character in young men and women. Beth Xavier assists Bob with co-counseling of women residents, provides hospitality and a healthy role-model to women residents. She also home schools their three children